Nobody talks about the horrible job being done

“Why is it that nobody talks about the horrible job being done about the Biden Administration on COVID-19, often referred to as the China Virus? Are they using the same coverup methods that they are using on the greatest embarrassment in the history of our Country, the incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan—leaving dead warriors, hostages, and $85 billion worth of the highest-grade Military equipment behind? No Military event in our Country has ever been so poorly handled. We could’ve left with dignity, honor, success, nobody killed, and our equipment. But we didn’t!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Angel F. Soto Jr

I totally agree with President Trump about the greatest embarrassment in the history of our country, being the incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan; however, I think it’s a tie with the embarrassing presidential elections! The stolen elections are THE ROOT CAUSES OF EVERYTHING TERRIBLE THAT HAS HAPPENED IN OUR COUNTRY AND THROUGHOUT THE WORLD!

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karen larason

Biden is not capable of running this country , Even a child could make better decision than he does, Those in the white house remind me of organized crime . Let a few more hundred thousand come in over the boarder with covid 19 as you try and mandate vaccines makes sense to me End a war and leave 83 billion in equip for terrorist’s to use , makes sense to me , take away our energy independence they go beg opec and Russia to produce more oil . make sense to me ,,, yeah nothing to see here , if you are a moron


Biden is incompetent and has no right to be in the White House! How he withdrew from Afghanistan is pathetic!

Mark Rakow

He has every right to be in the White House. He was elected President last November, and took the oath of office on January 20.

How he withdrew from Afghanistan is completely beside the point.


The facts show the 2020 presidential election was stolen. See The Biden administration is illegitimate. 75 million people agree. Will we let this falsely installed administration continue to destroy this country? I don’t think we the people can stand by and let that happen.

Mark Rakow

That website requires one to submit an email and cell phone number, so they can send marketing text messages. So, no. Seems odd, though, that the only way to get access to this supposed evidence is to pay for it.

The Biden Administration is illegitimate? How so? And, frankly, I don’t care if 75 million people agree. 81 million voted for Joe Biden, myself included. Finally, how is this country is being destroyed? I’ve heard that claim many times, yet when I’ve asked for examples, I don’t get specifics. Usually, all I get are insults.

That said, I do appreciate the fact that you didn’t respond with such insults. It’s hard to have a decent conversation these days, much less a healthy debate, without people resorting to nastiness. Have a good evening!


For all things related to the stolen election, please go to Rumble, and type in Mike Lindell.

Mark Rakow

No, thank you. As I said last night in a previous comment, there’s simply no credible evidence of widespread voter misconduct – let alone enough to demand the election be overturned. Frankly, I just don’t feel like spending hours on end looking for an imaginary needle in a non-existent haystack.

Meegan Fixler

We are all talking about it, Mr President! I want Bye-done dragged out now!! Of course the fake news wouldn’t talk about it!

Mark Rakow

Joe Biden is not about to be dragged out, now or ever. The very idea is completely absurd.


We know a lot more about the CCP virus now than when all countries were warned threy had better pay billions upfront to big pharma so they can develop a vaccine. Turns out that the vaccines they developed are not vaccines at all. Turns out tests can’t differentiate between the virus, the flu, or varients, or whether a person is sick or was merely exposed to the virus. Turns out people need to be treated with HCQ or Ivermectin, vitamin D etc. when they first become symptomatic. Forcing people to comply with the government’s false narrative is not working any more. This administration and mass media has lost all credibility. People have eyes to see. They can decide for themselves what works and what doesn’t, and they can find out the truth for themselves.

Mark Rakow

On what basis do you reach the conclusion that the vaccines “are not vaccines at all?” You’ve offered no evidence to even suggest that, and to simply say it “turns out” proves nothing. The fact is, that tests can, and do, differentiate between the virus, the flu, and/or variants of each. They are entirely separate, unrelated viruses; likewise, COVID and influenza are entirely different diseases. Briefly, COVID is a coronavirus, a large family of viruses, while flu is caused by influenza virus, of which there are only four species. Furthermore, both COVID and influenza are highly infectious; COVID is also highly contagious. Influenza is only moderately contagious. Many people don’t fully grasp the implications of this. All else being equal, COVID is much more deadly than influenza.

Tests also vary, and can confirm whether a person has been exposed to the virus. It should be quite obvious that, if a person is sick with COVID, they’ve been exposed. Unfortunately, COVID can – and usually does – take up to four times longer to detect. Simply put, a person with the flu is a hazard to the unvaccinated for 5 days; a person with COVID for 3 weeks.

