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Tray Tray

Would someone from a Red state please adopt me? I’m embarrassed to be from pencilvania!!


I seem to remember it being called Pennsyltucky too!
But we need to cooperate with our neighbors, our community, educate everyone, stand firm, defend our rights, and cooperate together to effect lasting change for the better.

James R Kissiar

Dems can’t win without cheating- no way Biden [Aka Brandon] won. America is “woke” for a red wave.

Mark Rakow

Democrats cheated? In a Republican primary?

Got it.

Linda M

I agree with paper ballots. Voter ID. No machines. No mail in ballots.Same day voting except for the military. The military must have a way to vote while overseas.


Always cheating!


Exactly! Democrats will never go for it, they wouldn’t be able to cheat. Get rid of these crooks.


Isn’t every day “Here we go again!”




100% AGREED 🤦🏽‍♀️

Gloria Hensley

Just watched “2000 Mules”. Many people haven’t seen it yet – EVERYONE SHOULD. It leaves very little to the imagination at all. Ballot stuffing will go on and on until it is stopped altogether. The evil cannot stop being evil, because it’s the way they plan on winning every time. This is what people were concerned about. How will we stop it? Easy-Peasy, go to straight in person paper ballots with only a few exceptions. America is smart – but the democrats along with WEF are also evil to the point of destruction, without consciences. Who will take the leap of courage in the Republican (not RINO) party and make it happen?


We the People must do this. Bug your representatives and senators, Secretary of State, Attorney General, etc, down to local district level, put them on notice, “fix this or we will“!

Tell them, do not “request“, they WILL investigate, fully and transparently, ALL of the Election Fraud, starting with 2020, and every race since, and every race as far back in recorded history as we can go, to see how much more fraud we can uncover.

We already KNOW it is there, it is no longer a suspicion. Anyone who gets in the way, tries to coverup or stop these investigations, or doesn’t help, will be found complicit in ALL of the fraud we find.
They will all be Booted (Censured, recalled, suspended, banned for LIFE),
Charged (indicted, open public hearing, jury of their peers with zero conflicts of interest)
and hopefully do jail time, as fits the crime, but no LESS than the minimums, and this process will allow us to reconsider the maximums, so that this is taken seriously!
They will ALSO have to pay back, to the Citizens, every illegal and/or illicit cent they made in office from our corrupt system, AND even their salary, for not doing their job, and defrauding The United States of America. Now you get an idea of how serious we are.
I’d like to remind you, after stealing so much for so long, that some amount of citizens will be arguing on the side of maximum determent and cost effectiveness, to see the guilty HUNG UNTIL DEAD.
We the Government. Without us, you don’t exist.

That should get their attention.


Well said!


Even with all the proof we have, why want Republicans do anything for the American people? I just don’t get it.



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