I do not believe the people will stand for it

“When will people realize that the atrocities being perpetrated by the FBI and DOJ having to do with the Raid and Break In of my home, Mar-a-Lago, or after years of other atrocities and unthinkable violations of freedom and the law, this has been going on for years, from the moment I came down the golden escalators in Trump Tower, right up until the present. At some point you have to look at what took place in the past to determine what is going on in the present and nothing has ever happened like that which is going on in our Country right now. The law enforcement of our Country has become that of a Third World Nation, and I do not believe the people will stand for it—between Fraudulent Elections, Open Borders, Inflation, giving our Military to the Enemy, and so much more—how much are we all expected to take?”

By Donald J. Trump

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You are using the same kind of rhetoric, actually worse, that you used on January 6th. To use the words atrocities to describe what you are/have suffered is ridiculous. I don’t even think you know what that word means. You are a small and pathetic man. Your desperate attempt to rile your base leads me to believe that you are nervous. You should be.


FJB! and You!

Becky G

And You, MR. PRESIDENT, have endured the most of all…just because you are you…WE THE PEOPLE are at the precipice…normies better WAKE UP…and I keep saying that.. but we are at a crossroads folks.. are you in? Or are u out?


My Man Trump

This is just the tip of the ice berg. There is much more to come. However, DJT will stop them dead in their tracks….soon.


Why is the left encouraging anarchy, and punishing law abiding citizens? All I can figure is that they want us, We The People, and a President that will uphold and enforce the law, to the point of having to call out the National Guard, etc. to prevent the pillaging of cities, and THEN they will accuse us of being authoritarian, dictatorial, etc., when actually we are just trying to protect out citizens. This has got to be a set up for some gotcha scenario. Why else would they be letting criminals out of prison, setting criminals free, and allowing the destruction of property, etc.? This is how it has played out in the French, Russian, and Cultural Revolutions. These leftists want chaos. History repeats itself.


Leftists thrive on class envy, strife between citizens, poverty, misery and chaos, so naturally they cause all of that. They’re extremely expert at it, and at blaming the Right for it all, and mainstreamers keep on falling for them.


Amen President Trump!

Mindy Pechenuk

President Trump you are right it is time for the American people to organize a movement to stand against this treason by the DOJ and FBI and for the solutions this nations needs. There is no time to waste, if we are to Make America Great, the citizens need to be politically involved. With my campaign I am working to make this happen with you. Mindy Pechenuk, Republican Candidate for California State Assembly 18. electmindy.com

Sarah Luu

President Trump, It has been LONG overdue to clean the clocks of these BASTARDS With EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT. I’d like to see the recordings from your “security system” of the RAPE of your precious home. “LET IT ALL HANG OUT”! Let the 5hit hit the fans ALL OVER THEIR FACES! They won’t know what hit them. I think that they think that they are so much smarter than you & can continue to do what ever they want without consequences. WE ALL KNOW THAT THEY ARE WAY OVER CONFIDENT – That is just ONE of their weaknesses. Throw ALL of the books at them. We know they have nothing but EVIL 5HIT FOR BRAINS. Flush them ALL down a crapper! They ALL mental midgets( no offense to little people) compared to you. With my upmost respect for YOU & YOURS. Tell the First Lady that WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN HER. ALL of you are in our prayers. With my upmost Love & Respect for YOU & YOURS, Sarah Luu

William J Comeau

I am patiently waiting for your second term so that you can clean house in the first 60 days. I think you should bring a giant conference table in, have you and your son and a few others sitting there, while you bring in all the evildoers one at a time and say “your fired”. That is a show I would definitely watch.


There is too much rampant crime in the gov that never gets addressed. Something needs to be done.


100% Correct!


We’ve had enough of these attacks and invasions by these political hacks.
They have to keep the focus on you so it’s not focused on their crimes, ie hunter’s lap top, fake news will not report the real story if it’s against the left.
Fbi and DOJ need to be investigated and charge, who were involved with any of the deep states shams.
Drain the Swamp.


Looking forward to the tapes. Looking forward to unclassified documents released to the the public.

Would like to see the unelected alphabet government or refusing to release fully disclosed docs that have nothing to do with national security. There needs to be overhaul of this system

Hang biden

Mr President, we the people feel your pain!! These people are scum of the earth, they are traitors to this country, and we the people demand that they ALL get the fate our constitution calls for for TRAITORS!!! HANG THEM ALL!!! We want our country back, and we want our duly elected president back!!!


Amen, Sir! We’ve had MORE than ENUF…every dirty politicans, bureaucrats on both sides, every dirty, unethical, antithetical judge to bureaucrats to so-called educators, to fake media pushing depravity Inhumanity Indecency pedophilia antiJudeoChristian antiFamily antiAmerican unConstitutional acts of sedition, subversion, blatant Gestapo tactics as “Alphabet agencies” need end…incl once created to educate Clergymen (universities/colleges) For, By, and Of The People all must be Restructured, Renewed, Rededicated, with Honor, Faith, Courage, Character, TRUTH, Duty, Selflessness which are highest morality standards our Constitutional Republic was meant to be!

We, the People are ready to peacefully defend and protect ourselves and our families against ALL Enemies, foreign and domestic. Peacefully March to express massive Voice Of, By, and For The People have…to Save our Children from these monsters…Save America.

Trump was RIGHT from beginning! The ONLY Leader who could fight for We, the People…exposing many layers of Cabal DS, long history of deceit, control freaks, illegal, unConstitutional acts of sedition, subversion, blatant Gestapo tactics (once Nazi, always Nazi Soros, WEF, NIH CDC WHO CCP D’s RINOs Merkel Macron monarchies ObamaSchumerPelosiClintonBush etal …God bless every Whistleblower, have courage to fight evil where evil is! Every AmericaFirst Citizen Patriot candidates who IS ENDING corrupt DemocratRinos malfeasance, CrimesAgainstHumanity PLANdemic Agenda 2030++ with one-way GITMO trip to end Tyrrany, oppression, segregation, imprisonment of innocents, fake news, fake wars, subjugation, Censorship, Religious condemnation, hate MK-ULTRA mind control complicity, etal.

We’re AWAKE, NOT woke…not complicit to Genocide, WEF AGENDA 2030 or 21, rest.

We, the People choose GOD, Trump, Gen Flynn, The Kraken, Mel K, every man, woman, and child IS Our Family member.

Our Oath as Officer in Military NEVER EXPIRES, Sir. WWG1WGA.
Always ready.

God bless and protect His People.
Return to Him.


I’m sorry. I’m still lost in Melania’s closet with the 29 other J. Edgar Hoover wannabee’s while FBI agent #30 is standing watch. ROFLMAO

Michael Jenson

the only thing they worry about is there anger over you and what sex can I change on my kid or their self this week, while the rest of the world is looking to topple the dollar (BRICS summit) our Country is sick needs a bowl of pride and a pair of 20/20 spectacles And President Donald Trump Back Where He Belongs….



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