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Sorry President Trump. “Banana Republic” is the wrong term. We’re now the United Soviet States of America (USSA). That describes our situation better.

My Man Trump

LMAO! LMAO!! All their lies keep getting bigger and bigger. Everyone know they are lying but they don’t care. Dictatorships never do. Fake news is State TV!

Pat McGroin

Actually dictatorships just tell you exactly what they are doing. Mainly because they don’t care what you think.

Save Our United States

I encourage you to watch the video in the linked article from Dr Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace – it is well worth the time. Everything bad going on in our country has a basis in climate change, from destruction of our economy to destroying Donald Trump.
Climate change is a “Unified Theory of Scare Stories”; a lot of misinformation can be disseminated on the public since it can neither be seen, heard or otherwise sensed.
The “elites” (I call them kooks) have figured out that if they remove energy from our society, they can control everything. These are arrogant, ignorant, mentally sick, “group think” people that spend their day in DC scheming against Donald Trump and trading stocks based on insider information. What they are going to accomplish is a lot of death here and around the world.

The problem is that we hear too much from Al Gore and not enough from Dr. Patrick Moore.

Wake up America!
LINK: Greenpeace’s Dr. Patrick Moore and the hardcore evidence against climate change myths

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I’m surprised cnn wasn’t there. That may have look to ovious.


They have everything to do with it.


DONT FALL FOR THE BAIT, lamestreet media and government whores trying to set up a false flag.They attacked President Trump in an effort to trigger a violent attack so they can continue to give themselves a reason to continue the persecution of us. Dont react, let them use antifa and blm , it will be so obvious it wasn’t Trump supporters. FBI scum has no qualms planting evidence and using entrapment and blackmail.


The only embarrassment is trump. He had nuclear documents! He should have gone to prison immediately after the insurrection he caused.


The ONLY embarrassment is prize.




Criminal Biden and his “Ship of Fools” administration probably told GESTAPO Leader Merrick Garrand to conduct a raid WITHOUT a Valid Search Warrant!
I believe “Junkie Son Hunter Biden’s” Laptop is just about to BLOW UP in Criminal Joe’s Face!


100% Biden knew.




Certainly they knew. How can one conspire and not know? Correct me if I’m wrong here but wasn’t Garland, Obama’s choice for Supreme Court near the end of his term as President but McConnell said no, the next President should choose? I remember a huge uproar from the dems over Trump’s choice. And now it’s Obama’s guy that’s going after Trump. Hmm, makes you wonder.

Pro Trump ULTRA MAGA patriot

I believe Mr. Potatohead knew nothing about the raid.I believe not only did the WH staff know about the raid,Barack Hussein Obama,you know the person who tells Mr. Potatohead what to say,DID know about the raid.Remember,DJT has declass docs of “Spygate”,among other declass docs that implicate many. DJT is far more intelligent than everyone who is trying to keep him from ever holding office again.



Lonnie Massotty

Of course Biden knew. Several weeks ago this imposter mentioned putting you in jail on the Kimmel show.


Kimmel is pure trash, can’t stand even seeing that face for one second.


And the Lord said “I am Jesus whom you persecute. It is hard for you to kick against the pricks.”
I say “President Trump “keep on kicking “.


Rock & Roll!
Like Billy Jack!

Anna Leal

He was told, even asked for permission, but his mind is so scrambled, he probably forgot.


One of trump’s followers died today because of his hateful rhetoric. He and his allies should be ashamed of the lies they spew on right wing media all day and night.


A follower died because of rhetoric? And even though he is dead, he should still be ashamed of his lies?



Just Me

I feel sure Joe Biden didn’t know. He doesn’t know he’s in this world.
Jill Biden probably knew. Obama, who is most likely the acting President, most likely knew.
Nancy Pelosi most likely knew.
Chuck Schumer most likely knew.

They aren’t ignorant of a thing that goes on. They plan it and execute it. Everyone else is just a puppet.

Mitch Hagen

Of course they knew. Garland in trouble!!!!! Can’t wait to see it come crashing down on them


The Bullshit Is OVER!


No. They are liars as usual. Thank you President Trump for all you do and have done!!! You are awesome!!!

Patricia McDermott

The Joe Biden administration ordered it! Of that I am certain!


Spot On!
Criminal Joe’s “Junkie Son’s” Laptop is about to BLOW UP!

Michael Jenson

Yes he knew but after a couple of ice cream cones and a nappy who knows what he remembers after high noon…….

Patricia McDermott

I cannot abide Joe Biden and his family of crime. But please understand that HE is NOT running this show. This entire administration is corrupt and they run him too. I’m not defending him, he is garbage, I’m just telling it like it is.


What time he is not struggling with dementia he certainly knows. That man has been on the forefront of bad for 50 years.


Spot On Reverend!
Biden = Lifetime CRIMINAL!

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