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The FAKE news is Going Nuts because gas prices are through the roof, the economy is in the crapper, the border crisis and everything else under FAKE President Bidumb has gone to SHIT!
Mike Pence = Judas Iscariot!


It’s all three!


They are grasping at anything to make fake news. The public isn’t buying it.
Ignore the radical lefties. They have no integrity or shame.
It’s sad that we can no longer trust the news and press for important truthful information.
They are trying their best to help the Biden regime destroy America.


Fake news chasing fake info. while ignoring real news such as the attempted murder of our Supreme Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
Gives it little airtime compared to shoving fake or less important issues.
They are in bed with the evil of this regime. Hurting the public as a whole.
Fake news and the Press Incompetent and unreliable.

Mark Rakow

Yeah; some attempt. The guy called 911 on HIMSELF.

Phillis Massad

That it is far leftists communists democrat garbage is no Doubt! The outrageous things they come up with just show how desperate they are. God bless our true President, President Trump. The leftists communists democrats installed a Trojan horse and the communists are the puppet masters. God bless America! God bless our World!


“You will know them by their fruit”. Shame on Pence. Mike Pence is a fake friend, a fake Christian, a fake conservative and a fake patriot. He is a snob and an elitist right up there with Pierre Delecto and Crooked Hillary. The left will literally do anything, at this point, and get away with it too. The blood is in the water and they have ZERO intentions of going back to playing patty cake with the American citizens.
If the fake news leftists are so concerned about someone saying something against Pence, why did they circle their wagons around Eric Coomer, who wrote horrific things about Pence on his Facebook page? We, of course, ALL (including them) know the answer.

Linda M

❤🇺🇸❤ They are full of lies Sir. That’s all they can do. Lies to cover up other lies. If I live long enough to see it, I’ll rejoice when I see they are in Guantanamo. Probably the Lord would not approve of my attitude but they have hurt and made so many miserable that’s how I feel.

My Man Trump

I know you didn’t, but I’ll say it and more. He is a weak, pathetic rino who thinks he can run and win in 2024. LMAO! Go home and lick your wounds. What a let down you turned out to be. Your political career is basically over unless you ride with the commies.


Mike Pence = TOAST!


According to Prof. Dershowitz, what the “unselect committee” did was unethical because the tapes were doctored and this defrauded viewers. “President Trump committed no crimes”. Entire Gateway Pundit article below:

There must be some way you can sue these animals for libel/slander. We know what you said and didn’t say….those creeps at the J6 committee will ultimately regret this sham.

You’re the best president we’ve ever had, they know it, and are terrified you will get rid of them (swamp rats) ; eg. they go after you every possible way.
My husband and I pray for you every day, President Trump….we love you, FLOTUS Melania, and your family. We know you will bring this country back from the abyss — we just wish it were tomorrow.


Of course not sir, but it was Pence’s fault. He could’ve prevented this nightmare, but for a Mason Coin sold us out as Judas did…


Just like Judas sold out Jesus!


That’s not what they are saying. They said when the crowd was chanting Hang Mike Pence You said the following “maybe our supporters have the right idea,” Pence “deserves it.” But of course Donald you still lie and say I never said that. Sad when a Former President Of The US has to lie to the American People

Last edited 11 months ago by Dan

Over 30,000 times!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr

Fake news, CNN and MSNBC, Washington Com-post, and the fake New York Times, need to go out of business ASAP.
Democrats and RINO turds with their un-select J-6 hoax. These people are destroying our Country.
We need our rightful President, President Trump back in the White House ASAP.
2000 Mules!!!


I’m so sick of them coming after you. They will say and do anything to try to defame you. Just show’s how desperate and scared they are.
Stay strong President Trump.
Prayers for you and your family.


I was there, January 6th, 2021. I DID hear “Hang Mike Pence.” But that did NOT come from you, President Trump. That came from an inciteful attendee. I walked past a group of people sporting the green/orange/black flag. BLM was in attendance. The rally/protest was INFILTRATED. John Sullivan, a BLM activist, sold his capitol building selfie for $70K to CNN & NBC.


Ray Epps and the FBI (GESTAPO) OPERATIVES SAID HANG Mike Pence and we must enter the Capitol!


Disgusting!! Need to find out where this came from. Who came up with this crap?


Everyone with a Brain knows it is Bullshit!


Sue them! Find a way.


they will say anything mr. president to make you and our maga movement look bad.

Pat McGroin

The MAGA movement has no issues looking bad all by it’s self.

We need YOUR help

Assist us in spreading the word of the 45th president!