His book is a very important one

“The great America First Patriot, Matt Schlapp, is now out with a new book, The Desecrators. He loves our Country and fights every day for MAGA! His book is a very important one and highly recommended by me. Order here.”

By Donald J. Trump

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jojo gomez

from now on I only read books by true patriots. No one else. We should make a MAGA/patriot reading list of books that promote America First and patriotism

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Exactly. I totally agree. I am now only reading books that come with the endorsement from President Trump. Too much leftist garbage out there. I want reality and I want TRUTH.

My Man Trump

We have many different parties these days: Republicans/Independents/Moderate Dems/Commies/Rinos. Which one is he?


Have you ever watched a CPAC event? Do some research, and why on earth would President Trump be endorsing his book if he didn’t believe in him?

President Trump thanked Matt Schlapp for being the one who kept telling him during all his CPAC attendances and speeches that he should run for President.

Who are you people that question his loyalty to President Trump?

Well I guess if you’re in Love with Tulsi Gabbard maybe it answers the question all by itself, not sure about the other two below though.

My Man Trump

Not every Rep is in love with Schlapp so I was asking an honest question. Don’t forget, Trump was close to Graham and other rinos, at one time. You need to calm down. And don’t you ever question my loyalty, or anything else toward DJT, again. And concerning Tulsi Gabbard, YOU do some research as to why on earth she is invited to the RNC. Have you even listened to her? Save your crap for the commies.


Yes I have listened to her, and again she is an OLD FASHIONED DEMOCRAT, nothing wrong with that it’s a good thing, I’ve also listened to Naomi Wolf, Alan Dershowitz, and Johanthon Turley to mention a few. All of which are Old Fashioned Democrats but stand for truth and the Constitution, and also none of which voted for President Trump, nor will they.

I’m happy they are working across party lines to fight the current tyranny, and in Tulsi’s case if you’d have READ my comment just below, and listened to the interview it stated why she was invited to CPAC, and I believe I said “Yes I even agree with Tulsi Gabbard being invited and why, and his assessment on the opportunity to grow the party away from the RINO’s.”

I would never ever in my life vote for her, unless I lived in a Blue State or city where she would be the Greatest option compared to most any other democrat politician out there. Not for President, but hey maybe you’ll get lucky and President Trump will pick her for his next VP? Anything’s possible, and it would certainly be a true non-partisan ticket. I guess then I’d have to eat my words and vote for her.

Not sure who these Representative’s your talking about are, RINO’s? You didn’t list any of them, and why are you relying on someone else to do your research into him? I tend to do my own RESEARCH into things, it’s called critical thinking. I suggest you try it, not demand it like you’re doing. You asked the question, so obviously you didn’t do any research before asking it.

By the way when was she invited to the RNC? She spoke at CPAC which Matt is the current Chairman of

“Matt Schlapp CHAIRMANMatt Schlapp is the Chairman of the American Conservative Union, the nation’s original grassroots conservative organization. During his five-year tenure as chairman, ACU has almost tripled in size, expanded CPAC to reach 25 million live viewers and 1 billion Twitter impressions at the most recent CPAC. ACU also hosts dozens of additional events, including Battleground CPACs in the US and international CPACs abroad.”

His full BIO, which actually states a 7 year tenure as chairman. I suggest you read it and maybe even follow the links.

CPAC website

I’ll do exactly as I please, regardless of you requests or concerns, just the same as I’m sure you will. Funny you tell me “YOU do some research”, yet you post no links to anything of interest or relevance to show that you’ve done any?

My Man Trump

When I do research, I do my own. I tried to encourage you to do the same. Your loss. Other than that, the only thing you got right is I will do exactly as I please, regardless of you or your rants and lectures.

And who was talking about voting for Tulsi…not me, just you. But no one can reach you because of that high horse you’re on. You need to calm yourself down. There are enough commies on this site for you to cut your teeth on.

My Man Trump

On second thought just disregard everything I said. Wish I could erase it. This is one of the worst things Republicans do….no solidarity. Inner fighting. Dems, for the most part always unified. I will not play into that game. It’s a disgrace and I will not be part of it.


Look I’m not going to disregard anything you said, because I don’t think you said anything that bad. I think you need to read things more closely, and be prepared to answer questions about claims and comments you make. Asking questions is attempting to make you think about the statement/claims you made.

I’ll admit saying your Love for Tulsi may have been needling you a bit, because I didn’t seriously think you meant it literally. It was you guys questioning Matt’s loyalty to Trump without backing it up.