As for HCQ (hydroxychloroquine,) Ivermectin, and Vitamin D, results have been inconsistent, but more research is ongoing. The obvious difference between these and vaccination comes down to treatment and prevention. It stands to reason that prevention is a better option than treatment. As for Vitamin D, it’s not a treatment per se; research is being conducted on the relationship between VDD (vitamin D deficiency) and contracting COVID. There’s some evidence to suggest a relationship, but research details are lacking. Personally, I feel that treatments such as these are a cop-out, and a lame excuse for avoiding vaccination, except for those few cases where the vaccine is inappropriate or unavailable.


Good info on all things Covid found at

Mark Rakow

Thanks much! I appreciate it, and I’ll certainly check it out. My mother died of COVID in May, and I’ve lost two high school classmates from my small town as well. So I’ve tried to stay informed, and to keep an open mind. As more research gets done, we’re learning a lot more.

Ivermectin is a good example of this. I’ve hard all sorts of terrible things about it – some of which are pretty bizarre – but I’ve also heard encouraging reports from some very credible medical experts. As far as I’m concerned, why not, at least, hear what they have to say?


Here’s something else you’ll want to know, compliments of China. They’re getting mighty bold. I guess they’ve learned they can just flat out get away with it. Well, not anymore. We need to start watching out more for our own well-being. Seriously.



Great question, Mr. President! I’m certainly willing to introduce talk about C0VID-19.

I apologize if someone else has already shared this. Excellent and much-needed speech given to Texas Senate by Dr. McCullough.


steven d pulsinelli

Because on Facebook the fact-checkers stop us from talking about it ,they tell us that the truth is not the truth even on Covid I tell the truth about what I found out and they say they know everything , even behind closed doors . even this please read :


You still on legacy Facebook. Wow.

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Yes!! Graphine oxide MUST be exposed!! (That’s why some people have discovered their arm is magnetic where they got the shot!) God bless and protect this brave Karen Kingston!! And The Stew Peters Show. EVERYONE, this is no conspiracy theory; this is exposing conspiracy FACTS. PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELF AND OTHERS!!


Mark Rakow

Graphine oxide cannot possibly be the cause of such magnetism. It’s a compound of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, used to oxidize graphite; in the redux, the graphite is almost entirely used up. The remaining compound retains only the molecular structure of graphite. Point being, no ferromagnetic metals (such as nickel, gadolinium, and dysprosium) nor magnetic polymers are produced; none whatsoever. Graphine oxide itself is chemically inert.

I don’t imagine “this brave Karen Kingston” nor Stew Peters are chemical engineers; otherwise, they would know this. What’s more, it would appear that their only expertise in this area would involve the wearing of tinfoil hats.

Jim Bennett

Biden has been incompetent at best his ENTIRE CAREER!

Mark Rakow

Joe was a US Senator from Delaware from 1973 until 2009. Insofar as defining “incompetence,” I suspect you don’t understand quite how the US Senate works.


This administration, Hate Americans,Lie to Americans, Steal from Americans, But tell all Americans ,every one gets the gab, bcuz we care?W.T.F.???

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Absolutely correct, President Trump. After 8 months of this DEMENTED Joe and his band of worthless incompetents, I honestly don’t see how we’ll still have a Country in three more years. I for one, am looking forward to your next rally in GA. Something needs to be done about this RIGGED AND STOLEN ELECTION!!

Mark Rakow

Just for the moment, let’s say 2020 was a “rigged and stolen election.” What should be done about it? More importantly, however, what COULD be done about it? Frankly, nothing. The Constitution makes no provision for remediating elections – not even a “rigged and stolen” one.

The 2020 election will not be overturned. Legally speaking, it can’t be.


If the rigged and stolen election is only acknowledged by the Supreme Court, and if they do not grant us our remedy by setting a precedent and overturning the election, legal arguments and lawyers are not going to be enough to quell the mighty wrath of the 75 million Americans that will demand that the illegitimate Biden administration be immediately removed and the Trump administration be immediately reinstated.

Mark Rakow

If I understand you correctly, I see three huge problems in what you’re asking for here. The first is in getting SCOTUS to acknowledge “the rigged and stolen election.” In all fairness, I’m willing to consider the possibility that there MIGHT have been SOME level of misconduct, here, or there, in this state, or in that one. But it seems extremely unlikely that such misconduct could have been so widespread and pervasive that the Court would, in effect, simply throw up its hands and declare the entire election was rigged and stolen. After all, not one state has found clear evidence of statewide election fraud, nor voter fraud – much less statewide, in multiple states. For example, let’s just say Tennessee – just naming a random state – were to suddenly uncover a massive electoral fraud operation to rig statewide results. Is that reason enough for SCOTUS to invalidate the election for the whole country? No. That’s simply out of the question.

The second problem is in getting SCOTUS to grant that remedy – reinstatement of Donald Trump. Which actually poses two problems in one. First, is that a reasonable, valid, and appropriate remedy? Sorry, but no; it simply isn’t. But the second problem is in the dangerous precedent this would set. It would mean that, henceforth, the Supreme Court would select our Presidents. Wow….not even North Korea operates that way. And while some might love that idea in theory, the vast majority would find that totally unacceptable.

