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It is way (2 years) past due that this POS criminal corrupt arrogant braindead pedophile be hung for the TREASONOUS crimes he has committed against this nation!!! The evil demonrats want to arrest our president, but this TREASONOUS criminal FAKE FRAUD sits in our presidents seat!! Can someone please tell me why a bullet has not been placed between those damn beady eyes yet??


Illegitimate Joe is this Nation’s worst NIGHTMARE!!

Nancy A. Daylo

No, we are not in decline… it is just Joe lying down on the job. He has struck out for the umpteenth time. How many chances does he get? If he is not stopped, we will be. taken over by his buddies, China and the other bad. boys.He wants to destroy AMERICA. And he was able to cheat his way into the Presidency. He did not win in 2020. It was. you.
I don’t believe it was just Hunter. The DEMS rigged the elections all over the place.If it doesn’t come out today, it will come out eventually. TRUTH has a way of doing that, coming out, like a flower in the field, it comes out and smells good. Joe Biden’s 2020 Election stinks like. f**ts.It smells worse than rotten eggs. When you were President, you did at least 101 wonderful things for AMERICA. BUT… Joe has done at least 101 horrible things for AMERICA. AT LEAST!
AND… You have gotten more pain and suffering for the good things you have done by the regime of evil doers. Is it a wonder? That is what they do. They are LIARS and sons of the EVIL ONE, THE DEVIL. They don’t believe in GOD and morality. They do not know it, but death will come and they will be headed for eternity in hell. They better wake up while they have a chance with you to be PRESIDENT AGAIN. Mark Pomerantz spent years of sleepless nights trying to get something on you. one would think he would come away with an appreciation of a good man. Why does ne not see? He has tortured himself with hate night and day relentlessly trying to ‘GET TRUMP.” Here you are, innocent and good, our President. What he has done not only destroyed himself, but many people and the taxpayer’s money. All ye Trump haters, wise up and vote for him,; he is the BEST MAN EVER. Nancy A. Daylo


FJB! and the Commie-Libs!
TRUMP 2024!

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