How do you get your reputation back?

“Does anybody really believe that longtime Con Man Bob Woodward, and his lightweight lapdog assistant Robert Costa, are implying in their book of fiction that I was planning to go to war with China, but that one of the dumber generals in the military called the Chinese to tell them that he will inform them if this action proceeds further. Milley may have called, but if so, he should be tried for treason. I never had even a thought of going to war with China, other than the war I was winning, which was on TRADE. To make up stories like this and to sell it to the public is disgraceful. I watched that craggy smug face of Woodward as he “bullshits” the public and said to myself, “I wonder if history will really believe this stuff?” How do you get your reputation back? I was the only President in decades to not get us into a war—I got us out of wars!
Our Country has been taken over by Scammers and Hoaxsters, and we have to take it back. Just like the Russia, Russia, Russia Scam has now been totally debunked and discredited as a FAKE Democrat/Crooked Hillary Plot, the “go to war with China” story is even more ridiculous. It’s incredible that someone is even allowed to write this stuff. We no longer talk about greatness for our Country, everything is about political investigations, hoaxes, and scams. We will Make America Great Again!”

By Donald J. Trump

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I hope and pray we both get our reputations back President Donald J Trump. I tried my very best to expose the truth and the media have remained silent. It is pretty disheartening and disgusting just how many liars and deceivers there really are. So many making profit off their lies and deception. You really find out who your true friends are when you’ve done nothing but be truthful. So many think the world of you and know what you have done to make America great. I know you can do it again. The media have really done a disservice by covering up the truth. As sure as there is a God above there are demons who walk among us. Let’s do this! I will honor and defend any way that I can. I will place my hand on the bible and raise my right hand. Sincerely, Diane~God Bless

JERRY Pyeatt

I cannot believe that general Milley would tip off the enemy on such a critical issue one issue of the most importance, not saying that I or the rest of AMERICA would want war, but to tip off the enemy because they constantly pose threats of an enemy attitude towards USA this never has happened in my lifetime till now a military tipoff never been done and never should have my father who fought in the V.N.W. would roll over in his grave if he heard of such treason

Mark Rakow

China is not “the enemy.” China does not “constantly pose threats of an enemy attitude.”

China has not fought a war since 1979. They have no interest in fighting a war, and certainly not against the US. There are two reasons for this. One is because China has 14 neighbors. Just protecting those borders is a full-time job. The second is much more important. Their “Belt and Road Initiative” is consuming far too much of their energy, money, and influence.

For those who don’t know, Belt and Road Initiative, known as BRI, is a massive, nearly $1 trillion series of projects. In brief, it will link Chinese factories to multiple outward distribution hubs, then to smaller hubs, and ultimately to consumers throughout Asia, much of Europe, and portions of Africa. So far, China has signed agreements with 84 nations (yes, really) to send factory goods to them.

BRI includes, among many other things (1) a giant new distribution hub, which is actually a whole new city called Columbo Port City, on the island of Sri Lanka which includes a landlink and connecting Sri Lanka to India – meaning Sri Lanka would no longer be an island – with an all-new railroad line directly between Shanghai and Sri Lanka. CPC will be the designated distribution hub for South Asia.

(2) An entirely new city in Malaysia, large enough for 10 million people, which may eventually replace Kuala Lumpur as Malaysia’s capital city, the designated distribution hub for the Western Pacific.

(3) A superspeed rail link between Shanghai and Nairobi, Kenya; Nairobi will be the designated distribution hub for all of Africa. Originally, this hub was to be in Egypt; Egypt is building a whole new capital city, 30 miles east of Cairo. China had offered to build it for them, or even with them, provided it become their hub. Egypt said thanks, but no thanks – but did sign on with China to be part of BRI.

(4) Another superspeed rail link from Shanghai to Europe. It has not yet been determined where Europe’s distribution hub will be, but several nations are vying to be selected. This rail link will eventually be the largest, busiest transport link in the world. This is why it’s taking a lot longer to build. So far, it has extended all the way westward across China, through the SInkiang-Uihgur region, and is about halfway across Kazakhstan. It’s still a good distance away from Europe.

