ICYMI – December 18

“Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls Mitch McConnell ‘Biden’s B*tch’ Over Debt Ceiling Vote”

“Biden’s Broken Promises Show There is No Secret Plan to Fight COVID”

“Letitia James dropped out of NY gov race after failing to fundraise: sources”

“Trump says wokeness can’t stop Christmas: ‘America loves Christmas'”

“Exclusive—Poll: Trump-Backed David Perdue Takes Commanding Lead Over Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp in Primary”

“EXCLUSIVE: New NHJournal Poll Finds Biden, BBB Underwater With Granite State Voters”

“Two Polls Show Growing Fear That Biden’s Spending Will Make Inflation Worse”

“Liz Cheney at forefront of hollow Jan. 6 war: Devine”

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Great Job David Purdue!
Kemp is TOAST!
Make Georgia Great Again!

My Man Trump

Congratulating President Trump’s endorsement of David Perdue. Kick Kemp’s butt.

Go Marjorie Greene! McConnell IS Biden’s bitch. Thank you Marjorie for not being another spineless Republican.

Yes, Mr. President, Americans do love Christmas. Do you know what real Americans do not love–wokeness, cancel culture and marxist commies. AND OPEN BORDERS, YOU PRICK.

All those headlines tells me that President Trump must come back real soon. We are drowning and FJB and his regime is imploding fast.

Mark Rakow

Who gives a crap about what Trump says, about Christmas or anything else? He’s not president anymore.

Trump is yesterday’s news. Move on.

My Man Trump

You were never news but we have to tolerate you.


Obviously you do, or you wouldn’t be around here so much now would you?


There was a time not to long ago when being an American by birth, or becoming an American by the legal immigration process was such an HONOR!!! It was an HONOR to belong to the greatest nation on earth! Now, because of the corruption, because of the evil intent of those who were elected to serve this great nation, and most of all because of the FRAUD they planned and enacted upon the people of this nation, we the people hang our heads in shame!!!! Shame because we allowed this to happen! Shame, because we betrayed every drop of blood that was given for this nation!!! Shame, because we did not fight this corrupt evil, but instead were complacent, and allowed such a disgrace, such corruption, greed, and evil to infiltrate from the lowest to the highest seat in our government!!
BUT!!!! WE WILL NOT HANG OUR HEADS IN SHAME FOR LONG!!!! We will arise once again and TAKE BACK OUR NATION!!!! We will avenge ALLLL!!!! who brought this disgrace to we the people of this nation!!! WE ARE AMERICANS!!!, and it’s not in our blood to hang our heads in shame!!! It’s not in our blood to surrender to the enemy!!! We stand tall, we stand strong, we stand united, and we hold the torch of justice, burning with a fire that can NOT be quenched!!! That touch will be held high, HIGH for the world to see!! And once again will will lift our heads, no longer bearing the burden of shame placed upon our shoulders by those among us who wish to destroy, and defeat us!!! As Abraham Lincoln saved this country from destruction, the greatest president of this century Donald Trump, will lead this country back to a place of honor and respect in this world! And we the people will stand strong!! We will once again have the respect of the nations!!! AND BY GOD WE WILL SHOW ANYONE WHO WOULD EVER EVEN THINK OF BRINGING HARM OR EVIL TO THIS NATION WHAT WE AMERICANS DO TO THOSE WHO WOULD EVER TRY TO SHAME US AGAIN!!!





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