I will never stop fighting for Free and Fair elections

“President Donald J. Trump announced today his affiliated political committees raised nearly $82 Million during the period between January 1st and June 30th, 2021, from 3.2 million contributions. The committees have approximately $102 Million cash on hand.

These fundraising numbers, coupled with tremendous support in so many other ways, show that President Trump’s supporters want him to continue the fight for the America First Agenda and the truth in the 2020 elections. Free and fair elections are the bedrock of our constitutional republic. 

“Bringing the truth about the Rigged and Stolen 2020 election to light is critical to restoring faith in our election process and our country itself. On behalf of the millions of men and women who share my outrage and want me to continue to fight for the truth, I am grateful for your support. And I can’t imagine a more important time to elect good Republicans to the House and Senate. Commonsense conservatives were never more badly needed. We must have people who will stand for our America First Agenda of lower taxes, fewer regulations, support the Second Amendment, strong Borders, honoring our vets, and are very tough on crime. The American people know what’s at stake,” said President Donald J. Trump.

“I will never stop fighting for Free and Fair elections, and to elect the right candidates,” said President Trump.

The entities filed with the Federal Election Commission today for the reporting period of 1/1/21 through 6/30/21. The next reporting period for the joint entities will be 7/1/21 through 12/31/21.”

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Give them HELL President Trump!

Drink Clorox

Free and fair?
Then why did you call the SoS of Georgia and tell him to find enough votes for you to will the state?
You’re going to prison for that, Fat Donald.

Communist Detector

That never happend. Where did you hear that? That lesbian jewish woman with the dark rimmed glasses who wears mens suits and a male haircut? What’s her name… Rachel Maddow or something like that? Links to proof! I want to see this lie.


Rachel MADCOW!


YOU are going to HELL Commie-Lib!

True American

If there’s one thing we can rely on from the former and disgraced president Donald “Little Hands” Trump, is that whatever he’s bellyaching about is almost always to cover up that he’s the guilty party. Don the Con’s M.O. is to shift blame. Not to build, not to plan, not to have a grand strategy about anything. He’s looking for the grift, the next Trump University, the next ACN multi-level marketing BS, the next underage model to groom.

This “election fraud” noise is just the latest in a string of failed business models from Trump and his ilk.

Drink Clorox

You nailed it, True American.

With The Big Lie, Trump accomplishes three things:
He doesn’t have to concede defeat
He can get back at the Dems for the two impeachments
He can continue to fleece his cult with their donations.


Stick the vaccine in your eye while you drink Clorox Commie-Lib!


Thank you for not censoring these comments.

Mike Hunt

“I will never stop lying about free & fair elections as long as my marks, eh, fans are willing to part with a few dollars every month!”


Liberal LOSER!


Election fraud is so obvious, those that don’t see it must be brainwashed by the radical left. The truth will prevail, the evidence will be seen in court, in due time. Can’t wait to rid of the evils of the communist democrats. Keep fighting for truth President Trump. We the people of the judaeo christian America, stand with you!


No, logical people are just waiting to see it.
The Arizona audit only gives opinions on what they think equals fruad and the evidence they do produce can be debunked by anyone able to do a quick google search and before I hear you say “well google is apart of big tech and they are in on it”, you can look up the actual rules and regulations regarding elections in PDF format.

The Audit is a cash grab for thos on the right hence why its still on going, Americans are fronting the money for this operation via Crowd Funding, Fund Raising and even via Taxes, Trump and others know this is very profitable operation you donate to them and the auditors and as long as they claim frud and they can keep this up for however long they can. Why do you think Trump wont announce hes running again? Because he knows if he does all the money he is making will be counted as campaign funds and he wont be able to spend it as he pleases so If you cant see the proof then your are the bigger fool.

Mike Lindell, The Trumps and many others are the new age snake oil salesmen and I whole hardly feel sorry for the ones that are wasting money. I have cashapp if you want to waste money send it to me.

True American

Obvious? Truly? Fantastic. ‘Cuz after all the complaining and finger pointing and constant rallying cries of “Fraud!”, no one has actually produced any concrete fact of a fraudulent election. This has been going on for…oh…at least since Tiny Hands Donnie lost the election. Hell, even before that he was spouting – without any evidence at all – that the only way he could lose was going to be due to fraud. (Little insight for you, Renee – that’s all Don the Con does. He knows he’s a POS, so he’s learned to cast wide and flimsy accusations that everyone else is a fault…but not him. No…never him.)

You have nothing, Renee. You have talking points and some misguided adoration of a thrice-divorced grifter.

Drink Clorox

If Election Fraud is so obvious, where’s the proof? Show me the EVIDENCE.
Without evidence, you’re just fomenting a crazy conspiracy theory.
And I’m talking about real evidence admissible in a court of law.
Not hearsay, rumor or conjecture. Do you understand the difference?
If you have no evidence, all you have is a bullshit conspiracy theory.


Says the man who hasnt paid a cent into the election fruad audits.

