He’s a sleezeball that has no credibility

“Do you believe that Shifty Adam Schiff is on the Committee concerning the 2020 protest when he was the one that scammed America and the World on the Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax? He’s a sleezeball that has no credibility and is so bad for our Nation!”

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

I can’t wait until 46 takes the evil, lying piece of garbage down. After all, if “the best is yet to come” then evil like him will not be tolerated near the people.


Mr President Trump sir, Will action be taken against the perpetrators of this crime of HIGH TREASON against our country by overturning the election of the duly elected president ???
I has been a year now! We were promised that the” best is yet to come” by you sir! Will anything be done, or are they going to get away with this crime just like they get away will all the other crimes of corruption they commit??? I understand that the swamp is VERY deep, and it takes time. I understand that this is not an easy battle, every day that goes by we loose our country more and more!!! Very soon we will be at the point of no return! Soon they will be to strong, and to entrenched!! WE CAN NOT wait for 22 or 24!!! WE need action NOW!!! Sir there is 200 million Americans that stand ready with you!! Give us the word and we will go into action!!! We the people elected you, there is NO doubt!!! Sir, use force if necessary, this is a time of war! The enemy must be captured and brought to justice! By our American law, those who commit treason MUST HANG! We the people demand that every perpetrator of the overthrow of the election hang for treason for the world to see!! We will not rest until justice prevails.


Has anybody watched Tucker Carlson’s series “Patriot Purge” about January 6? I’m not able to watch it myself but thought I’d ask if anyone on here has seen it. It sounded interesting.


Shifty Adam Schiff NEEDS to be in Prison on Treason Charges!

Mark Rakow



He is most likely a kenite=Son of Cain. His fruit is evil, a professional liar—just like the prince of the “power of the air”(Satan himself)….satan works heavily in his own sons.

My Man Trump

Shifty Schiff. What a loser! But how true to his own character…first he leads Russia, Russia, Russia and now he is sitting on a committee of Jan. 6 “insurrection” that he and Pelosi planned. Is there no end to what these demons do. All of them. And they have no shame, no filter, no moral compass….No honorable qualities at all. Slay the Dragon, Mr. President. We are being eaten alive.

Mary Geiger

Ol’ Shiffty is expert at lying and talking BS. He likes to collect non-existent “evidence” against the innocent just to make himself look important. He’s not.

Mark Rakow

Not only can I believe it, I do believe it. Because he’s exactly where he should be. Helping to expose Donald Trump’s treasonous actions, and ultimately, perhaps, helping put Trump right where he belongs.

Only one rifle fires a live round. The rest only fire blanks.


Glendale-Burbank keeps electing that con man Schiff. Or is it a Biden-type election???

Mark Rakow

Yes, it is a “Biden-type election.” The kind where the most deserving candidate receives the most votes, thus winning the election, and taking the oath of office, while the least deserving candidate does not receive the most votes, thus losing the election. And taking a flying fuck.


Until there is credibility, these mopes will push the envelope all the time. Soon as some of these corrupt senators and congressmen get there ass stuck in jail none of this will change.


Yeah agreed!! How about Mark Meadows involvement with shifty schiff and all the other democrats over there at HDI or Humpty Dumpty Institure???

I think you better do some vetting on this issue after the reporting by National File, and then his most recent interview with Stew Peters I watched over on FrankSpeech not so good, and now his cooperation with this committee???

C’mon Man is Mark Meadows really on your/our side???

Mark Rakow

“Stew Peters?” Seriously?

Sounds like something a cannibal does for lunch.


For you to say something like that, it must be in your diet eh?

Save Our United States

Agreed! Schiff is another Democrat embarrassment peddling lies to the ignorant lemmings that will take the bait.

Mark Rakow

You don’t need to be embarrassed. Trump has plenty to be embarrassed about.

In time, he’ll also have plenty to worry about.




Schiff is only playing the part that Satan has given him. His adversaries are Christians, who carry the Light. Just like the roaches run all over when the light is on, so the same with the evil. Shine the Light The True Light)


I’d be surprised if even the braindead lefties think he is credible.

I really do struggle to conceive why anyone would associate with the Demoncrap party anymore. I think it is only because they are brainwashed anti-Trump. There is absolutely NOTHING good that I can find in that party.

Mark Rakow

I’m not a Democrat, but I’d be ashamed to be thought of as a Republican.


