This reminds me of 2016 all over again!

“Bushie RINO, Marc Thiessen, who is willing to misrepresent facts, in order to have his Bush supporters help his friend DeSanctus start gaining in the polls (he’s dropping like a rock!) said that “Trump lost Iowa last time around.” Actually, I won big, but there’s nobody at Fox News who wants to correct these false statements, of which there are many! This reminds me of 2016 all over again!”

By Donald J. Trump

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FJB! and these RINO PUNKS!
TRUMP 2024!

Nancy A. Daylo

Dear President Donald J. Trump, We all know that you won in 2020, but the LEFT has a royal fit whenever it is brought up. And FOX doesn’t do anything to help you.

In Iowa in 2016. Hillary got only 41% and you had 51%, that is 10 points more.
In 2020, you got 53.1% and Biden got 44.9%. Still you were way ahead.
I recall the RED WAVE in 2020. And now they deny that it happened. But, God knows that it DID happen and that you were the WINNER. I am just waiting for the TRUTH to come out. Nancy A. Daylo

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