So far, (1) is nearly finished. CPC is structurally complete, and the causeway between Sri Lanka and India is complete; all that remains is to lay the rails. (2) has been finished for nearly 2 years. (3) is nearing completion, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

As for the US, as far as China is concerned, who cares? BRI will render the US as a second-rate entity. Enjoy.

Michael Quinn

Thank you for that Mr. President!! I am so damn sick of the barbarians that are in charge of our government now!! I pray for your reinstatement and the sooner the better. Thank you so much for all you do and for your great wisdom and your tenacity!! Real Americans are with you 100%!! Please don’t wait TOO long!! MAGA

Last edited 1 year ago by Michael Quinn
Ron Jeremy

The not silent anymore majority is with you Mr. President! We need a real leader. Trump-Owens 2024!

Mark Rakow

Trump-Owens? OMG

Candace Owens is not even funny enough to be considered a joke. Trump would eat her alive.

Just not right away.

Michael Quinn

DeSantis is the thinking man’s #2 for President Trump, no? And then 8 years of Desantis after President Trump reestablishes some sanity!!🤞

My Man Trump

All the hoaxes and lies must stop. It’s time for accountability which we will never get from Joey’s regime. He is the biggest liar and spreader of dis information and untruths. No one but the brainwashed radicals believe any of this bullshit anyway. The truth will prevail. It always does (eventually). It’s all about greed and misdirection. Just more evil schemes to hurt President Trump.


Slander will only be legally enforced when Supreme Court Members feel the pain of it.

Johnny Appleseed




The man follows the rules of engagement to a tee.



(Please note… they have not had the ability to truly put his back against the wall…. There is a reason for that…


Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Sue Mckee

That sounds like they were TALKING to Woke joke Milly. We’re else would they get that from? I don’t believe anything those 2 have to say and I’m guessing all your supporters and more don’t as well. These people just can’t stop themselves from lieing. I think it’s a Terrible sickness. We know the truth.

Carol Dockery

Costa and Woodward will come and go….but President Trump will go down in history as not only an American HERO but a HERO through-out the world!! I’m so proud to call him my president!! WWG1WGA right by his side!!


Hey I just thought should they have “Black ” Friday ! It sounds racist to me lol I don’t want anyone Offended .. like Syrup or mr potato toys etc.. just sayin’ they is a lot of extreme people, liars and Un-patriotic people that need to be charge with high crimes .
God bless America land of the free

Michael Jenson

There all liar’s and cheater’s we USED to believe in.


This story was out weeks ago… what’s with this now ?

Mark Rakow

He’s got nothing else to say.


Must clean the true virus out of the system. They are the embedded disease known as the democrat bureaucracy.




Why doesn’t Mr TRUMP sue ?


The place at the right time Dino!

Mark Rakow

Because he would have to testify under oath, and he doesn’t dare do that.

For obvious reasons.


our country has been taken over by liars, thieves and cheats and yes murders.


Expose ALL the fraud!! Shock the sheeple idiocy in America! It’s waaaayyyy overdue. The only people left watching Fox or other lamestream media ((CNN/MSNBC/ABC) need a slap in the face. Epoch times, Western Journal, Lifesite, Zero Hedge, and Gateway Pundent are the ONLY Truthful news you can get out there.


I think it’s a little hard on Fox to put it in the same category as CNN, etc. While there is room for improvement (especially about election fraud), they are patriotic, conservative and expose fake news. Note however that I only watch the evening shows like Tucker Carlson, etc…I don’t know what’s on in the daytime


What election fraud is that?

Kimmis Brady

It’s important that each one of us takes up the cause of individuals like (Sherronna Bishop) whose home was invaded the FBI in the middle of the night simply because she opposed CRT, supported a Republican candidate.
We must support accurate voter rolls and honest election counts. We’re all part of the fight for this great nation. Liberty is never given away. It’s earned. Fought for. Defended.
Citizen Kimmis
P.S. Sherronna Bishop is not a relative or friend. Just a maligned citizen victim of our secret police.

Rosanne. Choate

Milley is a cowardly traitor, Mr.President! You are still President in our minds even tho’ Pence traitorously turned his back on you and us. He betrayed all of us! We love you and can hardly wait till your back in rightful place.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

No worries. I avoid leftist propaganda books like Woodward. Thank you for recommending General Kellogg’s book “War by other Means”. Absolutely fantastic book.
I’m also interested in Jim Jordan’s new book, about to be released.


