I would rain down fire and fury

“This Afghanistan Disaster wouldn’t have happened with Trump. The Taliban knew I would rain down fire and fury if any American personnel or interests were harmed, the likes of which have never been seen. This is a catastrophe of historic proportions.”

By Donald J. Trump

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Mrs. Sunshine

Understand the events occurring in Afghanistan now is planned and endorsed by our unrepresentative and prostituted United States federal Government.

Our corrupt federal government wants us weak and demoralized. Nothing in Afghanistan is an accident or poor planning. To the contrary, it’s going exactly as our corrupt federal government wants. Globalists can’t have OWG without destroying American independence and our Constitutional Republic first.

The G7 gets on media now to complain about the biden* administration*. The same G7 that despised Trump and from whom they helped steal a Presidency. Now the G7 is sharing the pain they helped wrought. Screw them.

Taiwan and South Korea are next on the chopping block of American shame.

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And this is why America loves and supports you, Mr. President, to the tune of approximately 80m people, except you might could add say 50m or so of Joe’s votes to that now. Yep, we’ll just round it up to 130m people. Sounds fair to me. Sound fair to y’all? Thank you, Sir, for your America First mindset, too. You make us feel safe, even though I’ve almost forgotten how that feels, but I do remember I liked it. 🥰 Soooo looking forward to that again someday!!! God bless Trump so he can make America First and Safe again!

Michael Villano

No Kidding.
Only the malignantly befuddled believe otherwise.


Thank God we had you for awhile. Maybe the people are waking up to the truth that the deep state and China stole the election of 2020. God help us if we can’t turn this around.
People take a deep breath and think China invading us is next. The Clinton’s and Joe Biden sold this country out. Traitors everywhere.


Raise that Bible phony

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