Has just conceded the powerful Debt Ceiling negotiating block

“Mitch McConnell, the Broken Old Crow, has just conceded, for absolutely nothing and for no reason, the powerful Debt Ceiling negotiating block, which was the Republicans’ first-class ticket for victory over the Democrats. He was afraid to play that card even though, without question, they would have completely FOLDED on the Build Back Worse Bill, which will destroy the fabric of our Country and virtually anything else that the Republicans wanted. It should have been used on the Unfrastructure Deal also. Proudly, House Republicans voted 100% like true patriots (Kinzinger, in my mind, is not a Republican!). The Old Crow also allowed a breaking up of the filibuster, which allows the Democrats now to establish precedent for changing the number of Justices on the Supreme Court and, perhaps most importantly of all, a so-called Voting Rights Bill, which will make it almost impossible for Republicans to get elected in the future. He lost two seats in Georgia, didn’t fight for the presidency, and now gave away our most powerful negotiating tool—the Debt Ceiling. Other than fundraising, where he buys senatorial support, the Broken Old Crow is a loser, and very bad for the Republican Party!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Corey Frederic

Dear Mr. Trump!
Yes – we all LOVE you, but…

My issues are this:
1) “YOU” continue to support and beat your chest about a vaccine that is killing people. Why would you do this?
2) You promised to drain the swamp – did not happen.
3) Most Important… for 4 years I got “MAIL” asking me what I thought were the important issues… still getting them in the email and mail today… EACH-TIME, I had to manually “write-in” what was the most important to me – and that was VOTER-FRAUD

4) Voter Fraud was not even 1 of the choices on your forms…
5) For 4 years – you did NOTHING about it, and then “it” (voter-fraud) removed you from office.
I was right – YOU were wrong!

6) Those forms mean nothing – if nobody reads them.

7) And now ALL Americans have to SUFFER from your mistake – while the CRIMINALS destroy our country.

Johnny Appleseed

Please explain how voter fraud is Trump’s fault???

You really are acting like you knew this before any one else.

My old timers used to sit around the coffee table cracking jokes about the “Bell Toll voters”….

You know the time right at the end of voting day where if someone honest was running the bell was rung and the dead would vote…




Bad sheriff… the dead would keep them in office.

Bad representative… dead people…

Don’t even try to take credit for the things they said and our generation turned their damn noses up at it…

Show the man some damn respect.

With out him you would not even have been able to write that post.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Corey Frederic

What ever became of that Trump-Created “Executive Order” to SEIZE-ASSETS of those types of Criminals?

Corey Frederic

Your words…
now to establish precedent for changing the number of Justices on the Supreme Court and, perhaps most importantly of all, a so-called Voting Rights Bill, which will make it almost impossible for Republicans to get elected in the future.”

This is being performed by Criminals! And America is just going to sit back and watch this happen. We have been LIED to. There is no “fix” coming – they can’t even move against the criminals in Arizona…

We were promised “DRAIN The Swamp”

They are much more Powerful now, with Trillions of Dollars to Bankrupt our country while they stuff their own pockets.

What is going to be done about this – NOTHING – Right?

My Man Trump

That old crow is nothing more than a tool for the Commie left that supports his self interests. Mr. President, when you come back, please make it a law that people serving our government and representing us cannot have any dealings with foreign entities, and that includes their families. It’s imperative. That will get rid of at least half of the rinos right there. How is it that no one is stopping him.

Rosanne. Choate

They’ve not only sold themselves out, and not only bow to the cabal, but to the evil one,too.


We need term limits and a plant to replace every RINO and left DemoNKKKRat!

Johnny Appleseed

McTurtle is deep state.

Sprinkle a little on the left.

Sprinkle a little on the right.

Control the wings with the head.


Next move:

Mend broken wings.

Johnny Appleseed….

I don’t like it either. But its what they are trying to do.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed….

