I wonder why?

“There was no “misdemeanor” here either. There was no crime, period. All other of the many Democrat law enforcement officers that looked at it, took a pass. So did Cy Vance, and so did Bragg. But then, much latter, he changed his mind. Gee, I wonder why? Prosecutorial Misconduct and Interference with an Election. Investigate the Investigators!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Airmen Anderson

It is so clear to see this whole thing is a Political Ploy & Plot to try and turn the tables against you Mr. President. The only ones that should be meeting up with these NY Coons are the OMC, JAG, and Special Forces to arrest them for interfering with a Presidential Campaign and Past Presidential Elections! Namely the 2020 Presidential Election.

My recommendation is for the OMC, JAG & Special Forces arrest the Manhattan District Attorney, arrest the Fulton County GA District Attorneys, arrest Justice John G Roberts Jr. post haste! in conspiring against the Republic, We the People, and you Mr. President; in a blatant assault of lunacy from the Deep State, the far left arresting a Dully Elected President on nothing! In the name of Christ, Jesus, this shall not happen the Deep State arresting you, Mr. President Sir! God forbid.

God save the Republic!


RIGHT ON President Trump!
TRUMP 2024!


Nothing but a political witch hunt.



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