Trump is going to take as much money from his allies as he can to pay for his legal defense, bankrupt companies, and his personal use.

His allies are going broke while making him more rich.

Mark my words the America first agenda is to line the pockets of one man.

“The American First Agenda”

Diane Michele Roy

We have everything President Donald J Trump. Besides the election fraud the media is covering up much “more” of the truth about the swamps crimes against humanity. God bless

Ralph Fleming

Please name some other crimes

Mike Kissinger

Sorry, Mr. Trump, you are not fighting for free and fair elections. We had those in 2020 and throughout our history.

It appears that you are fighting to be able to say that you did not lose.

Please stop. Thank you.


Pull your head out of your backside. You are just happy your guy won so you do not give a crap.

Mike Kissinger

Hello Jeff. So you support an ex-president trying to undermine our Republic? And is afraid to admit that he lost?


If you really want to see the truth? You need to open your mind and eyes and quit denying TRUTH

Mike Kissinger

Sure contin…….whatever. Please show me some truth about the 2020 election. Most of us non-cultists already know, Mr. Biden won, Mr. Trump lost. All per the US Constitution.

Which alternate truth are you referring to?

True American

You put your email address in the wrong line.

Drink Clorox

Well he voted for the wrong presidential candidate so at least he’s consistent


Mike you have that wrong… the democrats have done more harm in 4 years. than anyone could do in 100 years. I have never seen a more nasty group of people!

Mike Kissinger

You obviously have not read any of the posts here.

True American

More harm? Like what?


Democrats constant crap over President Trump. I have never seen so many nasty things go on towards a sitting President (state of the union) ring a bell? I have worked for many people I did not agree with. But still supported them. You can view most on C SPAN.

Mike Hunt

Oh Kevski, you fascist rube, Diaper Donnie has been in charge, swell in the White House anyway for the past four years. NO ONE’s been only four years since Carter. UNLESS your racist ass means the black fella & HE (not Twumpty) was there for two terms unlike the Mango Moron!


Now that’s interesting just what the democrats want america to think its racist. Don’t be concerned Biden/Harris in 2024 will be gone. Whats going on now is all kinda wrong. Not sure anyone will be able to fix the damage.

True American

I wonder if the proper punctuation of other posts is what is getting in the way of you understanding that you’re simply in the wrong Donald Trump will be in prison well before 2024 and anyway isn’t it a pipe dream among you Trumpophiles that he’s supposed to be resintalled in the oval office in two weeks or so that’s interesting because Trump always said that his healthcare plan would be published in two weeks but nothing ever was published so what’s up with that


True American

Oh, Jeff. Jeff, Jeff, Jeff. Jeffy Jeffy Bo-Beffy. Jefferino.

I’m happy that Biden/Harris won because I absolutely do give a crap. Please continue supporting Donald Trump. Be open and obvious about it. The majority of stand-up, sincere, true patriots like it when the enemy is obvious about their affiliations.

Michael Jenson

You can’t put a price on Liberty, I maybe on SSD but I’m going to throw my part in the Hat. God bless the USA and the President Trump. He loves America and never took a check.


Flag hugging orange faced bible holding piece of crap phony!!!!


Please for the love of God, use your money for yourself. You need it more than he does. It’s not going toward anything related to elections- everyone knows.

True American

Never…took…a….check? Okay “Michael Jenson.” Tell us, “Michael Jenson,” just what exactly you are talking about when you say that Donald “Itsy Bitsy Hands” Trump “never took a check.” I’m very, very curious.


His pay as president. He donated it each quarter.

True American

But did he?


all but last 200k so i read but who knows if its true the news.

Mike Hunt

Donald doesn’t give a fuck! As far as he’s concerned all you fuckers could drop dead tomorrow as long as he has your credit card! So you’re on SSDI Jetson? Fucking low-life commie bastard on a socialist dole! Do you jerk off to Fidel’s picture? Commie pervert! Never took a check? You are a RUBE! How many millions did Diaper Donnie blow on golf,& FBI/SS hotel room? The paycheck was just a tip for the caddies!

Mike Hunt

Giving away your mom’s crack money Jenson?

Drink Clorox

Michael, please DO NOT give any money to Trump. If you’re on SSD, you need it more that he does. Trump is a grifter, a charlatan, a Snake Oil Salesman. He hasn’t spent a dime on election fraud litigation. He’s spent it on getting out of debt.
Read this:
NEW YORK (AP) — A judge Thursday ordered President Donald Trump to pay $2 million to an array of charities as a fine for misusing his own charitable foundation to further his political and business interests.
New York state Judge Saliann Scarpulla imposed the penalty after the president admitted to a series of abuses outlined in a lawsuit brought against him last year by the New York attorney general’s office.
Among other things, Trump acknowledged in a legal filing that he allowed his presidential campaign staff to coordinate with the Trump Foundation in holding a fundraiser for veterans during the run-up to the 2016 Iowa caucuses. The event was designed “to further Mr. Trump’s political campaign,” Scarpulla said.


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