Great new book out by Jesse Watters

“Great new book out by Jesse Watters, How I Saved the World. Interspersed are his thoughtful suggestions for overcoming left-wing radicalism, maintaining American democracy, moving beyond aging hippies (like his long-suffering, loving parents), saving the world from social justice warriors and the deep state—all while smirking his way through life in only the nicest way. Get your copy today, congratulations Jesse!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Kathryn Vass

What a great review, Mr. President! I’m planning absolutely to purchase it. Thank you. (And thank YOU, Jesse Watters!)

Last edited 2 years ago by Kathryn Vass
Copy/Paste President
surinda patel

I understand we need the media and some commentators on Fox are true, but I just cannot support Fox after election night, Fox showed the true colors. Paul Ryan is the propaganda machine at fox
Greg Kelly Show on Newsmax

Mike Hunt

It’s common knowledge that Wadders can’t read, much less write. Just like daddy Donnie!

Copy/Paste President

And Daddy Donnie copied the review from Amazon’s description of the book. I bet that made Jesse feel all warm & fuzzy! 😆

Joe mama

must be a coloring book. Try to stay in the lines!


Trying a new tactic, Mike? Saying something that’s not outright leftist, still won’t get a reply to you, so no Soros/leftist peanuts for you thanks to me.

Mike Kissinger

Probable will read it, getting good reviews and could be funny.

Last edited 2 years ago by Mike Kissinger



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