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Real President Trump, I cannot get on TRUTH Social bc I don’t have a cell phone to download the app. I use my laptop for everything and the app can’t be used on a laptop. Can you get your people to fix that, please? Hey BTW How is our guy Dan Scavino? I sure miss him.


Regarding Truth – there seems to be a lot of “empty” accounts. I wonder if Truth is being flooded with bogus users. I hope somebody is checking this out immediately before it gets too big.


Nobody I know wants you back on Twitter. Stay on Truth please. You and 1M subscribers.

Mark Rakow

According to Forbes, as on June 1, Truth Social has about 2 million users, with about 8,000 new downloads per day. Meanwhile, Twitter has about 330 million users.

Assuming 8,000 new users per day, it’ll take 114 years for Truth Social to reach 330 million users.


You’re comparing a platform that’s been around for 16 years to one that was founded less than a year ago? Ridiculous, but then you’re just in keeping with your usual. In its first 2 days TRUTH got 500,000 users despite the difficulty in signing up. I didn’t join TRUTH because of the level of information required, and same for my MAGA friends. I quit Twitter over a year ago after they insanely removed Trump’s page (one of the few things worth looking at there), as did many others. Twitter is chock full of empty accounts and a bunch of tiresome gossip and limousine liberal “celebrities” spouting their inane political views with their sycophant fans chiming in with the usual tripe. Twitter is garbage. I actually hope animal “research” funder Musk throws billions of his dollars down that cesspool.

My Man Trump

100% dead on!! Love it.

Meg P

Oh, Come Holy Spirit and kindle in our hearts the fire of your Love.



My Man Trump

“Kow” you are such a tool. LOL


Thats fantastic. I welcome any and all that leave such a pure trash, freedom of speech hating, communist leaning and apparently full of fake accounts Twitter. Twitter, the social site where lowlife celebrities go daily to show their ignorance and ego stroke one another but only if they get the likes, if not they go silent for a few days and try to think up something genius to say when they return in hopes that we’ll all love them again. Unfortunately they don’t have the intelligence nor enough decent values to make it happen. I wonder what they’ll do if and when it’s just them left alone but together on Twitter when the rest of us are enjoying Truth? Although I’m certain many celebs and politicians have joined Truth but dare not use real names.

My Man Trump

Go Truth Social!!! Twitter is dying just like FJB and his regime. When can I get it on my desk top? I’m waiting…..


Twitter is disposable. If we could only dispose of this highly corrupt government.
It seems not even intelligent. I’ve really lost respect of the whole system.


Flex your muscle Mr President.💪💪💪

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