I will never support Lockdown Larry Hogan

“RINO Larry Hogan came out today, after suffering a monumental defeat in Tuesday’s Primary Election, and announced that he would never support Republican Gubernatorial Winner Dan Cox. Then, we have something in common, because I will never support Lockdown Larry Hogan. In my opinion, he was an absolutely terrible Governor of Maryland!”

By Donald J. Trump

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We don’t need anymore Rinos. They need to run as demorats, because that is what they are. Thank you President Trump.


Hogan can’t even control or run his pharmacy board,I have a family member who was intentionally poisoned by a pharmacist after they had a verbal altercation..she was given a very deadly medication on purpose at a toxic level,the pharmacist then changed all of the records in the MD state pharmacy database to cover her tracks and it’s all on paper and in possession of my relative…She sustained life altering permanent injuries ,as well as 3rd stage kidney disease as a result….Hogan refused to get involved even though it was premeditated attempted murder,his pharmacy board did nothing and the woman is still filling medication …He’s a feckless lame pos.


The rinos are just as scared as the democrats. They are losing big.


100% CORRECT Cindy!
Rinos are TOAST just like the Libs and They BOTH know it!


until Dominion saves their ass


Lockdown Larry can join Criminal Biden’s Unemployment Line of Liberals/Rinos!

My Man Trump

Great job, Dan Cox. The little rino whining bitch won’t support for you. Rinos are worse than commies.

Diane(Lion)ed information.

There was a news article posted in QResearch, mocking Dan Cox and “wacko” QAnon😥 The attacks are getting more intense and wicked, just as you predicted. God bless Dan Cox and all the patriots winning in this primary election. I’m praying for a biblical ending to the “show” and I hope it is soon. The lack of empathy, and total disregard, by the news media, is what hurts the most. No one realizes what courage it took exposing the swamp. I sometimes wish, I never fell down the rabbit hole, and it was my choice to know. I spent painful and sleepless nights, researching and archiving , downloading and exposing, all the declassified information. Why wont the news media ask the question? I have never seen anything like this in my entire life!! The news media would rather coverup, this worldwide , demonic, trafficking/pedophile ring, than acknowledge I exposed everything!! It’s been four years of tears and vicious attacks. Maybe I need to make candles or imitate bird calls. No one likes being “knowingly” ignored. Apparently exposing this trafficking/pedophile ring, isn’t worth acknowledging? I’m trying to trust the plan and I’m praying, justice is coming. No one deserves being persecuted for being truthful. I’m thankful God counts my tears because I’ve cried an ocean. You are always in my thoughts and prayers President Trump. I tried my very best and I never gave up. Maybe my best wasn’t good enough😞 God bless and Godspeed🌹🦁🇺🇸 MAGA

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Wino Pelosi = Sadomasochist and Town Drunk!

Save Our United States

Just another RINO who doesn’t know which side of the road to drive on.

Michael Jenson

hear “Ya hear “Ya just have to let them rhino’s go, BAA HA haha there is a nice pasture right by the packing house, get along little rhino get along

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