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Mark Rakow

No. Joe Biden was elected, because his election would quickly get rid of Donald Trump.

How it’s working out is debatable.


He brilliant, not only did it not get rid of Donald Trump but cheating this mope Biden in only made Trump and the American people stronger in there views. When we take this country back people like you will go back to living under the rock you came from.

My Man Trump

LMAO then and now! Only pure radicals and never-Trumpers believed that rubbish. His numbers are higher than DJT and they are doing everything they can to keep the chinavirus going even though it is trying to fade away. They need to scare people in order to control them. What we are watching now are desperate people doing desperate things to hang on to power and control. After all, there are many more elections to steal. LOL. It is more like Bye, Bye Biden at this point.

Lenora Thompson, Writer

The *only* White House Christmas I’ll acknowledge is Christmas in the TRUMP White House!

Rosanne. Choate

He hadn’t had the dangerous shot, but was exposed to the illness.

Gail Rizzi

Why are you promoting this Covid shot. You must have heard very respectable knowledgeable Drs say that this is dangerous. It causes illnesses and death as well as sterilization!! If you are a man of God then you can’t continue to promote this. I am a staunch supporter of you but I am doubting your intentions now.

Rosanne. Choate

He was deceived by Fauci as everyone else was and the hospitals. A hospital here’s refused to treat a friend’s brother with covid using ivermectin IV, because of Fauci.


I agree 💯. It does seem contradictory. I think he promotes it because he considered it as an accomplishment and a running point in the beginning but maybe has to mention it when on tv in order to keep from being totally censored.

Craig Barrett

He wasn’t elected he couldn’t fill a bathroom with people, what a damn fraud and crime perpetrated on the American people and no one has the courage to do a damn thing about it


100% Correct!


The “vaccination” Joe Biden is forcefully pushing down the throats of Americans may be something different than what YOU rolled out, because its estimated to have caused approximately 800K American deaths. Children are getting Myocarditis at unfounded rates. VAXED. Athletes are dropping dead on the field. VAXED. The protection from Covid wanes after about 4 months in the VAXed, and ultimately destroys their immune system. Also, 82% of women VAXinated in their 1st and 2nd trimesters results in 82% miscarriage rate.Im a HUGE Trump fan, and grateful for all you’ve done to support American freedom, sovereignty, and economic prosperity. However, being a mouthpiece for Pfizer is NOT faring well amongst us Patriots. Please do more research. The China virus has seem to have penetrated the American medical community and pharmaceuticals. The people are NOT listening to mainstream news any longer. All independent news Mr Trump. Fox is also OUT. Only people left watching Fox is the Rino’s and the Dems.

Rosanne. Choate

Praying for you, Mr. President that you are listening to concerned supporters here.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

The CHINA virus is nothing more than an aim by the CCP AND RADICAL LEFT who are using it to destroy our Country. Hence, the massive illegal mail in ballots and election frauds.
Demented Joe couldn’t even build a toddler’s LEGO set!


100% Correct!
Right On!


Mr TRUMP created the current anti-science movement which is now causing thousands of deaths among the “MAGA faithful”


Ok Dean, how on earth did Trump do that? He rolled out the vaccines and continually recommends them (to the dismay of many supporters). Not really seeing your point. And don’t give me that anti-science nonsense. Even Fauci said originally that people shouldn’t be wearing masks as they don’t do any good. Plenty of reliable studies out there showing they do nothing to stop the spread of upper respiratory illness. Plenty of other evidence the vaccine kills babies and young people. If you haven’t heard it, it’s because the media does its best to hide it. If you want to suffocate yourself with a useless mask and shoot a potentially dangerous, improperly tested “vaccine” into your body every time Saint Fauci says you should, that’s your prerogative, but I’m not playing their unscientific game. And I’ve had it with a government telling me what to do with my body. Funny how “my body, my choice” works for murdering your baby but not when it comes to treatment for an illness you have 99.8% chance of surviving anyway. No thanks, I’ll just keep washing my hands, staying away from sick people and taking vitamins…all of which are scientifically-proven ways of staying healthy.

Last edited 1 year ago by Tabbysaurus

Fauci said a lot more that that, I suggest both of you read the AntiTrumper Robert Kennedy Jr’s book “The Real Anthony Fauci” for the facts on the matter.

Dean it might surprise on real Science not the scientism being promoted by the Biden Administration and Federal Government in general, your favored MSM outlets, and States run by democrats, not mention around the world that never use facts to back up the basis for any of their actions on vaccines, lockdowns, mandates or passports they not only promote but demand, and the likes of you that go around parroting them.

Frankly no one has the time to post all the facts being presented by Scientists using Science out there that debunk all the lies and propaganda, and then get censored by social median, and the msm ignores and castigates them without any proof instead of letting them preset their side and show factual documented science data.


We have that book, yes. We got it as soon as it came out! Fauci is a monster and a mad scientist.


Criminal Joe is a FAKE President from a RIGGED election that DOES NOT have a clue!
How about some work on therapeutics Criminal Joe instead of vaccine mandates?




As you said on Sunday We need a Savior and His name is Jesus. Praying that a great awakening come to America and the nations of the world.

Ken K

I’ve been around 25,000,000 people with no useless mask and haven’t missed a day of work. In fact I’ve done a shitload of other things as well I won’t disclose because the real Nazis will use it as a weapon against Christians.
Polygraph Hillary on election fraud.
We are tire of waiting.
Real tired.
I swore an oath yet not really needed.
Ass needs dealt with.
I’m ready whenever the bell tolls.

Don McKellar

Joe Biden was installed fraudulently so that:

1) The flow of indentured servants / slaves through the southern border would resume to keep the Democrat and RINO financial backers happy.
2) To resume the theft of everything from the USA to China and restore the unfair trade imbalance.
3) To remove America’s energy independence to make OPEC happy.
4) Import as many unvetted people from Afghanistan as possible.
5) Obama could have a third term with Biden as his sock puppet.

…and many more reasons.

So far his fraud “presidency” is a big success for the people who installed him.

They even get to continue to control people using the China Virus for a while longer.

Last edited 1 year ago by Don McKellar

US presidency was stolen and we all know it, but NOTHING is being done to fix it.

R Minoglio

Joe Biden is a do nothing politician for over 50 years. Now he is finally doing something and that is DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY!

Patricia McDermott

Joe Biden was NOT elected by the people. The election was stolen and anyone with connected brain cells knows that. And it’s far from being only the COVID issue; it’s the attack on and destruction of the freedoms and rights of every American citizen.

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