Sir, you are so deeply respected and loved. No one believes the BS they put out.

Elizabeth Headley

ISAIAH 42:21 “The Lord is well pleased for his righteousness’ sake; he will MAGNIFY THE LAW, and make IT honourable”…Sir, I cannot lie, I opened my bible to seek solace b/c I’m deeply TROUBLED @ the lies on MSM-YT that are saying Russ Dizdar’s death was an unnamed “illness”…when all the channels in Indian dialect, showing a horrendous car crash (murder) and when I try to link on written English version of their videos (and I looked at 4 different ones!) a box would pop up from Google covering the page before I could even see the written word insisting I had “X” amt. of time to CLEAN MY DEVICE!! covering up the page, and it was on a TIMER! And it wouldn’t let me exit! So, knowing they were about to plant something ELSE in !y device, I had to shut it down..I had to do this on all the videos in Indian dialect speaking truth, but listing it in written English in descriptions! The timer was a 5 minute window…
My POINT HERE! I DO HAVE ONE!! Is that I saw you had a NEW POST, as I had JUST OPENED MY BIBLE, and it was on this page, where I had highlighted the quote above, and I picked up my device to share this quote, and saw this new post!
This was meant for you!
FINISHED! OVER! In the name of JESUS may it be so!
Their time TO LEAVE is now on a ticking “5 MINUTE CLOCK’!!!


How can ‘We the People’ of California ever win an election again with universal mail in ballots, no voter ID, and no signature verification? There is such a powerful evil force in this country right now, but you above all people give me hope Mr. President. My favorite thing to do is to go to your golf course in Palos Verdes and go hiking. GOD BLESS YOU!

Yuk Chun Birch

These evil liars need to prepare for the day with God. There’ll will be no corrupt media gang comes to Woodward’s rescue.


These people are lying scum. I’m so sick of this and the people that believe it.

Craig Barrett

No one with a functional brain believes anything that trash like Bob puts out, and Milley should be tried for TREASON

Robin Seeber

I think it’s shocking Pence will run against you, since he failed this country. Should be interesting debates ahead!


What about Pence? I hadn’t heard anything about that.


This is for Shell–I have heard supposed experts on both sides and don’t know what to think…one who I think was a constitutional law professor said would be totally right for Pence to refuse to certify, others say it would have been wrong and he did the right thing. But I truly believe Pence did what he felt was right, and though I wish things had gone differently, I think he is a man of great integrity and one of the best vp’s we have had in a long time. Until I have good reason to think otherwise I will defend him as a good man. I really don’t see him as a sell-out. Going against Trump and his own voters to follow his conscience must have been unbelieveably hard. I think the rift between him and Trump is very sad and I wish they would “make up.”

I think you know what election fraud I meant in my other comment…2020. It’s not worth going into though as I know neither of us will convince each other! By the way, hope you had a nice Thanksgiving yesterday!


Thanks, Tabbysaurus! I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving too! 🙂


Mike Pence did not fail this country. He did the only thing he legally could do. It was his proudest moment! Even most Trump supporters that I know were sickened by the way Mr. Trump treated his vice president.


I don’t see anything online in a quick search about Pence running in 2024, just media making guesses. They also think Desantis may run, but I’ve heard he would step aside if Trump runs. I guess anything is possible but I will be very surprised if Pence runs against him


How do we stop a 2nd steal in 2022?

Robin Seeber

I don’t believe we can, not with chyna and russia on the side of these communists in our white house


Paper ballots, I’d required, no more dead people voting….


(1) Paper ballots only, (no Sciptos) (2) IiDs (American Citizen), (3) 1 day voting. (Shut down businesses for 1 day with pay, if you have to) (4) Only mail-in ballots for the very elderly that don’t have a way to the poll, and severely impaired who have the same difficulties as the elderly.
(5) A plethora of Republican poll watchers. More than any other party, and refusal to leave if ‘suggested’.

Rosanne. Choate

Amen to paper ballots!


CORECT! Add in person voting only or by an absentee ballot that is certified by a notary public to add a few more!

Mark Rakow

How do you stop a second steal in 2022? That’s easy. Don’t try doing it.
You got caught when you couldn’t get it done. How about actually doing something legal for a change?

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