He needs a Personality Transplant

“The problem with Ron DeSanctimonious is that he needs a Personality Transplant, and those are not yet available. Almost all Congressmen and women that served with him, and knew him well, supported me, some of them surprisingly so because of their relationship with Ron. I would say that, when it comes to lack of Personality, Ron would be in a class with Asa Hutchinson, and that’s not good. His Foreign trip was a total bomb—They didn’t even know what he was doing there!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Paula C

Please stop this foolishness. You are losing supporters daily with this RIDICULOUS, CHILDISH assault on DeSantis! Tell us how you’re going to fix the problems that are keeping us ‘deplorables’ up at night; LAY OFF DeSantis. He’s NO THREAT to you!
Rigged elections are a THREAT to you! Tell us how we can fix them. I live in ARIZONA and don’t know if my vote will even count!

Steve F

Enough. Stop with the fratricide. All the GOP ever does is slaughter themselves, rather than working as a united front to prevent the Democrats from creating division and stealing power.


Ron Desantis has the personality of a plaster wall and speaks Very Dry like a manikin.
TRUMP 2024!


Foreign trip was solely done to try and fool people into thinking he is a foreign policy expert. I cannot find anyone in Florida with half a brain that has fallen for any of this. He will never be president if he doesn’t get out now, apologize to all those that got him re-elected and finishes the job in Florida by going to the Lindell election solution!

Tony drump

Pot – kettle 😂

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