I could go on and try to explain more in depth, but I think I overdid it already, so let’s just say I am a 100% Trump supporter, you are a 100% Trump supporter and that’s not likely to change. We may not always agree on everything, but discussion and exploration of arguments is a healthy thing, and can allow us to look at issues from a different perspective. I may not be the best person for it. Others like Tabbysaurus might be a better fit, but I’m one to challenge anyone on either side of the aisle, and expect to get challenged.

Like I said above, if President Trump were to reach across the aisle to Tulsi Gabbard I would vote for the ticket. She’d be far better than Pence was. I’ll be honest though, I have concerns about the democrats crossing over. I’m for anybody that’s truly American First.

Peace and God Bless YOU!


Just watched Matt Schlapp on the warroom and agreed with everything he said, all the guests invited to CPAC, and his book.

Yes I even agree with Tulsi Gabbard being invited and why, and his assessment on the opportunity to grow the party away from the RINO’s.

Listen and say what you think.


My Man Trump

I love Tulsi Gabbard. She is a Dem who thinks and talks like Reps.


I think Tulsi is an old fashioned democrat and not one of the Far Left Marxists, I don’t think she believes in most American First policies, and I doubt she believes in President Trump at all.

My Man Trump

Do some research. People have changed since communism came to our country.

Marijo Makufka

I’ve read many articles and seen many interviews where Matt Schlapp holds firm on the fact that the 2020 Presidential Election was RIGGED!!!
Even when demonic “journalists” and “reporters” try to deny him. Schlapp repeats basic facts about missing signatures, sketchy voter registration, ballot harvesting, UNlocked boxes, and other travesties.
Schlapp is doing a good job of representing this.


I exposed the truth for free. I didn’t profit for exposing the government swamp and Hollywood elite in the flight log. I didn’t profit for exposing Nancy Pelosi in the underground rooms of Epstein Island, caught on the security cameras. I didn’t profit for researching and downloading the declassified files. All I got for exposing the truth was viciously attacked and persecuted. I’ve been mocked and attacked every day since exposing everything. This wasn’t a great awakening for me at all. I’m knowingly ignored by everyone in the fake news media. I’ve lost friends and family for being truthful. So much for truth,freedom and the pursuit of happiness. All I got for being truthful was nothing. I’m not enjoying this “show” anymore. I’m hurt by lack of empathy and total disregard. I sacrificed everything exposing the swamp. So much for a biblical ending and my life ever being great again. Exposing the truth has ruined my life.

Gloria Hensley

Schlapp? Is he the one that screwed up regarding the redistricting? Who didn’t get in there and fight for the right? Stacey Abrams and Eli may be unconsciouable about most matters of life, but isn’t Schlapp a do-nothing or a pretender? He could be an excellent writer and an excellent talker, but is he really a good fighter for what the Republicans need?


Here again Gloria provide proof of these claims, how is Matt Schlapp even involved in redistricting? I’ve never heard him mentioned regarding it, so if you have links to videos of interviews or articles please inform us, but don’t just make unfounded claims or we’ll start thinking your a RINO trying to spread false information or worse a democrat doing so.

Deborah Addor

Matt Schlapp is a wolf in sheeps clothing. He thinks Biden won the 2020 election fair and square. He doesn’t think there was any fraud. He is an opportunist that will suck up to you for his own gain.


As a comment, this is straight forward and direct, so let’s follow up on it. Long gone are the days where we have time to let things slide and play out on their own. In order to hold him accountable, we must hold you accountable.
1st, Please provide link or direction to the information about him stating his belief there wasn’t any fraud. Let’s flush this out and make sure it’s factual on both points.
2nd, Please provide info or source for proof, or that leads to the proof, of the description of his “wolf in sheep’s clothing” and opportunist labels. As always, action speak louder than words.


I’m sorry Deborah but you will need to provide proof of these claims. I can find nothing on such claims? I think maybe you’re confusing Matt with someone else, Mike Pence?

I have seen many interviews and speech’s at CPAC ceremonies and have never heard him make either of your claims.

He’s being accused of setting the stage for “Election Integrity Freakout for 2024” by vanity fair of all publications who’d be celebrating him according to your claims.

According to Nevada Independent

“At a press conference Tuesday outside the state Republican Party headquarters in Las Vegas, representatives from the Trump campaign — including former Attorney General Adam Laxalt, campaign attorney Jesse Binnall and American Conservative Union chair Matt Schlapp — said they had identified multiple examples of irregularities and voter fraud in the state’s 2020 general election that they allege in totality prove Trump won the election.”

Last edited 1 year ago by griffthegrand
Shara Collins

I love my President Trump! We need you back!! Putin wouldn’t be messin around like this if we had a REAL President in DC!! Biden, the RESIDENT, is destroying our country!



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