How could anyone want to stop it?

“The Special Counsel appointed by the Wisconsin Assembly to investigate the crimes of the 2020 Election did an outstanding job. He discovered many pieces of evidence that indicate foul play. Anyone calling themselves a Republican in Wisconsin should support the continued investigation in Wisconsin without interference. After all of the evidence the report brought to light, how could anyone want to stop it? I understand some RINOs have primary challengers in Wisconsin. I’m sure their primary opponents would get a huge bump in the polls if these RINOs interfere.”

By Donald J. Trump

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Foul Play by you Donald J Trump & 3/4ths of the Republican Party. I mean Damm your own Chief Of Staff a voted in 5 different states. You lost A FAIR & SQUARE election. And then you tried a coup and failed. Cause of your BIG LIE 5 people dies on 1/6 while 100’s of people were hurt that day. And that’s all on you DJT.
You Belong in Jail right next to MGT and your Boy Putin.
Your own People in your inner circle told you that there was no fraud in the 2020 election, including your own AG. And to this day you still continue to lie. Please Stop LYING 2 the Public. Good people don’t lie.


I guess your okay with stuffing the ballots, dead people voting, voting numerous times in different county’s, illegal votes, and all the irregularities that went on during the election. Do you think the good people of America would not raise hell about this? It’s only because of the now illegitimate government will do their best to keep their power by lying, cheating and stealing.

Mark Rakow

Where is your evidence of stuffing the ballots? Of dead people voting? Of voting numerous times in different counties? Of illegal votes? Of “all the irregularities?” And, for that matter, exactly what irregularities?

The good people of America are NOT raising hell about this. Far from it. Instead, only the most hard-bitten Trump fans are.

My Man Trump

NO MORE RINOS!!!!!!! Congrats to the special council for a job well done and much more to come.

Mark Rakow

Not a whole helluva kit more will come, unless (or until) OSC, and specifically Michael Gableman, can satisfactorily explain to the Legislative Auditor, and/or the Assembly how the $676,000 originally budgeted, was spent. Or, as Speaker Vos has said, off-the-record, to a certain attorney, “I almost think squandered, really.”

By the way, there are, in fact, TWO reports, though we have reason to believe there are at least three. This begs the question of why there would even be two.

Or, as that same attorney put it, “was one report, somehow, ‘inadequuate’?”

Ponder upon this.

Last edited 10 months ago by Mark Rakow

Only if the rinos will do their job that they were chosen for, and stay and support the true republican party. Otherwise they will fall with the democrats.


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