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Demoncrats and witches have no power where masses of Christians come together in Gods name. We laugh at the face of evil! The power of the Holy Spirit in mankind will trample on satans demons! We will eliminate the attempted destruction of Mankind through terraforming, stop mass killing of children via vaccine mandates and the legalization abortion. We will chase these demons down into the depths of the earth for God to finish when he returns! Ahahahahaha!! Remember he is already defeated! It is written.

Johnny Appleseed

Go Trump!!!!

TRUMP 2020

Lenora Thompson, Patriot Writer

Dear Mr. President: Even the Biden voters (real, living ones) are deeply and LOUDLY regretting their votes. They’ll vote for you next time. Check out these tweets!

Victoria Becraft

Praying we wipe Roe vs Wade off the records forever! The cries of our children’s blood are crying out to God, as Abel’s blood cried out from the ground. God has sent us beautiful gifts (children) and we are sending them back. We must turn to God, as a nation, if we ever want to see God’s anger end.

Mary Altilia

Sir! I just read a post from TheEpochTimes posted on Gab. New Hampshire just made
“I ver mec tin” an OVER THE COUNTER medication for #19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are writing it into law!

Victoria Becraft

Yippee!! May we all follow this path! Thank you God!!






Just like walking on down to the Capitol!!!


The Capitol Police have your cell and straight jacket Ready for YOU!


We are too. And Happy Anniversary POTUS AND FLOTUS!

Rosanne. Choate

Happy Anniversary to a very special First Couple!!!


Ban genital mutilation of infants, Trump!
Never promote bad behaviour
only time to think


Amen President Trump!

Elizabeth Headley

God Bless the Unborn!! This is a March I would’ve joined had I been able! Amen!

Wild Bill

I’m with President Trump in spirit.

My Man Trump

Thank you, President Trump. We really miss you.

Lorraine Harwelik

Hello President Trump,

I went to the March for Life in DC, yesterday. There were significantly less people there this year but still a large gathering. Yes, I believed you were with us, in spirit. Rest assured that my children, brothers, sisters, brothers and sisters-in law, and I are behind you all the way in spirit and practice too.

I have been following your behind-scenes progress all the way, as far as you could allow information out without a threat of sabotage to your “game”. Quite frankly, I am absolutely amazed with the genius of your strategies. It has been easy for me to understand what you have been orchestrating because the techniques are very, very similar to how God is purging the Church (spiritual order), how the physiology of the human body builds, cleanses, purges, then grows (natural order), how the cleansing of the nation is taking place through our amazing document called “The United States Constitution” (civil order). There are clear parallels among the three realms. May God bless you and reward you for your efforts.

I cannot write to you without mentioning Melania. Though I have yet to meet her, I venture to say she must be a bastion of strength behind you. No man, no matter how skilled and talented can be alone in this pivotal, decisive war. My best to her, please.

Warmest Regards,
Lorraine Hawelik, NJ


Trump IS the spirit and a very beatiful genius. I see a parallel to the the frist time God send us his son. He was also tortured and crucified for the love to his people

Marijo Makufka

We need a pro life president like you, our 2ND TERM DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT. I send prayers to you and the BEST FIRST FAMILY in history. Please tell Melania how much we love her and need her!


I am with you in spirit also, and I am praying for you and yours. We love you!


We are with you in spirit as well. YOU are our REAL PRESIDENT — Please feel loved by us as well.


It is beautifully American! The pursuit of life…the right to free speech, the right to peaceably assemble.

m young

The SPIRIT is what makes the MAN.

Doreen Azzolini

Mr. President, I want to extend my thanks and appreciation for all you have done and continue to do for our Country. God bless you and your family!


Like what has he doen lately other than ferment division!!!

Yuk Chun Birch

❤ your true spirit Mr. President Trump! Unlike the pro choice maniacs rather save a dog’s life than a human baby 😥

My Man Trump

We are a great country. We must save both.


..and the brandon administration is the most pro choice administration…evil liberal agenda…this evil administration as my mom says.

My Man Trump

They have always been pro choice. They have just become more evil about it. It’s a sick group full of mental illness and hate, especially toward children.

Meg P.

Be careful. I have practiced in the mental health field as a RN, first in the hospital settings and then at a mastered level psychology and social work level in practice, total: 30 years. The DSM used for diagnosis does not have any criteria that list these people, their elite thinking, their destructive behaviors, their negation of others and human life. While some may have personality disorders, that is in another classification them mental illness. The only element that really describes many of them is evil!
Remember there are many people who suffer from mental illnesses like depressions including bipolar depression, anxiety disorders and other ones, who are truly such beautiful people and who do such good work in their lives. Nothing like the people you are describing.

My Man Trump

Point well taken. What I was really talking about is true mental illness with Democrats, Republicans and Independents and the study showed mental illness with dems is much higher than other two parties. (Fox News aired the study).


Yes! The most prolife president in history…I also felt like I was with the prolife marchers in spirit today…I watched it on TV.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Greatest President in modern history! President Trump.

Cary Miller


Craig Barrett

GOD is with those who stand up for life, anyone who says they are a Christian and votes democrat is a LIAR


Let’s pray the Supreme Court makes the right decision for once!!


We are with you!❤️🙏😇👍👑God speed!

Rebekah Adams

President Trump you, you’re family and all putting their lives in danger to save our Country are in my prayers and thoughts. God bless you President Trump. Save the children!!!


you are the best President we ever had.


He is also the best Leader the Free World has seen for many generations. May he continue to be blessed with good health and an agile brain, ready for 2024.
If not him, then someone who possesses the same courage, intelligence, determination and same guiding principles to lead the US and Free World.

My Man Trump

And will have again!

Patricia Burditt

We love you so much!!!


Amen to that 🇺🇸 🎺 ✝️ 👶

Spread the word of the 45th President!

We need YOUR help