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Lynn Frank


Karl Young

They will suggest that all Trump-endorsed candidates are shameless sycophants.

My Man Trump

Fake news is never going to change no matter how bad their ratings get. And they are bad. That really tells the whole story. They do not care. They work for the Marxists who are currently in the WH but will be gone very soon.


Well they all took money from the biden administration to promote the vaccine and block any dissent, this includes fox and newsmax, not to mention all the money they take from big pharma to start with.

However I think their walking orders come from much higher up that the democrats, think WEF. The leaders we see are their frontmen and trained by them, and cover both sides of the aisle.

My Man Trump



Why did our neighbor to the north meet and work with pro nazi military in Ukraine? why did Putin say they were lying nazis? CityTv canadian news reported on canadian government working with nazis. New world order is using NATO to enslave europe to their banking system then from there they take over governments and everything, including YOU! The worlds people were just standing up for FREEDOM and now the elite pushed Russia so that the masses would forget their FREEDOM over more FEAR……WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!! Look what happened in Canada and look what is about to happen and is happening here in the USA.

Main stream media is fabricating everything. Look how the elite have split up any resistance. The elite are trying to use unity to gain control over everything. People have been shamed into their new world order and we are seeing the last push for any type of freedom. USA has been taken over as well and these elitist are trying to collapse everything and we the masses are letting them do this to us. The elitist must be eliminated for the future of all mankind and any chance of freedom.

Go Truckers Go!!!!! True Americans standing up for all of us and thank you to Canada for waking up the world. Canada showed the world that Trudeau is a dictator waiting for the right momment to show his true colors. He said truckers were Nazis because he was projecting what he is onto others. People need to wake up to these actions to reduce FREEDOMS across the globe. This shows the the elite are feeling threatened and need to reduce population to only the obedient. Hence the ability to freeze bank accounts and the plethera of other tools we have given to the elite to control us.

God Bless all of you……and God Bless FREEDOM!!!!!


The media all know who and “what” I exposed. I downloaded the declassified documents and I have all the files.The news articles written about Q-anon are misinformation. I was given Q security clearance to the sensitive declassified information.


Help us Mr President, things are getting bad.


Well, they started a war to obscure Wisconsin, didn’t they?😁


Twenty years in the joint ?
How about TRUMP 2044 !


HAHAHAHAH Nothing will happen Breathless leftist

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAhAHA No teeth at all……..


Conspiracy to defraud the government of the United States…


Your soul might belong to Jesus….

But your ass belongs to TRUMP!!

TRUMP Nov 2022 (you know you’re scared)

Dan for DT

Dean=just another Commie Volcano Plug- the only good use for a Marxist.

Carmine Gazerro

Love you President Trump but these are the comments that don’t matter who gives a shit we all know. What we don’t need to know is what you did, we all know it and it’s been repeated at nausea. We desire education and the message must be about the future your plans what you would do to fix USA. If that’s even the same things we need you to get granular get into detail that’s what people want. Not to hear the same slogans people are ready to hear details.
‘ you can even talk about the 2020 election we’re going to detail about through the vote in about 2000 MULES findings in numbers. This stuff isn’t boring it’s all new information we all follow you we all know you say you need to get the news out in detail. You are rallies need to be like Tucker Carlson‘s interviews he does for an hour online. Your TV interviews need to be short responses The questions people are asking you and not try to get in I did this and I did that in the whole story. We’ve heard it all so many times you’re saying it like we’re not following you from fox interview to Newsmax to online with cash Patel and my pillow Mike and Glen Beck and 3 others at Palm Beach. We all seen it all and I say this because interest gets lost when it’s not new because your on line 20 videos are same message, 20 different interviews would be exciting and helpful. We have all year to see the. It’s Totally different then 2015 and your TV interviews. Hey I’m just a guy that is sick to my stomach you’re not in the White House so what do I know


His fans are as sick of his rhetoric as the rest of the world.


SHUT-UP Leftist!!

