I never even gave it a thought

“Despite the fact that the 2020 Presidential Election was Rigged and Stolen, and while numerous people, including the outside public, were saying we should bring in the Military, I never even gave it a thought. The writings within these third-rate books are Fake News, and “General” Milley (who Mattis wanted to send to Europe in order to get rid of him), if he said what was reported, perhaps should be impeached, or court-martialed and tried. Never once did I have a discussion with him about bringing in the Military, or a “coup,” which makes sense, because I lost total confidence in him and the way he handled himself on our little walk to the church. He tries to be a tough guy, which he is not, but he choked beyond belief as soon as a microphone was stuffed in front of his face or, at the mere sight of the Fake News Media. So, there was no talk of a coup, there was no coup, it all never happened, and it’s just a waste of words by fake writers and a General who didn’t have a clue. What there was, was a Rigged and Stolen election, and those facts have come out, and are coming out, loud and clear. Because of the Rigged Election, our Country will suffer like perhaps never before with open Borders, Crime, and Inflation, which will eat everyone alive!”

By Donald J. Trump

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In trump world anyone who says anything against him or criticizes him is a liar (even if that person was being praised the week before), but I’ve never seen any libel or slander lawsuits.
Also, you really did look ridiculous holding that bible.


Sue, Atheist are welcome in China!


Atheism = Satanism


Hey Criminal Joe Biden, wake up, President Trump was Re-Elected!

Mike Kissinger

Hi trollie…..2 false things in one statement, bravo.


Mike, I thought you flew your Unicorn to Cuba to help over throw the communist government?

Mike Kissinger

Still unable to contribute eh Stuart? That is ok, like I said, you are very good for a laugh Thank you.


Biden is illegitimate.
Biden is a Pretender

Trump won and our True President.
The truth will set you free.

Mike Hunt

Weak baby loser say what?

Kathryn Vass

Yep. Already have been feeling the inflation on rent, groceries, pet care, etc. It’s a bite by bite eating alive scenario until you hardly have a leg left to stand on. Seriously.

Sorry about the books coming out with hyperbole, lies, and what not. I think most of us know that’s the way of it these days, though. Akin to the fake news—kissin’ cousins sort of thing. Many devotees to that Golden Calf of money/power.

I wonder if General Milley is a bit stuck in his glory days—way back when. Retirement and age can sometimes do that to the best of us. Perhaps especially to the best of us bc it may be hardest for those folks to let go of the past. Nonetheless, regardless of his reason, too bad you are the target of that Milley war. Thank goodness you are no stranger to such unfounded assaults. Story of your life, huh?!

Patriots remain solid and strong for you. God bless Trump and God bless the USA!

Last edited 2 years ago by Kathryn Vass

Amen! Well Said!

Mike Kissinger

Kathryn, do you even understand what inflation is or what causes it? Simply, it is based on supply and demand. There was/is a pandemic (you are probably part of the cadre that denies it, but that’s ok), supplies were way down, because people who produce goods could not go to work, hence prices went up. Takes awhile for the supply chain to catch up, but don’t worry.

As far as any books coming out, do you read? What was the last book that you read?

Last edited 2 years ago by Mike Kissinger

Hyper Inflation is caused by increased fiat $ chasing the same amount of goods.
Trillions of dollars in the system will drive inflation.

Higher cost energy supply causes inflation (Biden catastrophic policies) because it is a component into all consumer goods.

Fluctuation in a limited amount of consumer goods is not inflation.

Mike Appleton

He sat and spoke, face to face, with ALL these authors. He could not stop puking up all the stories in these books. That’s what malignant narcissist, pathetic liars do. Once he calls someone a liar, that’s the tell – what ever he said, is true. All the newly released books are true, all written by NYT best selling authors. Wake up and realize that you, and all your MAGA cult members have been lied to, over and over again. History will not bode well for you…




Hard to believe how rigged this election was. At 1:30 AM we were winning, and everyone went to sleep, and we woke up at 3: AM to find out how only “certain places” had a boatload of votes 100% for Biden.

Mike Kissinger

Very hard to believe, because it did not happen. The US 2020 election was the most validated, certified, transparent election in history. Timing of when ballots come in is extremely irrelevant. But hold on to that, you mostly have nothing else.

Enjoy your alternate universe.

David Jones

That’s funny. This was not the most secure and legitimate election ever. There is plenty of evidence, you need not look very hard or long to find some.

Mike Kissinger

Hmmmmm….lemme see, who should I believe…..a wanna be dictator with a proven track record of lying? Or a decorated general who has served honorably? Decisions, decisions…..

BTW Mr. Trump, what was the reasoning for holding up a bible in front of a church? Sure was weird, even for you.

David Jones

Really? It is Biden and his administration that are literally trying to be dictators. Trump was not. And you want to talk about a track record of lies? Trump didn’t lie about what he would do or anything. Biden has a nearly 50 year career record full of lies however. Even recently. He said at the debate that he never said he would ban fracking and take away guns. Lies. I’ve lost track of all the lies he has told this year alone along with his administration.

Nikki Cavin-Grace

Please stay strong and keep broadcasting truth, Mr. President


Rock N Roll President Trump and Gods Speed!

Mike Kissinger

We do want him to stay strong, but unfortunately, he has yet to broadcast any truth.

….and it is for selfish reasons I want him to stay strong: I want to see him do the perp walk under his own power.

Last edited 2 years ago by Mike Kissinger
David Jones

Trump was impeached twice for political and baseless reasons, and was acquitted twice. He has not been charged and convicted of any wrong doing whatsoever. The Mueller investigation concluded that Trump Did Not collude with russia as was pushed for years.
Biden has abused his power and brought much wealth for his family. Hunter biden got a job in Ukraine for which he had no experience or qualifications for and made a ton of money, as an adviser. China has admitted to paying biden and his son a lot of money. Biden canceled our pipeline while helping russia build theirs. Biden has helped china a ton after china helped him get in. Biden has admitted that he has been close and had a good and personal relationship with the president of china, and talked about all the times he has sat down with him. The fbi and media has been protecting biden and his son.
I could go on and on.



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