Happy Easter to Attorney General Letitia James

“Happy Easter to failed gubernatorial candidate and racist Attorney General Letitia James. May she remain healthy despite the fact that she will continue to drive business out of New York while at the same time keeping crime, death, and destruction in New York!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Well sir, this is true! Some people coming to your platform cannot handle the truth being spoken & then turn around to say crap about your spoken opinion (truth of the matter). They obviously want to be a part of your post because they keep coming back! Lol!!


Right as always Mr. Prez!

My Man Trump

Just do your job!!!! You are a disgrace to every individual that wants America to succeed and prosper. If you are too racist to do your job, step down so we can find someone who will.

Johnny Appleseed

You know what I would like to see??

What would really burn them up and set them on fire???

I really don’t want to see a firing squad.

I don’t want to see a lynch mob.

I don’t want to see them all killed.

There is years and years of experience we would lose as a nation if they were killed and completely destroyed.

I would like to see them see the err if they ways.

I would like to see them in a jump suit picking up trash on the side of the road.

I would like to see them spend time in jail.

I would like to see them cleaning toilets and having to scrape gum from the bottom of desks.

I would like to see them having to wax my car and cut my grass….

I would like to see them stare at me eating a nice big fat juicy seared through high fire baked stake and potatoes while having to eat Vienna sausages for years.

I would like to see them walk up to a bomb… a piece of equiptment and have to keep their cool and do their job 100% correct so they can go home in one piece and everyone around them is still safe.

I want them to look their hurting children in the eyes and tell them they can’t afford to make their dreams come true.

I don’t want them to die….

I want them to go through everything they have put us through.

Everything. All of it… even what I am not writing here out of respect.

I want them to get ran over by a piece of equipment and wondering if they are going to lose their limbs because they were the only one that could do the job.

I want them in a fox hole with a 60 getting shot at wondering if those little Granade traps on the sides actually work….

I want them to get callouses on their hands from pulling a Mexican drag line cleaning the curbs where the machines can’t get getting paid nothing and wondering how rent is going to get paid.

I want them to hear their children screaming at them how horrible and no good they are for doing the best they can and it’s not good enough.

Death is too easy.

Life in prison is too easy.

I want them held accountable.

Honest to God held accountable.

Humiliated and broken.

Last edited 11 months ago by Johnny Appleseed

Wow!!! No “bunny” likes her! Lol!!

Dean Anoia

Fact of her abuse of power, and the dominance of the Grace of God. Hope you had a wonderful Resurrection Day sir. 🇺🇸🙏🏻☺️

Karl Young

I have never in my life said “Happy Easter”, and then followed it with vile, sarcastic, and nasty insults. Nobody has. It’s not how a normal mind works.


No bunny likes her. She’s a basket case. She still deserves a Happy Easter in jail.


Lol!!! “No Bunny”…..so true! Spot on!

R Minoglio

We need you now more than ever. MAGA


Ya she’s’ s a stinky piece of poopy.

Save Our United States

So appropriate. In fact, the comment is too nice. President Trump, you really are one of us!




May the Easter Bunny take a BIG Crap in Letitia James Easter Basket!


LOL Mr. President you have such a good, big heart… 🙂
God loves you & so do we.

Karl Young

Did anything in that message suggest that Trump has a good, big heart? That message sounds like the servant in the Garden of Eden, only about four times more vile. Why didn’t he just say “Happy Easter” and then stop like a normal person?


Man I sure miss you! I was just thinking about how you fired FBI Director Comey for spying, leaking and trying to overthrow your Presidency while he was in some other state and made him find his own way home. Your balls have balls and man did we need that in the Oval. Still do. They checkmated you with their coup. I hope and pray you can reciprocate.

Gloria Hensley

Your a good man President Trump.

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