Broken old crow today sat next to his two friends at the Bob dole funeral…crazy Nancy and crying chuck wow


I’m pretty sure he is a cross dresser as well. So many Republicans that are with the “woke” crap. I would say for the 80 plus million Americans that did vote for you Mr.President! We want these people out of Congress! Especially this no good S.O.B. Old Crow 🙂 So extremely bad for our Country!

Michael Jenson

when your wife is involved with the enemy shouldn’t he resign and move to their home CHINA. mitch will always be remembered as the boy that married the enemy then she runs the BOY. Always be remembered this way. we need someone in charge to take these AMERICAN HATERS AND TAKE THERE ILL GOTTEN GAINS THEN JUSTICE WILL BE DONE.

Craig Barrett

Mitch is the definition of DUMB AS HELL


McConnell is a WORTHLESS Rhino Traitor!

Mr. Ree

RINO asswad


The only option left is God. Maybe that’s what He’s wanted all along. I wonder what Bannon will say tomorrow. We are all fighting and McConnel throws us under the bus! what kind of deal did he make with his wife’s family?

Ken Locke

They have folded and bow to the Cabal. Selling them selves out for a moment of illusionary power.

Bonnie Posner

Please tell me there is hope!

My Man Trump

There is much hope. The old crow is an instrument of the commie left, but President Trump is an instrument of God. And we are all protected by God.


Ho Ho Ho Mitch has got to go!

Mr. Ree

Don’t quit your day job Lancy


I agree with Mark Levin. What McConnell did is worse than what Schumer did….because he has betrayed his constituents, WE the American people. McConnell has to go.


True, with Schumer you know what to expect. Though as (unfortunately) a constituent of Schumer myself, I can tell you he doesn’t speak for everybody. There are plenty of us in upstate NY who are embarrassed to have a guy like Schumer “representing” us!


I live upstate too and I’m not at all embarrassed. I’m glad to be in a blue state.


You can have it. I wish I could move.

Stephanie Carroll

Well said sir. Your bravery and wisdom are sorely missed.


And here I was so relieved when McConnell was reelected a year ago! On days like this I wish I could move to another planet.


This is a random comment but today I found a book Trump wrote in 1990 at a store today (I forgot the book’s title)…towards the end he said people would ask him about running for office and that he didn’t think he would!


He should have listened to himself and saved the country a lot of grief and an insurrection.


What insurrection? Zero people have been charged with insurrection.


Awesome wonder how our journey together is doing…lol better than chris Christie’s book


My mom got me the Trump book for Christmas so I haven’t seen it yet, but it arrived in the mail yesterday! 😊 I did ask her if she’d like me to get her Christie’s book but she declined the offer. 😄

Rosanne. Choate

So glad he has and won twice.

Mr. Ree

He also stated that IF he were to run, he’d run as a Republican because they are stupid. Google it, it’s true!


Oh, so what you’re saying is he’s actually a Democrat in Republican’s clothing? Then why do you hate him so much? He’s on your side!


I just looked it up, and it’s false. In fact, it’s been debunked multiple times over the years. There is no record of Trump having ever said it. Here’s the article fact-checking the fake quote:


My Man Trump

You must please keep yourself educated on these things. He fought Trump during his entire term. He is a Trump hater and a big rino. We’ve known this for quite some time. What puzzles me is why DJT allowed him to get elected this last time. Regret, REGRET!


Allowed him to get elected??? He won by 58% of the vote. trump lost by 7 million votes.

My Man Trump

Trump did not run against McConnel. Pay attention if you want to play with the grown ups.

calvin wrenn

trump won by 8 million did you see all the black s counting and recounting the same votes cheating my dear georga nigiria

Last edited 1 year ago by calvin wrenn

Are you referring to McConnell? I based my opinion of him on the way he handled the impeachment (the first one), which I thought he did well. (Yes, I know the Republicans fought Trump for much of his time in office, to their shame.) I hadn’t really seen much of McConnell before the impeachment trial, which I watched pretty closely. Admittedly I’m not an expert on politics but I do consider myself fairly well informed on issues compared to the average person, especially in my age group. I do tend to think the best of people, though, which is why I’ve learned not to put people on pedestals because they have a disappointing way of falling off!

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