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Nancy A. Daylo

The blood, guts and tears that Joe Biden has wreaked on his country extends to the poorest and most wretched poverty stricken person. He cares nothing about the victims of the chaos he created in the streets or the veterans whose families grieve for their loss. The drugs and alcohol abuse that he condones by handing out crack pipes and look at Hunter, what a sad comment on the life of the Biden’s and their first family. He has no control over his family and he sells out AMERICA for his private mansions and life style. GREEDY GUTS, COWARD who does not admit his wrongs but drives over everyone like a hit and run driver. What he did to the border victims and the Afghanistan withdrawal displays a man without morals or conscience. He lied for 50 years to our people and got away with it. It is time to be accountable. And we MUST DEMAND IT.We must call an end to the two tiered justice system. Imagine, AMERICA lets evil prevail and punishes good behavior and even allows our precious innocent PRESIDENT to have trumped up charges flung on him. NEVER in the history of common decency has it EVER HAPPENED. No PRESIDENT has ever been dragged through the mud like PRESIDENT TRUMP. If he didn’t stand. up for AMERICA, who would? No body has that much power or guts to do it. He is our ACE IN THE HOLE! I know you are thinking this, Donald J. TRUMP is our TRUMP CARD and we will WIN!!! We can’t lose. Nancy A. Daylo

Nancy A. Daylo

INDEED, my dear PRESIDENT, I will pray that the Republican Party see the light and come together to bring Joe Biden down and out of office as the WORST PRESIDENT that EVER lived. These candidates need to wake up and forget their own selfish ambitions or at least put them off for another election. It is vital that you fulfill your destiny and that people see the magnitude of force behind you to become the PRESIDENT who loves AMERICA and can serve in EVERY WAY on the Homefront and abroad, YOU ARE THE MAN. YOU ARE A NATIONAL TREASURE with warts and all. I never see warts, but evidently many people DO have a syndrome against you and can’t seem to get past the warts. But if they squint, maybe they can see that you don’t have warts at all, just beauty marks. Maybe they are battle scars. I have my battle scars too as does everyone and maybe that is a unifying place to start. My heart aches for the scars you have taken for AMERICA these past years since even before you served as PRESIDENT. AMERICA knows and some have felt your pain and were glad it wasn’t them. But, the rest of the proud AMERICANS must realize that you have a blameless record as PRESIDENT and have fairly doled out to every interest group what they needed. You have NEVER sold out to the LEFTIST or those who bribe to get what they want. NEVER DID IT. Look what a mess Joe Biden is in because of lies and bribery. We cannot run a country on lies and bribes. He is such a horrendous scar on our honor and glory. He is a selfish b*****d. You are precious and everyone needs to admit it and vote for you. AMERICA! WE CAN DO IT!!!
Nancy A. Daylo


Right On President TRUMP!
YOU have WON the Primary in 2024!
TRUMP 2024!


The Primary is done. It’s the general election we have to secure.
Democrats will continue to use election interference because they’re being allowed to.
They just want President Trump out of the race.
They want to stop what’s coming.


I think the best way 45 can become 47 is to allow the air waves to be saturated with all the evidence of the Biden’s corruption. The democrats and their useful idiot media are using your utterances Sir as a distraction, like a red herring. Turn the game they are playing back on them.

Sit back, let the lawyers you are funding defend you Sir, and allow the American people to fully hear and fully digest the overwhelming evidence of corruption by Joe Biden and all those democrats, big time and small, along with the media who have protected and allowed him free reign.
Hearing all of this from authentic eye witnesses about Biden, particularly when he was second in charge to King Obama, in full context and in an official setting, will do more for your defence and polling than any comment from you Sir, however accurate or witty.

All this evidentiary information the world is hearing about the Bidens, IMO, is the best defence and ultimate acquittal of all these false and farcical charges this lot have made against you.
While the aim of the democrats is to remain in power at all costs, the aim of Biden is to avoid prosecution at all costs. That is why 45 must become 47.
Stay strong Mr President. Good luck and good health always.


FLOOD the Airwaves of the Democratic CORRUPTION!
TRUMP 2024!


💗😊💗💯🌊😎 Ride the wave, Mr. President!


This is the very reason the deep state wants 45 in prison.



Empower the voice of the 45th President with your support!