Heading to Arizona

“Heading to Arizona for a speech. Will be aired on Newsmax, OAN, Right Side Broadcasting Network, and others at 6:00PM EDT. Enjoy!”

By Donald J. Trump

You can watch the Live Stream here.

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Mike Kissinger

Great night for you Mr. Trump. Your favorite news outlets spun it just the way you wanted it. Most reputable news outlets, including all local media, reported the truth: Mr. Trump repeats his same lies to the cheers of his cultists. It did give your cultists an excuse to wear their maga hats and feel like they are important. Great job on collecting money from the dupes.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mike Kissinger

Can you come-up with something new to comment about?? You just seem to keep repeating yourself over and over. Boring…

Tim Tates

Where are you making this comment from North Korea? You left-wing radicals never give up. Thanks for motivating me to donate money to Trump and Judicial Watch. Now go play pretend in your sandbox have a nice glass of Kool-Aid and dream of your heroes Stalin or Hitler!

David Koch

And the grift goes on


Excellent speech. Hard hitting and to the point. Thanks.


He just keeps getting better and Stronger…

Bruce Jenher

I can’t wait to see ’45 in person.
I hope he’s as orange in person as he looks to be on social media

Mike Hunt

Check visiting hours at Leavenworth Federal Prison! Which will be brighter orange; Diaper Donnie or his jumpsuit?

Tim Tates

I can’t wait to see the corrupt Voter Fraud Democrats like Pelosi, Hillary, Comey, and many other Marxist Globalists in jail! I think they will look cute in their orange prison suit!

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