The third is the most serious problem – and, frankly, I hope you’re just being facetious. While I can understand “the mighty wrath” of 75 million Americans – more or less – I can’t accept the concept of that wrath being used to forcibly remove Joe Biden, and reinstate Donald Trump. I’m sorry, but the very idea is completely unacceptable. It’s, quite literally, a second Civil War, but on an infinitely larger scale. It wouldn’t be merely 22 Union states against 11 Confederate states. This would be neighbor against neighbor, in tens of thousands of cities and towns across the entire nation. Think about it: can you even imagine the costs of such an effort, in terms of death and destruction? We’re talking, what, 40 million dead? 100 million wounded and injured? Not to mention property damage, so get out your calculator. $25 trillion? $60 trillion? Such numbers are truly mind-boggling. And all for what? To make Trump president again. For the next 3 years!

No. I’m sorry, but no. That just ain’t gonna happen. Period.


Fair and free elections are an integral part of the existance of the USA. It is worth fighting for. The President and his administration exists to serve the people of the country, and are sworn to uphold the Constitution. Clearly Biden is not running the country, and we do not know who exactly is pulling his strings. You certainly did not vote for that puppet master when you voted for Biden. Finding out exactly how the election was stolen and by whom is very important. Especially if enemy foreign actors are involved. If so, foreign enemy powers put this president and administration into office against the will of the American people, and this is an unprecedented coup. If it is proven that the election was stolen by foreign enemies, the election must be overturned and the foreign elected administration removed before they succeed in destroying the USA.

Florida Robert

Where is FEMA? SE LA is in trouble and Biden’s FEMA is NOT there…

Mark Rakow

FEMA doesn’t necessarily have to BE there, meaning in person. Since August 31, when President Biden declared a major disaster, FEMA has been available as a ready resource, in a variety of ways.

To simply say “FEMA is NOT there” is misleading, inaccurate, and just plain stupid.




There is no 2024. Why can’t you people understand that? We the People elected Donald J. Trump in 2020 and he MUST be awarded the seat which he won! A thief CANNOT sit in the oval office. FIX 2020!

(I don’t mean to be ugly, but, it is irritating that our citizens could think for a moment that if they get away with stealing 2020, there will never be another honest election in this nation.)

Last edited 1 year ago by Kate
Mark Rakow

Correction: WE the people elected Joseph R. Biden, Jr. in 2020, and HE has been awarded the seat which HE won.

Lest this become a pointless, back-and-forth argument that goes nowhere but downhill fast, please cite whatever evidence you have that proves Trump won the election.

I’m sorry, ma’am; with all due respect, you simply have no such evidence. And there is no such evidence, because it simply doesn’t exist.

Daniel L. Friedel

It makes me sad to sir. My father served in Korea and for 26 years in the army and army reserve. I fear he is spinning in his grave.


ah, most are just listening to msm and can not think on their on. time to wake up?

Mark Rakow

Wake up? Seriously?

I thought you folks were opposed to Americans being “woke.”


The United States is going through Hell!
We need you BACK President Trump!

Mark Rakow

The Republicans would be very foolish to nominate Trump again in 2024. He’s almost certain to lose, and lose badly. Much worse, however, is that he’d bring many Republicans down with him. Party leaders know this, but they dare not say it aloud. While it’s true that many Republicans adore him, the vast majority of Democrats, most independents, and quite a few Republicans don’t adore him one bit. Mathematically, at least, it’d be a very risky move; at most, Trump would be lucky to win 40% of the popular vote. I realize lots of people insist he’d do much better – in fact, more than enough to win – that’s simply not realistic. He got 46.1% in 2016, and 46.9% in 2020, losing the popular vote both times. On the other hand, the GOP cupboard is pretty bare: lots of crumbs, a few flakes, and one rancid, spoiled, flabby old ham. Here again, they know it, but they’re not about to say so.

That said, I suspect Trump will either be a candidate, or there will be a strong grass-roots effort to make him the 2024 nominee. This would make for a fascinating RNC; an intra-party fight like none other. That alone, though, is reason enough not to make Trump their nominee. And, frankly, Republicans need all the help they can get, too. In eight Presidential elections since 1992, the GOP has lost the popular vote seven times, including the past four. In order to break this habit, they need to ask themselves: Is this because of unpopular ideas – or bad candidates? While most rank-and-file Republicans would probably say the latter, it’s increasingly obvious that it’s really the former. After all, of the six different GOP nominees since 1992, only one – George W. Bush, in 2004 – won the popular vote.

By the way, in all fairness, I should point out that I’m a Democrat. Which obviously means I’m wrong……right? No, I don’t believe I am. And if you think about it carefully, I believe you’ll agree.


