Has done a GREAT job for the wonderful people of Brazil

“President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil,“Tropical Trump” as he is affectionately called, has done a GREAT job for the wonderful people of Brazil. When I was President of the U.S., there was no other country leader who called me more than Jair seeking Tariff & Tax cuts, Trade Renegotiations, Strengthened Drug & Border Policies (to put the “bad guys” in jail!), Military Help, & more. President Bolsonaro loves Brazil beyond all else. He is a wonderful man, and has my Complete & Total Endorsement!!!”
By Donald J. Trump

By Donald J. Trump

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All brazilians (as the rest of the world) wish YOU could be their Leader. But thanks to you they have a Trump endorsed candidate they Can elect. What a wonderfull thing for all Brazilans. I hope they will be thankful for your outstanding leadership


glad there are some reasonable people heading some countries.


Bolsonaro’s also said to be defiantly unvaccinated for covid and opposed to quarantines, etc., so he knows the truth about the plandemic. Seems like a great man, great leader, wanting a better world of freedom and improved prosperity for all. Too bad the USA cannot steal him and have him run with Trump! But we do have DeSantis and others 👍

My Man Trump

Way to go, Tropical Trump. How cool.


Muy Bueno President Jair Bolsonaro!
Continue to Make Brazil Great Again!


Congratulations President Jair Bolsonaro.


I LOVE that you’re endorsing candidates even in other countries! 😊👍

Michael Jenson

President Bolsonaro sounds like a good Man and a Freind to have….


Just like you for America!

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