He is exactly what Michigan needs!

“Matt DePerno, running for Attorney General in the Great State of Michigan, is doing a great job. He has energized the Republican base against the RINOs and Crooked Democrats, especially as it pertains to Election Integrity. I have fully endorsed Matt because of his past accomplishments as a warrior lawyer. He is exactly what Michigan needs!”

By Donald J. Trump

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John F. Brzezinski III

You CANNOT deal with things “by the book” when “the book” was MADE to protect those who made the book itself. I am sick of the illogical programming PAID FOR by the very people programmed. Michigan WILL be dealt with…one way or another.

John F. Brzezinski III

Sorry, I respectfully disagree. The system the way it is was corrupted, OBVIOUSLY, and NO CHANGES anyone makes to the system stops it from being a ‘system’

Average Joes need to hold office on a revolutionary basis with MANDATED NECESSITIES such as food and water being PRIMARY focus. IMO, you can take your corporate world and stuff it up your ass.

Making lighters and cellphones does NOTHING to help problems.

“Let’s stick another asshole in office who went through ‘law school’…..while you know full well ‘laws’ were made to protect corporate and lawyers and NOT the people……

I reached my limit with this bullshit a LONG time ago. Who I am should tell you a bit about it, but because the programming is seemingly so strong in the vast majority, you got problems coming in the future….ALL OF YOU!


Make Election Integrity in Michigan Great Again!
Vote For Matt DePerno for Attorney General!

Debra Puddy

Michigan needs a complete cleaning of the swamp of both Democrats and Republicans! The governor needs to go ASAP! Along with the Attorney General, the Secretary Of State, and the current Health Director! We voted in many republicans, only to find out they are part of the swamp!

Cary Miller

We need a way to remove ‘quickly’ when they turn on us. When “they” decide, “They want the $ PAYOFF!”


I second that, it wasn’t long after I voted for Peter Meijer that He voted to impeach President Trump. I say that is a lie for Meijer, to even consider to impeach, because there was no, and I repeat, there was no criminal activity or any wrong doing from President Trump. So I wish there was a way to call back Peter Meijer and get rid of him. I will not vote for him ever again.

Mark Rakow

In both the first and second impeachment, there was – and I repeat, was – criminal activity on the part of Donald Trump.

Whether or not you choose to vote for Mr. Meijer again doesn’t change that very basic fact.

My Man Trump

Michigan also needs to get rid of their governor….Badly. Thanks for DePerno, Sir.


Matt will put the Rule of Law ahead of politics, and be very strong on election integrity, yes President Trump he is exactly what Michigan needs.


I will be voting for Matt DePerno


Sounds good. Keep the endorsements coming Mr. President!!!

Rosanne. Choate

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Steve F

I hope you vetted this guy more thoroughly. The last thing we need is another fraud poser RINO.


Guess you haven’t been following all the legal battles over the election fraud in Michigan since Nov 2020, or you’d know exactly who Matt DePerno is, and not asking this question.


Because you endorse Mr. DePerno I now know who I won’t be voting for. Thank you so much for your input.

My Man Trump

Well aren’t you a clever little piece of crap. Where’s the thumb down button!


Typical Commie-Lib!


thanks for the help on deciding who to support.

Yuk Chun Birch

Clean house! Love our President Trump!! ❤

Meegan Fixler

Great endorsement!

Mark Rakow

Trump claims that DePerno is “doing a great job.”

Maybe – but only for Trump Republicans in Michigan. He’s not doing a great job for Michigan as a whole.


Would you rather have Letitia James? Maybe you would….

Mark Rakow

Letitia James is Attorney General in New York State, not Michigan. I don’t anticipate any possibility that she’ll be moving to Michigan. So it’s not an “either-or.”

For that matter, I doubt she has any plans to move to my home state of Minnesota. Besides, we already have a very capable Attorney General, Keith Ellison. He is, needless to say, a Democrat.

Minnesotans have not elected a Republican as Attorney General in 56 years. It’s very likely that he’ll be reelected in November, as will our Governor, and the rest of our Constitutional officeholders at the State level.

I might add that, in the 34 years I’ve been a resident of Minnesota, only four Republicans have ever won election to statewide office. No Republican has won statewide since 2006.


I agree.

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