I have no jury or Civil Rights!

“The only person who may be worse than weak on violent crime A.G. Letitia “Peekaboo” James, is the Judge we have on her ridiculous & highly partisan case against me & my family. His name is Arthur Engoron, & he is a vicious, biased, and mean “rubber stamp” for the Communist takeover of the great & prosperous American company that I have built over a long period of years. He was appointed by my worst enemies. Case was to go to a new Judge, but he demands to keep it. I have no jury or Civil Rights!”

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

Indict them. All of them. There is certainly enough cause and evidence and they use their positions as an abuse of power. They are all illegitimate.


Don’t give up the fight, President Trump. The radical left is on a vicious warpath to turn America into a communist hellhole. We must do everything possible to stop it, or else what are we living for?


This judge needs to be FIRED! So unfair and bias. Prayers for you President Trump. We support you all the way.

Kreg Vergith

Looks like the scarlet letter is back in fashion for the Left.


How are American citizens and YOU suppose to deal with this kind of corruption? We cannot fight this kind of tyrranical government! I pray daily our country will be able to survive and go back to the way our forefathers intended our country to be run!


The Witch Hunt continues, but we never give up and we never give in. We will always win!


I like that quote.
We will also always stand behind President Trump.

Jack Mehof

Hope someone changes his Depends!


I’m sure Jill has already taken care of it.
Now if someone could only teach him how to read from a teleprompter correctly America would have a President that was only a disgrace, a liar, a cheat and still an idiot but just a little less of one. Nah, impossible. Btw who’d you vote for? Don’t tell me that you were one of the 81 million. lol



1995 called and said it wants its even then unfunny and not clever user name back. WAIT! Hold on a second……they just called back and said since it was was played out then and no one found it humorous you can just keep it.


joy young

none of us on the right has a chance with the current judiciary and police.



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