Dan for DT



The DEMOCRAT party is….

A) Sinking like the Titanic.

B) Shot down in FLAMES

C) Going over a cliff.

D) Drawing its last breath.

E) Up shits creek with-out a paddle.

F) All of the above.

If you picked any of these answers, you would be correct. (100 points)


President Trump, I can’t seem to find the post where you speak of Matthew Perna’s tragic passing, so I’ll post this here:


From what I’ve seen, they haven’t evened mentioned the elections. Seems they chose to simply ignore it.

Linda MacLeod Goodman

Controlled opposition is worse than fake news because they’re trusted. The Gateway Pundit posted this headline today and never mentioned the good news:
Yesterday’s Election in Houston Was a Trainwreck – Republicans Prevented from Voting and ‘Glitches’ Reported in Voting Machines

Bad guys who pretend to be good guys are the worst guys of all.

Johnny Appleseed

Abraham had a promise made to him.

That promise is passed down to all his descendants.

What you do to the least of his…

You do to him.

They crucified Christ on a tree and he changed the world.


Look before you leap.

I call God Abba too.

So do many here right now.

He is a vengeful father…

I would not mess with his kids.

Haven’t you lost a lot already??

I personally have lost most precious things due to selfish policies.

Precious precious precious things.

And I am the one you don’t see.

The begger one min.

The handyman the next.

The plumber.

The mechanic.

The clean up guy.

The garbage man.

The toilet bowl cleaner.

Specks of dust upon your shoes.

But remember God said to be great in his eyes one would have to be the least in yours.

Tick tok
Tick tok

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

Don’t order the Soup…

Marijo Makufka

I don’t think the fake media can make you look bad any longer, Mr. President. Their pens have run dry of ink. Their narratives are dead.

You, on the other hand, Mr. President, are RISING LIKE A SHOOTING STAR!!!

Johnny Appleseed

They talk to each other through the headlines.

[GS] said the US needs to get their asses into Ukraine and stop all this.

Faux pas in chief is doing damage control.

Piglousie is the responder. we cannot start WWIII this is to close to comfort. Will destroy other defenses.

Pay attention to the heads lines. They are talking to each other.

Killary: we need to go after the Russian Oligarchs. Code for sanctions sanctions sanctions.

Pay attention.

They are talking to each other.

They are using “interviews” for Conversation.

It is their way. They have been doing it for a very long time.

They cannot be held to conspiracy that way. They never “actually talked”.

Pull your mind out of the situation and look at the big picture.

Richtrustchilren are losing their fucking minds begging for help.

For the first times in their lives…

They will have to make the same decisions we do….

Pay bills….


Suffer for good memories….

Asleep no more.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Michael Borowski

I think it’s funny how Biden stole all your MAGA promises, from the past 1-5 years, in his SOTU “speech”. The same promises he killed on his first day in office with the 10 foot stack of EOs he signed. Same ones he was FULLY AGAINST while running from his basement. The democrats are in full panic because they know it’s over. A nuclear war would be the best thing to happen for the democrats and the banking elites.. It would be their best move. A “if I lose I’m taking everything down with me” kind of move.

Here’s the difference between Trump saying something and Biden saying something.. Trump is the first president in my lifetime that did everything he said with a ~90%++ success rate while fighting the RINOs and dems the entire time. Biden lies every time he opens his mouth. And the only promise Biden’s ever kept was when he said, “We’re going to have the most extensive voter fraud in the history of the world.” There was one more, OH killing our energy independence that Trump build.. SO Biden kept his word twice in 50+ years.

Another thing.. Our auto industry going fully electric will be the death of them. Where do the batteries come from? What do we do with all the waste from the batteries, that’s toxic shit? What happens when you have 500 cars waiting for a charge lined up down the road? And I ride an ebike because of people like Biden, it’s cheaper, I need a new battery every 2 years, for a electric vehicle that’s $30,000 every few years for a new battery, not counting the old battery disposal cost. Who can afford that? I can tell you at least 90% of America can’t without going into more debt.


