I was innocent on all counts

“They spied on my Campaign, Impeached me twice, had the Russia, Russia Hoax, the Fake Dossier Hoax, FISA Fraud, Election Fraud, the “No Collusion” Mueller Hoax, and so much more. I was innocent on all counts. If I am elected, they will be brought to JUSTICE, something that Republicans have always been afraid to do.”

By Donald J. Trump

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That confuses me as to why the Republican leaders have not done anything about this. Its all there plain and simple the truth and they do nothing. We need to get rid of the weak , coward Republicans.

Mary Geiger

You’re right, they accused you of everything under the sun but that is what they were projecting on you because it is they who did anything and everything, breaking one law after another and if not breaking them they ignored them. They need to be under a microscope to be able to see all the evil they have done. And they would be guilty of all of it. They are not nice people.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Why is shifty man not been jailed for his use of the Russia hoax????!!!

Nancy A. Daylo

Dear President Donald J. Trump, No doubt the DEMS and all those people who are harassing you ARE AFRAID. And heads will roll once justice is restored. They have a lot to be afraid of because they treated you like a criminal when it is they themselves that are guilty of breaking every law and should be put away for a gazillion years. And you know something, you are the ONLY ONE who could pull it off. Nancy A. Daylo



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