I want his agent!

“Fox News had a really bad night. They were way off on the count and timing in the Oz vote. Anybody watching would have said it was over, when actually it was just the opposite. I assume the coverage was being led by the same guy that called “Arizona” who, believe it or not, they brought back. I want his agent!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Renee Storm

I don’t know who’s watching Fox news still… prob a bunch of bots there too. what a joke! lies lies and 1/2 truths. until I hear Lara Logan’s back on Hamite, I’m DONE with them.

Margaret ClarkPrice

Boycott FOX!


Fox calling it was the coordinated signal to shut it down. Recall Tucker came on shortly after the guy from Fox called it to question him. Tucker seemed bewildered that the guy called AZ for Biden.

Save Our United States

Fox News has been going downhill like the rest.


Not sure about this choice sir, but I believe in you. Time will tell, especially if this is a FF.

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