How much did they hate her?

“Dr. Deborah Birx, while working as a top health official in government, lost all credibility when she told people, in the strongest of terms, NOT TO TRAVEL DURING A MAJOR HOLIDAY because of the China Virus. She then traveled a very long distance to be with a large number of people within her family. What she did was so shameful and egregious that her own family actually turned her in. So cool! How much did they hate her? She had few dresses, many scarves, and no “class.” I said, You’re Fired!!!”

By Donald J. Trump

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and jerk fraudchi should have been deleted immediately. but alas, the sorcerers are wise in the way of the devil. As was and is apparent.

My Man Trump

LMAO! Good one, Mr. President! There really is nothing left to say. You said it all and said it well.


And horrible teeth! I always wondered with all that money, why she did not get them fixed!


Birx had her dental work done in England by the Socialist Government.


❤️ POTUS Trump ❤️


The thing that gets me about Dr. Birx is she did not tell the world what a complete moron you are for suggesting we inject bleach into our bodies.


Go on Twit!

My Man Trump

That it explains it all. I can’t believe you took our President serious. He was joking, A**hole.


He was not joking and you all know it. You are all just zombies following an insane and unhinged person.

Becky G



Apparently, YOU cannot take a Joke!
What a Liberal DUMBASS!

Cheryl Driscoll

“Well done, my good & faithful SERVANT’!”

Becky G

WOW, MR. PRESIDENT….very salty of you!
I ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ it!




Patricia McDermott

That’s the hypocrisy of this administration! Do as I say, not as I do. That’s why I believe so much of the covid panic has been manufactured and made to appear worse than it really is. You’re right – she’s fired!!!


The democrat’s world is a dirty one. Committing crimes is their norm and not the exception.

BTW: Democrats and some on the RIGHT; illegal aliens are criminals too.

Stop using the excuse illegal aliens take jobs Americans won’t. I don’t see illegal aliens shoveling out shit pits at the local water treatment plant. I don’t see illegal aliens working in the trash industry.

Most illegal aliens are said to take a job in the Food Industry. Smart! at the height of an unknown pandemic?

So if there are about 11 million jobs and more that have already illegally crossed our Southern border, what is your justification now? Please note many of the said number of jobs most of the illegal aliens do not qualify for nor do many Americans.

In short; the same shit jobs (“No American wants”) are what Americans are competing for with not only one another, but not millions of illegal aliens. On top of that we have seniors forced to return to the workforce.

Jackasses in DC.

Nancy Stokvis

She’s gone, but we still have the demons Fauci, Gates, CDC, WHO and the corrupt Democrats who are going to try to bring down tyranny on us again with this monkeypox hoax.


Right , they need to keep those cheating drop boxes and extended voting days.


She was a lizard executed at GITMO

Gloria Hensley

Thank you Mr. President. Should have told Fauci the same thing at the same time – Fauci, a god unto himself, the man who spent decades working with Bill Gates on how to make the gain of function a bio-weapon to kill millions of people, then mandating people with the help of corrupt media and big pharma to bow to his demands under the pretense of “helping” them. Fauci, a sociopath, a narcissist, a liar – but not-so-much a healer.


So true. They need to be held responsible!


Deborah Birx is a LIBERAL LIAR!


Stewie. prove she is a liberal you dumbass!!

My Man Trump

Prove she isn’t you dumber ass.


Her actions proves it! Do as I say not as I do!


Oh, the humanity! I mean, the Hypocrisy!

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Assist us in spreading the word of the 45th president!