I wish you hadn’t written that, because I think a nuclear disaster will be their go to plan as a means of declaring Martial Law and canceling the election.

They know they can’t cheat their way thru this one, so their only way to maintain power is to not have an election. They would start the bombs flying and kill us all just to have power over the few left alive.

Johnny Appleseed

Where is the 🏈??

No Nukes!!

Howard Johnson

Beto will make one helluva governor!


Let’s hope he waits to get there before he starts governing.


The RED wave is on the way!

My Man Trump

So is DJT.



John F. Brzezinski III

giggle…33 you say?

fake news loves their 13’s and 33’s

heeeere fishy fishy fishy


Yes, Trump is done, they say? His time is over and his influence in the GOP is waning? I’m not seeing that….

Anybody Trump endorsed here in NY? We need all the help we can get. Would LOVE to see Hochul lose to a Republican but that seems like a fantasy.

John F. Brzezinski III

Quite easy to see that with the fact POTUS Trump is all the fake news can talk about. Swaying as many as they can with their lies before the next election cycle. Their intentions to create an environment and induce civil war so as to escape unscathed are gonna fail though, me thinks.

Johnny Appleseed


John F. Brzezinski III

Fake news thinks the Jan 6 shit they are spraying along with the lies spread about POTUS Trump’s so called ‘court woes’ will set precedent among the general population. They use the judicial system in many ways to accomplish their own ends…even when they know every move they make is based on lies….

Howard Johnson

It’s good that you are facing your mental illness now & not denying it Tabs! In a while you’ll realize that the whole “Trump won” thing is also a fantasy!

John F. Brzezinski III

Tabby isn’t the one living in a fantasy. Learn grammar. No amount of projection is gonna save you from what is coming.

Johnny Appleseed

Tabby is one of the most level headed most loving and genuine people on this sight you shit spewing twit. You could not even hold a candle to her….

You can’t even stand in her shadow so STFU.


Aww, you’re going to make me blush!


Really? You think it’s ok to use that language?

Johnny Appleseed

Damn right….

What the fuck is your problem???


Hey, Prize you’re a piece of shit.

(Its ok to say shit, it’s not against God.)


I’m sure you are aware I never use foul language; in fact Johnny and I have argued on that very subject. But he said something nice about me and I was acknowledging that.


Why are you explaining yourself to a propogandist?

That only uses this website to spread perhaps “delusional lies”.

There’s zero-chance of healthy debate with this person.

And don’t say, I was being polite, because Prize “never” showed politeness. (Just like Trump, you don’t have to be nice to fake news)

Just curious, you don’t have to answer. (it’s not that important to me)

Dan for DT

This is how these jerks try to portray themselves as being better than us – When they’re still just a useless Commie dirtbags that hate our country. GFY

Howard Johnson

Look^^^^a snowflake!

Johnny Appleseed


No asshole me and her got into it a while back I was apologizing….

Just so happens that is what I think of her…


Johnny Appleseed

Look ^^^^^^ a dumbass

Dan for DT

Your not Howard Johnson—-Your just a JOHNSON—-GFY

Johnny Appleseed

I am pray Zelenski gets everything he wanted to accomplish done before the UN forces….

Awe what the hell am I sayin….

They are backed into a corner and now have to shit or get off the pot!!!


What you did required a full set of balls… not girly balls but


Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
John F. Brzezinski III

By not saying anything at all about it and using Russia/UK ‘news’ among other things, like NASA ‘subtly’ steering away from the 2024 goal you set with stupid things like ISS and space debris crashing into the moon.




Don’t know and don’t care. They are very creative. Do as I do … DON’T WATCH THE SHIT SHOW.



Craig Barrett

Piss on the fake news we are the media now TRUTH SOCIAL


The fake news will lie about their character and twist or ignore the achievements they’ve made. Just like they do with you.

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President