Heading to Illinois

“Heading to Illinois. Big MAGA Rally, lots of great American Patriots. Congresswoman Mary Miller, a true supporter, will be honored. On T.V. – Newsmax, OAN, and others. About 7:30 P.M., Eastern. ENJOY! P.S. Big day yesterday, and the day before. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Yes Mr. Former President, I quite enjoyed the coverage of the rally! I really liked that your efforts to protect white lives was specifically called out by that wonderful candidate. That’s MAGA at work baby!


Was happy to see you live.


Great job as usual at the Rally in Illinois! God Bess you and the United States of America.


#MAGA God Bless And Godspeed 💓 Much Love *Q-Anon*🌹🦁🇺🇸


Thank you President Trump, love to watch your rallies.


It’ll be another sea of people which the media, if they cover it at all, will show only a tight focus group of maybe 100. Aerial shot, media…can you say, “aerial shot”?

I love Trump’s speeches (except for the vaccine stuff). President Trump’s talks are totally opposite of the angry, senseless, mumbled ramblings people get from crooked, crotchety biden. I cannot tolerate seeing/hearing biden for even a moment; it’s all just negative and harmful to the USA, our sovereignty and our personal freedoms. (And no, baby convenience-killing, like animal abuse, is not a legitimate personal freedom.) Trump brings hope and improving prosperity to all…most of all: sweet freedom. God, how we need Trump back in that White House.

Mary B. Logan

God bless you Sir✨. Trusting your Father’s Day was FANTASTIC. ~ MBL


I will be watching!
Have a Great Rally!

jo young

Agree! The Supreme Court is one of the wheels that need to be working in order to shrink the federal gov’t! Thank you Pres Trump. I am not sure that America can be saved at this point but still hopeful.

Patricia McDermott

So looking forward to seeing you and listening to all that you have to tell us!!!

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