His polling skyrocketed

“In December 2017, Ron Desanctimonious was polling at 5% in the Republican primary for Governor of Florida. DeSantis had virtually no endorsements and was being drastically out-raised by Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, the widely-viewed favorite. Ron had zero chance of winning. On December 21, 2017, President Donald J. Trump Endorsed in support of DeSanctus. His polling skyrocketed, and DeSantis won the Republican primary, 57% – 37%, all because of President Trump.”

By Donald J. Trump

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There is only one, it is President Trump, there is no republican party left, but the MAGA party, there is no democrat party, but the communist party. let that sink in people, wake up!




there is not one person Itrust more than you to be our president,I look forward to voting for you.

Nancy A. Daylo

Dear President Donald J. Trump, I have corresponded with Ron and his wife over the 2022 elections and Marco Rubio. I got a Christmas card from them with pictures of the kids. So, I am invested and feel very sorry that you and Ron have problems. I would advise. him never to run against you. But, I never thought. he would. There are other Republicans that I also would advise not to run against you out of loyalty. But, the REPUBLICANS are not always loyal or single minded. To win, we must put our minds and hearts together and focus on the winner, you. All these other “would-bes” can’t win and will only divide the party. I think Ron has come a long way as governor, thanks to you. And he should unite Republican governors across the land to do good things for all the states. He should focus on that. Maybe in a few years, he will have matured and learned a lot of things about not only the governing of the USA, but become an expert on foreign affairs. You are the champion of governing USA and the world. I recall, Ron’s wife Casey had breast cancer and he stopped everything and took care of her. That is admirable. He has possibilities. I would give him a couple points, but definitely not for becoming PRESIDENT. Nuff said. Nancy A. Daylo

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