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WE WANT OZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Man Trump

I do not trust Dr. Oz but I trust DJT. Vote for Dr. Oz.


Right On!


Did you get hacked, and maybe can’t see this post? Seems fishy

After viewing this, with Mike Lindell’s endorsement, and not seeing any similar integrity and policy stance from the other two, she’s got my vote unless someone can prove to me that one of the others has just as much integrity.

Dr Oz must overcome his flip flopping on Ivermectin, since the data STILL shows the efficacy of IVM is statistically significant and it is by far one of the best safety profiles of any drug in history. He started to support IVM and HCQ early, but then suddenly went the other, as though he had given in to the consensus or been paid off. That is my main view of him still until I see why I should believe otherwise.

Mark Rakow

Dr. Oz isn’t truly great. He’s barely any good at all.

Not that it matters. He won’t be elected to the Senate, let alone easily. He isn’t going to be a Senator at all.

Instead, maybe he can be a busboy at Mar-A-Lardass.


WE WANT OZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Man Trump

Shut your dirty mouth. Do you kiss your mama with that dirty mouth. Do personal insults against the Ultra MAGA King earn you more money. What a little nothing you are.


Dr. Oz is a Good Man is the BEST choice for the Next Senator from Pennsylvania!
VOTE FOR DR. OZ and make Pennsylvania Great Again!


If it were my state I would vote Dr. Oz. The people must understand it’s in their best interest. He will fight against the radical Marxist and represent the common sense of the American people.

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President