How great America was just two years ago

“Compare how great America was just two years ago, with today. No Inflation, the WAR with Russia going into Ukraine would NEVER have happened (zero chance!), $1.87 per gallon gasoline, Energy Independence & soon Energy DOMINANCE – leave Afghanistan with dignity and strength, not surrender, death, and 85 Billion Dollars worth of equipment left to the enemy – a completely REBUILT Military, and with the addition of SPACE FORCE – Biggest Tax and Reg Cuts EVER, historic Jobs numbers, and so much more!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Linda M

We were doing great under your leadership Sir. The resident and his masters don’t want us doing well. They are deliberately trying to distroy this beautiful country. They wish to control us.

My Man Trump

President Trump, there is no comparing you with the imposter regime renting the WH now. You were and are the greatest President this country ever had and will again. The imposter FJBs regime will go down in history for the worst, weakest, most criminal regime in history. And DJT will go down in history for destroying them, the deep state and corruption. DJT will claim the WH soon and secure his place in history like no other before him. This country will never be able to fully repay DJT for what is about to happen and has been happening. God Bless you, President Trump! We are waiting for your return.

Mark Rakow

Never is a helluva long wait.


I’m so sick of this “up in the air” America because of Joe Biden and the “Regime”. It should not be happening, but at the same time Glory to God that it is, so we can see what we have been put through for all of these years, and how evil and terrible these people really are. I just pray that they will be stopped in their tracks and We The People can have a safe, secure, and orderly America again soon, I hope. We all knew you won the 2020 election by a landslide because we saw it all happen right before our very eyes, and whoever is turning a blind eye to that is either just as corrupt as they are, or they have been hit with MKUltra, and won’t ever think straight again.

Mark Rakow

What, exactly, did you see “right before [your] very eyes?” That Trump was ahead, at some point?

Yes, at some point, he was. But it takes awhile for all the ballots to be tabulated, and the final results determined, in all 50 states, plus DC. The numbers you see on TV do change, of course, but they don’t change in “real-time.”

In many states, early, mail-in and absentee ballots cannot be tabulated until AFTER the polls have closed. It’s been well established, by both Democrats and Republicans, that Republicans tended to vote in person, and Democrats tended to vote early, by mail-in, and by absentee ballot – which, by the way, were entirely and equally valid. So, of course, the in-person, Republican-dominated numbers would tend to show up earliest and first, giving Trump that early lead. The Democratic-dominated numbers wouldn’t tend to show up until later.

Perhaps, now, you see why so many Republicans are demanding that all voting be “in person.” It gives them an unfair advantage…..and they know it.

You may also recall that, early Wednesday morning, Trump himself called for states to “stop counting” ballots. So, let me ask you: had you voted by absentee ballot, would you want YOUR ballot not counted?

Last edited 9 months ago by Mark Rakow

I remember every moment of everyday! What are you and the military waiting for, sir?

Mark Rakow

The military is certainly not waiting for Trump – who, in turn, is waiting for his next Big Mac.

Karl Young

I’m sure that we can all agree that 2020 was a fantastic year. 375,000 people died of a filthy Chinese bat virus in 2020. They had a bad year. 2/26/20 “When you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that’s a pretty good job I’ve done”
-the Commander-In-Chief of the United States of America.


Don’t forget those “historic job numbers”???


All because of you. You are the Best President ever. Strong Leadership and integrity. No other politician can compare and some look foolish. They are threatened and embarrassed of themselves when they see true leadership like you.


It sickens me to see what the resident has done to this country in such a short time, and the people who do not see what has happened. The other side are such liars…
Thank you President Trump, for what you have done for us. I can’t wait for you to come back.

Dean Clevenger

America has been pushed back 40 years..Done on purpose… Stripping Wealth from everyday Americans.. Premeditated Destruction.. certain groups allowed to burn,loot..
Anarchy insurgency allowed by Mayor’s.. Governors in blue state … it’s Marxists push
to reshape America… Obama commitment to Restructure.. Reshape America.. Americans
with total control.. Totalitarianism… Tasking government agencies to go after Fathers,Mothers and Patriots that stand up against trash being taught to our children
…….. America is in deep trouble worst I’ve seen in my 65 years of my life………..
God Save Our Republic…


Mr. Trump, what do you mean when you say “the WAR going into Ukraine would NEVER have happened (zero chance)?”

How would the history of this event be different?

Mark Rakow

It wouldn’t.

It’s just the same ol’, same ol’ Trumpian bullshit.


Yes, it was. But it will be even Greater down the road when the dust settles again.
Hope you & your family have a wonderful 3-day weekend. I plan too.


one thing we know about, is the biden crew spoke with china prior to the war, to see if they could help out the situation. Yep, that little factoid actually leaked out. When I heard that, I said: oh!!! they used China to poke the bear. they are not good people running obiden…know that.

Mark Rakow

If, as you say, “the Biden crew” asked “to see if they could help out the situation,” how exactly does it make them “not good people?”

ULTRA MAGA Trump supporter

Joe Biden,the dumbocrat and DIABL congress critters took the USA down the crapper with their accelerated stupid $H!T cancellation,wasteful,unlimited fiat dollar printing and spending policies ordered by their globalist overlords who have accelerated their great reset agenda.


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