I think a lot of Democrats, especially older people, truly don’t know how bad their party is now. My grandpa (a wonderful man) was a WWII vet and grew up during the Depression, and he loved Franklin Roosevelt. He watched the news a lot, not sure what network, and believed what he saw. He hated Reagan. I think a lot of people still think it’s the party of Roosevelt; certainly the mainstream news isn’t going to talk about the awful stuff they stand for now. My friend’s grandfather was shocked when his daughter told him about Andrew Cuomo’s extreme abortion views.



Mark Rakow

If you even had a heart, it would definitely not be pretty.


There must be something wrong with me. I can’t comprehend why someone would say something so pointlessly nasty.


Does Mr TRUMP seem to sound a bit nervous ?


Everyone on that committee is bias and crazy as they come. I cannot believe these fools run our country. We don’t have to

Mark Rakow

The word is “biased,” fool.

Johnny Appleseed

You me bug-eyed boobie is trying to stir the pot again….

You got this with one hand tied behind your back.

Mark Rakow

I’m hoping he’ll one day have BOTH hands tied behind his back. And he’s wearing a blindfold.

Meanwhile, a prescribed distance away, a semi-circle of men are preparing to hear the all-too-familiar words “ready” and “aim.”

It would give new meaning to the phrase, “you’re fired.”


What an evil, sick, hate-filled comment. Look, I could make a long list of politicians I loathe and who I desperately want to see brought to justice, but I can truly say I don’t want death for any of them. That’s sick. I could say more, but it would mean breaking my self-imposed civility code.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Schiff is beyond a sleazeball. They can take him, along with that shitbag, Schumer, Ted Lieu, Eric Swallwell, Jamie Raskin, Pelosi, the 5 squad members, and anyone else who is a leftist or RINO…. Time to flush the toilet.


Hang em for the world to see!

Mark Rakow

Why would you do that, when you’re still so full of shit?

Mitch Hagen

How about a P.O.S!




I hope to see these people as well in Prison, Or accountable for their crimes. And what crimes you may ask? Crimes Against Humanity. Real life. Real Crime. I pray, And think about the Patriots that did no wrong doing on Jan 6th 2021.

Mark Rakow

You’re going to prison? Disgraceful.

These people, however, won’t be joining you there. They haven’t committed any crimes, least of all “Crimes Against Humanity.” As for you, your abject ignorance isn’t exactly a crime, but it certainly adds to your disgrace.

As for the patriots who did no wrongdoing on January 6, 2021, they didn’t enter the Capitol. The individuals who did are not patriots. They’re suspects. And, in due time, they’ll be convicts, preparing to join you behind bars.

On the other hand, maybe you’ll be paroled soon. It’s a Crime Against Humanity to incarcerate imbeciles.


When isn’t he quitting and then getting arrested. He has been lying for years.

Mark Rakow

I doubt he’ll be quitting anytime soon. In any case, he certainly wouldn’t be getting arrested for anything related to his work on the Select Committee.

So what if he’s “been lying for years?” You’ve obviously been stupid for years. And, presumably, you’re still running around.

Craig Barrett

Why isn’t he in PRISON, we have a CORRUPT Justice system, disband the FBI and the CIA, they are corrupt to the core


Why isn’t sleaze ball trump in prison. He’s a conman who’s been cheating people his whole life. He’s the worst thing that ever happened to this country!


and there “it” is . . . I was wondering when your defication would show up today.

Mary Geiger

He’s a perpetual booby prize.

Mark Rakow

Clearly, your spelling is as shitty as the rest of you.


Someday you might have a brain, but I doubt it!!


Why is Prize not deported for being a Commie?


Yes the CIA created wars in other countries, to make money for themselves

Mark Rakow

Go clean your kitchen. Make yourself good for something.


Better yet, why isn’t Fauci in prison for Crimes Against Humanity!! His glory in seeing how may people he can cause to die from his spike protein that strips them of all immunity. Now he’s going after the children. I have suspicions he is telling Biden what to do, and Biden being the power hungry person he is, will do it.


Prison??? That’s much to good for him!! Besides, I’m not giving my tax money for his upkeep!! Hang the bastard, I’ll supply the rope!

Mark Rakow

Why would he be? And for what possible crime?


He’s a cold blooded deceiver as required by committee standards.


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