I brought hundreds of billions of dollars directly to our Treasury

“The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page hit me on the fact that I brought hundreds of billions of dollars directly to our Treasury, with $28 Billion going into the hands of our badly maligned Farmers, through large scale Tariffs from China that I imposed as an equalization for the unfair trade practices that were used to take advantage of the U.S. I appreciate the WSJ statements on Biden Weaponization, but Tariffs properly used bring economic prosperity & strength in dealing with other Nations!”

By Donald J. Trump

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We miss all that you’ve done for the U.S.A., which Biden has undone. We can’t wait for our prayers to be answered and you take your rightful and anointed seat back in the white house as our president once again! We love you, President Trump! We need you again!!! Thank you for everything you are doing for us, and prayers that their corruption is revealed in the televised courts in your favor. Prayers for all to see, so that once again united; we can all join together under God and make America great again!!! God, hear our prayers!


You brought the Love of God and Humanity to our Country.
God said this will happen, that they will say that doing the right thing is wrong or what’s good is bad.
It’s crazy democrats logic. It’s evil.
They are trying to eliminate the Middle class.
They want rich and poor.
They will be rich and Powerful, we will be the poor. Slaves to the State.
We can’t allow this to continue
We will suffer until President Trump is back.


If we pay taxes, then other countries who benefit from our human resources (we work and buy) should also pay taxes(tariffs).

Nancy A. Daylo

Dear President Donald J. Trump, You are the GREATEST OVERSEER of AMERICA that. ever was. Joe Biden knows how to fleece the AMERICAN people and arrogantly leave them in the lurch. Afghanistan is a prime example.The border is a gaping death hole, And KEYSTONE PIPE LINE is the end of economic independence. You were our shining star in all those areas and more… peace keeper. You should have been awarded the Nobel Prize several times.
Nancy A. Daylo



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