How much longer can a show like that survive

“Not even believable how bad the morning television ratings are for Psycho Joe Scarborough and his lovely wife, Mika. MSDNC is doing badly, but “Morning Joe” is in particular peril! How much longer can a show like that survive—are the advertisers not watching? The only good news is that CNN, believe it or not, is doing even worse!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Only the brainwashed watch them.

Carmine Gazerro

Lovely…..wife Mika, she’s like being married to a dog that chases every car and bites the tires. Only difference she is on Joeys balls all day.


I truly believe this has nothing to do with ratings. These networks are funded and controlled buy the left wing socialist elites. These networks will keep going because they push the leftist narratives.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Hopefully CNN and MSNBC will be out of business soon…. the Fredo’s, the Joy Reid, Joy Behar, Potato man Stelter, and that hack Wallace.
What a bunch of leftist hacks.


The Hack Wallace is going to CNN!
Their ratings will Only continue to get worse!
Great News!


Great News!
Hopefully they will be Out of Business Soon!


Without using your name repeatedly Mr. President, they would have perished long ago.


Morning schmoe

John F. Brzezinski III

Advertisers don’t really care. Seems the saying “there is no bad publicity” hasn’t quite left their minds just yet.

My Man Trump

Hahaha. I hope they all go down. Their shows, like many others, are nothing more than propaganda and misinformation/direction for the Marxists left. They are an extension of FJB’s regime. Burn, baby, burn!

Craig Barrett

Their show is the definition of TRASH


Checked out Joe this morning.Good show !


And there we have it: demented minds are drawn to these shows. All the more reason to get them off the air.


Did they report on Hunter Biden’s Laptop?



Don McKellar

CNN and MSNBC manage to hang on because they are part of cable packages and they get fees that way. If people would stop subscribing to them they’d be finished because they certainly wouldn’t survive on advertising dollars.

Michael Jenson

The only thing worse is the shadow of shame the Kentuckians have to endure.

Michael Jenson


R Minoglio

No one wants to watch “news” that is complete BS. I don’t know why advertisers would pay for that. I want to watch real news reports. I like the truth.

Elizabeth Curtiss

Thank you, President Trump, for working so hard to save this country. We are indeed in dire straits with the future looking very dim. How will we stop the Democrats from stealing 2022 and 2024 with everyone that has control ignoring the facts of voter fraud?


Please don’t tell me there is money in the ‘fraud for structure’ bill for the fake media.


No show like CNN or any survive much longer. Time for a new show. Let’s Go Brandon….



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