Being that we have a two party system, the choice is simple. True Republicans (not RINOS) have shown that they love this country. We are for God given individual rights, small government, and the policies of Donald Trump – collectively characterized as America first. Examples are American energy independence, law and order enforcement, peace though strength foreign policy, completion of the border wall with legal immigration, and freedom of religion and speech, and freedom from want and fear. The Democrates in charge have no love for this country, this Constitution, Bill of Rights, or the individual, and do not believe in any God given individual rights. They believe in big government and are pushing a communist, globalist agenda. They are censoring free speech, and destroying lives with their death grip on the press and social media. They use Covid to stop us from worshipping and socializing, and to shut down business. They use Antifa and BLM to destroy our property, and lives, and to turn our cities into war zones. They put all Americans in danger by opening our southern border to millions of illegal unvetted immigrants who may have Covid, or other disease, or be criminals, and to dangerous drugs. The disasterous withdrawal from Afghanistan has endangered Americans and even the world as well. Find out more by listing to conservative news, like Newsmax and The Epoch Times, and watching Tucker Carlson, Dan Bongino, etc. Tune into Donald Trump at his next rally. Many Democrats are now better informed then they were before the election, and find that now the Republicans better represent their beliefs.

Mark Rakow

I’m a lifelong Democrat, and I love my country. I have a fairly extensive understanding of the Constitution, having taught high school Government for over 15 years. and I’d happily pit my knowledge of it against anyone. I understand the Bill of Rights even better, it being much more concentrated, not to mention shorter in length. I will admit to not believing in so-called “God-given individual rights” because this concept often teeters on the edge of being an unconstitutional endorsement of religion.

I could go on, but the point I’m trying to make is that, as a life-long Democrat, very few of the claims you made are accurate descriptors of me, or my beliefs. And this is actually one of my biggest beefs with the Republican Party: wildly exaggerated, invalid, unprovable, often ridiculous claims that have no basis in fact. For example, you say that “Democrats have no love for this country.” On what basis do you make that claim? What evidence exists to support it? Or that Democrats hate the Constitution. Frankly, how do I even begin to refute that claim? In fact, why should I even try? All that being said, Democrats are far from perfect. But they’re not all alike, and to presume that they are, and that the ways they are are automatically anti-American is both ludicrous and offensive.

My sources of news very widely. I stay away from extremist media on both sides, but I do watch Fox News quite a bit. It gets under my skin – but I do watch – with one exception. I refuse to watch even a minute of Laura Ingraham. It’s very simple: I see her face; I turn the channel. I don’t like CNN because it’s so wishy-washy. Because of my job, I’m on line about 10 hours a day, and I monitor a handful of media sources constantly.

As far as Donald Trump, here’s the thing. I’m 61 years old – and I’ve never asked much of my presidents. In that respect, maybe my standards are too low. But there’s one absolute non-negotiable for me. I will not support a president who lies. PERIOD! And, frankly, Trump lies far too much for me to support him. I tried; when he was firs elected, I tried to make the best of it. But he has let me down far too often.

Lastly, I live in a very red part of rural Minnesota, and most of my closest friends happen to be Republicans. However, because it is a rural area – and I’m trying to be kind here – some of them aren’t well educated, or even very well-informed. But that doesn’t mean I like them one bit less than other friends of mine who are extremely well-educated. I do not judge my friends that way. Point being, I don’t like it when my friends are played for fools, especially those of my friends who are very easily fooled. And Donald Trump seems to do that to them on an almost continual basis.


Either individual rights are God given and inalienable, or individual rights can only be bestowed by a government if and when it pleases those in power. This is what makes America unique and wonderful. The actions of the democratic party speak for themselves, and if you have truly been following developments in the news, then you must be aware of the terrible damage this democratic administration has done and is doing to our country. For example, why would any government in the world willingly give up it’s energy independence? Yet, it happened with a stroke of a pen when the Keystone pipeline was killed. You surely know that the Constitution and Bill of Rights guarantees USA citizens freedom of religion and speech; and freedom from want and fear. So, something is very wrong if the government will not uphold these principals. Just today this administration decided to plunge millions of Americans into want by causing them to lose their jobs if they don’t take the jab. This is also causing considerable fear due to all the controversy about the vaccines. It is the Republican party that is pushing back. I hope you will join us, if you truly love this country as you say. Finally, if you cannot abide a President that lies, there is no way that you could in all good conscience remain a Biden supporter.


Its going to get worse, I am now on LOA unpaid until I comply and take the poison shot , thanks, no rights at all.


Steve Bannon and his co-hosts and guests talk about it every day. The loyalist are known as the warroom posse and MAGA crowd. I suspect viewership continually increases day by day.

Mark Rakow

They’re also known by a variety of other names. Most of those names are pretty awful – and deservedly so.


MSM is censoring it. Normals are talking about it.

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