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Sarah Luu

ANY & ALL-WAYS they can find to CHEAT then LOOT!

Bonnie Posner

The only way they could win…pathetic!

My Man Trump

Wonder no more. You can’t win if you do not steal it. It’s the only way if you are a commie.


“2000 Mules” reveals it all!


Publisher of @DineshDSouza’s book 2000 MULES has issued a FULL RECALL. The book’s election fraud premise has been widely debunked. It’s true. Look it up.

Dan for DT

It’s not a book it’s a documentary film – so your statement is –Credibility==ZERO!

Mindy Pechenuk

Mail-In Voting must be stopped and a return to paper ballots, ID checks and cleaning up the voter roles. This is why we need you President Trump in the White House, we need a Federal action on to stop this mail-in voting. This is also one of the reasons I am running for California State Assembly 18, The state legislature in California could make these changes if the leadership was not run by the UNI Party. The state legislature voted mail-in ballots, so they could undo them. Mindy Pechenuk Republican Candidate for California State Assembly 18

jo young

we all know why but Pres Trump we get what or who we vote for and right now it looks like we have more citizens who vote based on “what is in it for them” vs what is good for the U.S. I don’t know how to change this attitude – maybe it is going to take us imploding.

Wild Bill

The United States of American is no longer a country of Freedom
Under the leadership of joe joe China will soon be in charge. The January 6 prisoners are locked up in prisons and held without a trial. They are beaten and tortured and starved. Soon China will be in charge. American’s don’t understand why this is happening. Under the leadership of joe joe and his democrat followers the american green back dollars won’t buy what we could buy two or three years ago. Gas for my truck which was $2 dollars under the leadership of Trump is now $4.65 and a month ago was $5.65 for 91 octane. My $100 a week grocery budget is now $150 plus. Yes the 2020 elections were rigged in the favor of joe joe and Colorado elections have been rigged for years and has been covered up by the media and the democrats of Colorado. The Republican Colorado party is weak. America is falling apart and the Republican leadership is asleep at the wheel. Life was much better under Trumps leadership. joe joe and his democrat followers message is we want to take away from you and we want to control you. Soon China will dominate our freedfom. joe joe has been financially well compensated with millions $$$$ of dollars gifted from China. America turn that TV set off and read and search the internet. God bless President Trump and his Beautiful family.


Right On!
Well Said!


Sir: You are the President, so go back to the White House and immediately:
-Stop the COVID-Shot
-Close the Southern Border
-Arrest all traitors and install the Republic
-And let’s work together to Re-Make Amerika to Greatness!


Not requiring voter ID is the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard!


They are still cheating in California, and I believe they will nationwide as long as they have mail in ballots. Machines are a problem too. One day voting, voter I.D., paper ballots.


I wonder if most mainstreamers can be convinced of that fact. If not, cheating will continue.


In Person ONLY voting with Paper ballots the DAY OF THE ELECTION.
Unless you are in the military or nursing home.




I believe that all precincts should be run by the military and when it comes to nursing homes I think that we would also have enough men and women in the military to pick up the votes personally there.


Great Idea!


They want to let all the illegal aliens that has evaded our Country by the democrats agenda to be able to vote for them. It’s ashame how they’re using these people as part of their assault on America.


This is part of the NWO agenda: to replace one nation with another one and by doing so create a new constituency that depends on the communist system.


No mailed ballots except for absentee for certain reasons, no harvesting. Need voter ID. One day of voting. Small neighborhood precincts. How many years did we vote on one day. Results within 3-4 days, not 36, like in CA.

R Minoglio

We can’t let them steal another election. The demoRATS hate America and the American people. Let’s go Brandon. MAGA!


Arrests, need to take place at least one month before the Midterms, otherwise this will be 2020 again or maybe even worse!

Hang biden

Mr president, you are concerned about the midterm elections and the 24 elections, and you are correct in your concern, however, you were fully aware that these bastards were going to steal the 20 election, yet did nothing to stop the FRAUD!!! When they blatantly stole the election, you did nothing to stop them! You knew the destruction they would bring upon our nation but you did not invoke the insurrection act nor did you declare Marshall law. You just walked away. Yes for two years now you are declaring the election was stolen, but you did NOTHING to stop this evil coup!! You were in the position of highest power in this country, and you gave it to these evil bastards without a fight!!! You sir had control of the military. The military has all the evidence of foreign interference in the stolen election, yet you just walked away! We the people who elected you in an overwhelming landslide waited every day for our duly elected president to defend his victory, instead sir you gave up the fight for your rightful place as president of this nation!! You had full power to take action, but instead you relinquished your power to a FAKE FRAUD braindead corrupt criminal pedophile to utterly destroy this country!!You knew this was going to happen. You described in detail how they were going to destroy the country we love, and you allowed it to happen!!!This coup could have been stopped!! You had the power as president to use the military, but instead you gave this country to our enemies!! Yes the swamp is deep and the enemy is strong, but these traitors are NO MATCH for our military!! We now need a president who will take action against these POS bastards that are TRAITORS to our country, not one who just uses his former notoriety to hold rallies, and use media to bitch about how bad things are!! Mr. President, we the people are angry!! We are angry that this country is being destroyed from within by TRAITORS of this nation, AND SIR we are angry that you sir who is our duly elected president is doing NOTHING except bitch every day on mass media how bad things are! Two years ago we the people begged you to take action, yet you did nothing! We waited EVERY day to hear news that you were the leader that would take action against this treason, yet two years later this country is utterly being destroyed by TREASONOUS actors that overthrew the duly elected president of the greatest nation on earth!!! Who would have believed that such TREASON would occur in our country, and even more so, who would have believed that NOTHING would be done about such an overthrow of government!!! Now we the people just watch HELPLESSLY as our enemies destroy us! Sir, if you do not take action against this treason now how are we the people to trust you to lead us in 24? If you do not wright this massive wrong, you have no right to ask for our vote in 24!

R Minoglio

I will vote for President Trump. I dont know why he didn’t do anything but I believe he had a reason. Let’s go Brandon. MAGA!


Your rant is understandable. Your frustration is obvious. But the biggest point you’re missing is that the nation is of the people, for the people, by the people. That means, we the people have to participate in the government we chose to represent us. No longer can we trust the government to act on its own without our consent. It is the consent of the governed that power is delegated to the government. Abraham Lincoln once said, “We, the people are the rightful masters of Congress & the Courts. Not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.” President Lincoln said, “we, the people,” not “me, the president.”


Don’t kid yourself, there’s a lot President Trump knows that we don’t. So remember that before you judge him so harshly.


So many open questions and I can only hope that this two last years were NOT controlled opposition. We will see……..


Hang Biden, ye have little faith. 45 DID do something about the stolen elections and voter fraud. In 2018 he signed the election integrity executive order, then he created Space Force. Hint: Space Force is NOT about space. Think cyber space. When he said, we caught them all, he meant it. The reason it LOOKS like he has done nothing is, you do not stop criminals when they are in the process of committing their crimes. You allow them to keep committing their crimes as you gather the evidence, then you spring it on them and the public. 45 is ten miles ahead of ALL of the cheating criminals in the local to federal levels of government. He IS draining “The Swamp”.


Out of curiosity what have you done to change things around? Have you signed up to be a poll watcher, have you helped people wake up by doing anything but bitching? I believe in the plan, now start supporting it and stop being just a complainer.



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