He is not worried!

“Vladimir Putin looks at our pathetic surrender in Afghanistan, leaving behind dead Soldiers, American citizens, and $85 billion worth of Military equipment. He then looks at Biden. He is not worried!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Mark Rakow

Why should he be worried? He’s has nothing to worry about for nearly five years .

John F. Brzezinski III

Biden no longer exists on this planet…only in the minds of the ignorant

Mark Rakow

Having mentioned him, you’ve just proven that he exists in your ignorant mind.

Ken K

Hillary’s probably selling more uranium to everyone

Mark Rakow

I suppose she’s selling it out of her garage, from the giant heap of uranium that’s out behind her house.


Trump is just disgusting. Favoring Putin over an American president. Remember his press conference with Putin when he was kissing his butt and the whole world was laughing.


Where in the world do you see him favoring Putin in this post? He’s just pointing out the obvious…we are posing no threat to a dangerous enemy.


Putin sees WEAKNESS in Criminal Joe!
So does the world!

John F. Brzezinski III

dumbasses see conflict where none exists…hence why fake ass MSM is an enemy of the people. Wakey Wakey!:)

My Man Trump

Hahaha. You are absolutely right, Sir. Obama was weak and FJB is much weaker. I’ll bet Putin is still laughing his ass off.

Benjamin Delinger

Yeah it’s a sad state of affairs. Goodbye Ukraine. Stand up sir. Stand with our attorney general of Missouri, he’s doing God’s work. How many boosters do you approve of? All of them? You were duped by Fauci and the lot of them


Attorney General Eric Schmitt is the BEST!
He is the NEXT US Senator from the Show Me State!

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