Grossly incompetent way we left!

“It’s not that we left Afghanistan. It’s the grossly incompetent way we left!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Mike Hunt

“Grossly incompetent” describes your entire 4 year squat in the White House (You were never a REAL president).

Sam Adams

This wasn’t incompetence, this was planned. Does anyone else see this? The people of the military are not going to take our guns, which is the most major obstacle in the Communist Biden puppet regime’s way. They will not comply with that or with attacking the citizens. So, what would the Deep State need to do? Get our military out of the country. They need to speed up the process, so they first broke Trump’s deal with the Taliban, and fast forward to the Afghanistan collapse. Then you hear of the need to take in 50,000 Afghan refugees at our bases here at home. Do you really think we will vet them?? Do we vet anyone on our border?? Hell no. So they send 50,000 Taliban fighters under the guise of ‘refugees’, team up with Antifa/BLM and declare war on us right in our back yard. Meanwhile the southern border will be overrun with MS13, drug cartels and you name it. One big transnational gang to take us out. So then what happens overseas? Perfect cover for China to invade Taiwan and whoever else. Everyone prepare for the worst and stock up if you haven’t yet. And send many prayers for our great nation.

We need you back, President Trump. MAGA and God Bless

Mike Hunt

CUCKOO! CUCKOO! CUCKOO! Call the looney wagon, Sam Adams is headed to looneytown!


Your screen name fits when I say it fast. Have you got a better idea, you useful idiot for the Left? What a slick brain troll.


Well Said! Most of the 75 Million Americans have been stocking up since the election was RIGGED! God Save America!

True Americana

So any military actions you and your dumba** compatriots take are going to be illegal AND pre-meditated. Great. Thanks for sharing.


You got that right! That’s what happens with weak or none existent leadership.


Our current leadership including Military are stupid.They missed a wonderful opportunity to eliminate the higher echelon of the Taliban. We have very talented craftsmen in our construction battalions. Why they didn’t pack the palaces walls with a 24 hour time bomb? Could have wiped out all of the enemy while they party. Biden illegitimate!


They’re not stupid, they’re corrupt.

American Patriot

The reality is that the situation of Afghanistan was inevitable. They have a divided society who sees the West as Satan. An intruder only there to corrupt their country. Promoting godlessness, lgbtq, feminism, inclusion, diversity of religions who are anti islam, athiests, porn, degeneracy, and liberalism. If all Afghanistan people have to do to take a sneak peak at what their future looks like is our Military having Drag queen night, Drag kids,Drag queen story time, Hollywood, post birth abortion, and a group of 3 letter people no one can talk about. Mic drop 🎤 Fix America First.Go back to the stollen election and the Venezuela Dominion machines. Stop the “ajudecation” by clerks. Stop the Wifi connections to the machines. Break up all the Monopolies who are doing Corporate Communism on us bypassing our Constitution. Remove Amy Coney Barret, Remove Kavanaugh. The Rent Monotorium is Socialism he voted for that. The right to not inject anything into our bodies is our right. Why did Amy say “muh private university” can demand that? HELP US!

Mike Hunt

“POST BIRTH ABORTION?” What the AF is that? Can I volunteer the entire Trump cartel for it?

True Americana

“Hollywood.” What are you babbling about now?

Ralph G Lamy

It is obvious. This would never have happened with you sir. I usually don’t buy propaganda newspapers, but I have a great picture on the page of USA Today with Chinook evacing USA Embasy suitable for framing. Saigon 1975.


We do not call asses Sir


you should speak only for yourself…not others, we have our own voices.l

Cary Miller

Yes Sir Mr. President! It was not American, it was cowardly and pathetic. Exactly the way our country and half our Citizens appear to be. I’m not sure how many people I can get to “Wake Up”, but I will continue to try, when it looks like it’s at all possible. We are definitely hitting a precipice. It really can’t last much longer, it doesn’t seem as it can. It’s getting worse, exponentially and at a much more rapid rate. “?”

I did want to mention that I am with you 100% POTUS! But after donating to support many in the fight for God and Country, I am in very hard times. I still give “$” to the few that I think my support may help the most at the time. But I am getting degrading and shaming Notifications from the “RNC” if I don’t give everytime that ask. They have even, falsely, gave my money to “M. Blackburn”. I don’t support her and after three times, it really erks me! Any support I can muster will go strait to your personal plans. God Bless you and all of those close to you Sir!

//clm// Veteran & God Fearing PATRIOT


Talk about a cult member! You’re on hard times and you keep giving money, the RNC is shaming you, and your money goes to Blackburn. How gullible can you be. Republicans and trump should be ashamed of taking advantage of people like you.

Linda MacLeod Goodman

Not half, maybe 20%. The opinion makers follow Rules for Radicals #1: ‘Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have’ and unspoken #1b: ‘Don’t let the enemy know their own power’. So Hollywood, pro sports, woke corporations go down but none call it a MAGA boycott. Middle America is now ‘far right’ and so wrong and controlled opposition plays long. Phony polls damn with faint praise and protect with faint censure and the only honest pollster went down when the Grifter rose –


So Blessed that we have you, to help us see the incompetence of ALL of Washington. You Have been such a Blessing in so many ways. The Peace that you were able to bring to that region and the world was certainly Devine. God will bring us out of this madness.

American Patriot

Blame your intelligence “community” let’s face it. They lied to you. They lied to Biden. They lied to the American people. The Alphabet agencies only serve the War Hawks who get BILLIONS in government contracts. War = $ regardless of bodies burried. That’s a fact and that needs to change. Charge those who knew the truth with crimes against Humanity.



True Americana



Incompetent is as incompetent does.


100% Correct President Trump!
A Total Liberal Cluster Flub!



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