He knows the Indictment is Bull

“Virtually everyone is saying that the Indictment is about Election Interference & should not have been brought, except Bill Barr, a “disgruntled former employee” & lazy Attorney General who was weak & totally ineffective. He doesn’t mean what he’s saying, it’s just MISINFORMATION.Barr’s doing it because he hates “TRUMP” for firing him. He was deathly afraid of the Radical Left when they said they would Impeach him. He knows the Indictment is Bull…. Turn off FoxNews when that “Gutless Pig” is on!”

By Donald J. Trump

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I believe Bill Barr and those like him that failed to do their sworn duties should be held accountable in a criminal court of law. He and those like him are responsible for the advancement of the Deep State in overthrowing the USA.

Mr. Ree

He QUIT DonDon


Victor Davis Hanson said that the attacks on DJT will not stop. The DemonRats intend to stop him from ever entering the White House again, and they will do anything to achieve that goal.


Bill Barr knew Hunter Laptop was real!
Gutless pig belongs in prison along with the rest of America’s enemies from within.
The swamp is so scared of Trump they make up fairy-tales to smear their political opponent, Dick Morris wrote the book on Trump’s incitement and vindication.
Nostradamus predicted Trump

Jerry Pyeatt

I don’t watch any media anymore I had been watching Scripps news is the very last and I found that they are biased against you SIR POTUSDJT as well come to find out they claimed things about you and the totally fair election you claimed was stolen is how they put it just like all the other fake assed fake news media outlets I stopped right then and there no more bullshit comments coming out of fake assed pie-holes for me. So sir all I watch is credible journalists on YouTube tucker salty cracker Lauren Boebert MTG videos and so many more that list is long with credible information so we’re all in for that long haul till you become the 47th POTUSDJT and AMERICAN 🇺🇸 PATRIOTISM WILL BE RESTORED THANK YOU FOR YOUR EXCELLENT SERVICE YOU ARE THE ONLY MAN WHO HAS THE CONNECTIONS THE KNOWLEDGE THE ULTIMATE PLAYBOOK so I’d go with nobody else but you because you’ve been there and have the ability to MAGA I SALUTE YOU SIR POTUSDJT PEACE ✌️ OUT JP ✌️!!!!!!!! NOONE ELSE COMPARES TO YOU

T Harv

Newsmax hasn’t thrown out any spin (so far) since I started watching them after Tucker’s show was pulled.


Never thought I would see such crimes and disillusions from our government powers, they have just gone mad.
Hope this is their last attack on you.


FJB! the CORRUPT government and FAKE news Fox!
TRUMP 2024!



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