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Stalwart Republican

How many times per week do you consult with a religious advisor, Don the Con? When did you last actually enter a church?


Are YOU an Atheist?
Then I know you are not a stalwart republican.


You are a blessing President Trump💓 You promised and justice delivered #MAGA 🌹🦁🇺🇸

My Man Trump

I think SCOTUS finally are awake. Congrats and thanks for embracing the constitution. About all this other lawlessness, any help for yourselves and the rest of us would be very welcome.

Stalwart Republican

So you’re saying the Supreme Court of the United States is woke?



Patriot Oathkeeper
Please help a disabled veteran out.


God Bless the American Vets!

Sarah Luu

I personally don’t believe that all anti-abortionists like me are against it for religious reasons. ANY way you slice it, ABORTION IS MURDER. The “fake news media” wants EVERYONE to believe that anyone whom is against abortion at any point in time of a pregnancy is a “JESUS FREAK!”. I firmly believe in our GOD as the bible teaches, however, even if I were Atheist or Agnostic, I would still be AGAINST IT IN ALL FORMS AND REASONS TO JUSTIFY IT. I have several close friends that do not believe in GOD, but I don’t criticize them for their religious beliefs. But on the issue of abortion, THEY ALL AGREE AS I DO THAT IT IS FLAT OUT MURDER! One of my best friends, since childhood, told me of her deepest dark secret – that when she was 15 her parents FORCED her to have an abortion at 2 months of pregnancy. She had been molested by a family member for years. She told me that suicide has crossed her mind MANY times for this. I’ve been a close & supporting friend to her over this since she had the courage to tell me, looking for answers. I think no less of her. She came to me for support & I WILL NEVER let her down. This is what REALLY HAPPENS to those whom have had abortions. She wonders EVERY DAY if she is going to HELL. Would it have been a boy or girl? Would she have been a good mother. What he or she would have looked like & become? She IS LIVING THRU HELL NOW, She is now in her 40’s. This EATS AT HER BRAIN EVERYDAY. Abortion not only take a life, it wreaks the mental state of those whom that have been involved. NOT JUST THE MOTHER, but in most cases, those that find out, THE WOULD HAVE BEEN FATHERS TOO!!!. As I stated before, ABORTION, IN ALL FORMS, IS FLAT OUT MURDER & the CAUSE of unnecessary MENTAL ILLNESS, just because a few EVIL PEOPLE want to make $$$ over someone(s) else’s dilemma. If ANYONE out there is considering abortion, or know someone who is, DON”T DO IT!, CONVINCE OTHERS – DON”T DO IT! There ARE MANY GOOD OPTIONS, ADOPTION for one. There are MANY sterile couples that WILL HELP YOU, even put you up & take care of you thru your pregnancy. THIS IS HUMAN LIFE WE ARE TALKING HERE! NOT A TUMOR like these money grubbing EVIL MURDERS would like EVERYONE TO BELIEVE! To All, GOD BLESS & THANK YOU for taking time to read this. THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP for THE BIG START in educating people & putting an END to this abomination and SAVING HUMAN LIVES!!! – The MOST PRECIOUS GOD CREATED GIFT TO THE UNIVERSE-HUMAN LIFE!!! Sarah Luu



Patricia McDermott

Remember history – Religious Freedom is why so many came here, especially so many for England! Religious Freedom was part of the very foundation upon which the USA was built!



Stalwart Republican

Any thoughts about the Cambridge Platform, since you have all this insight on why the Puritans and pilgrims made their way to the New World? “Religious freedom” takes a distant back seat to the “taxation without representation” foundation upon with this country was founded. And, if I may a final point, you have zero idea what you’re talking about.


Amen. Thank you.


All Gun restrictions must also go. They are unethical, unconstetutional, criminal and against the will of God




Right On President Trump!
Freedom of RELIGION As Written in the United States Constitution!
THANK YOU, Supreme Court, for FOLLOWING the Constitution!

Sandra Moore

<3 <3 <3


3 For 3 in Two Weeks!

Patricia Geymer




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