ICYMI – September 28

“Maricopa County audit flags 57k+ ballot issues in a state Biden won by fewer than 11k votes”
Read the full article by Sharyl Attkisson here

“Trump invites Marine who pulled baby over Kabul wall onto stage at rally prompting ‘USA!’ chants”
Read the full article by Andrew Mark Miller with Fox News here.

“Donald Trump Gets Big Numbers at Georgia Rally as GOP Pushes to Flip State Back to Red”
Read the full article by Jeff Poor with Breitbart here

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The elite are pushing very hard their agenda. They want all of us to be vaccinated for what reason. People are dying from it. What happened to freedom of choice or just plan freedom. The 2020 election and now the push through of the canadian election shows the elite are in control. Canada is now comunist and they are taking the peoples rights away….this will happen across the USA as well…we see it happening in many states. People need to stand up and protest in the streets before it is too late. Canada is starting to ban protests and anything that goes against the main stream media. How is it the main stream media is now controlling our lives? Dear god stop the blasphemy…now they are using gods name to push poison upon us….satan has corrupted these people. We will see more people dying soon. They planned this…hemce the mass cofins they have across north america. I met someone that fled china in the past few weeks and they said china is sending their people across the planet to take over. He was very scared and said the China government is putting people in camps and harvesting their organs. Biden and Trudeau are helping China take over. They need Trump to stay out of the way…..he is the last hope before they take over. China is already in control but there is one last push before the power is given to them and that is China will shoe their force. Why do you think Biden gave away a bunch of military weapons/equipment…to weaken the united states defence. We are seeing the end of freedom and the era of tyranny. A lot of people are going to die. God Bless…pray to the lord and hope you are saved.


Nothing says 75 million votes like stadiums across the nation chanting “F@#k Bi$@n” at the top of their lungs.

Debra Puddy

So is this crap going to end…soon…or are we to continue to suffer, so that the whole damn world has awakened! You know we the people didn’t steal the election, but it’s we the people who are suffering, so, at what point do you deem that America has had the right amount of damage done to our lives? If you truly have the Trump card, then use it!

Bonnie Posner

Thank you…sharing!

Save Our United States

GA did not look quite right to me so I did some quick research awhile back.

2020 Donald Trump Lost by -0.2%
2016 Donald Trump Won by +5.1%                             
2012 Mitt Romney Won by +7.8%
2008 John McCain Won by +5.2%
2004 George W Bush Won by +16.6%
2000 George W Bush Won by +11.7%
1996 Bob Dole Won by +1.2%
1992 Bill Clinton 3-way Race Clinton/Bush/Perot. Clinton won by +0.5%
1988 George HW Bush Won by +20.3%
1984 Ronald Reagan Won by +20.4%
1980 Jimmy Carter Georgia Resident
1976 Jimmy Carter Georgia Resident
1972 Richard Nixon Won by +50.4%
1968 George Wallace Independent
1964 L.B. Johnson Last Democrat to win GA without explanation

The Trafalgar poll (which was one of the most accurate for the 2020 election) predicted President Trump winning GA in 2020 by the same 5% as 2016. Also note that GA was a blue “island” surrounded by a sea of red states.


For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life..John 3:16


John 14:6..Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father but by me.

Stalwart Republican

You lost, prick. Be a man and deal with it.

Tim Plumley

He’s a winner deal with it asshole


Why is it Democrats stick together no matter what but Republicans never hesitate to throw each other under the proverbial bus?


Our once hollowed media is as shameless as the worst of any politician. They flounder on the surface spewing their one sided stories, refusing to go deeper.
Read for yourself the 96 page Arizona audit (easy reading, many graphs). There are many problems unresolved, that a even a neophyte reporter could see. Yet our so called “mainstream media” just looks the other way (sad).


They can GO TO HELL!


President Trump was Re-elected in a LANDSLIDE of At Least 30 MIILION VOTES PLUS!
We have a CORRUPT government and a FAKE president!

Johnny Appleseed

Everyone is looking for the storm.

The storm is you.

The storm is me.

The storm is the people that know something is out of place.

The storm is our neighbors waking up and realizing we have all been played.

The storm is people who are normally on opposite sides putting down their weapons against each other and coming to the understanding we have all been on the same side the entire time, rallied against one another.

The storm is subtle as the wind and epic as an atom bomb.



Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed



and you were with Epstein and Trump too!!!

My Man Trump

Great rally and yes I know that more than 20,000 people were there. The problem with Georgia is not the people, it is the corrupt rinos in office. But the President (Trump) will fix that.


The ghost of Scranton Pennsylvania says…oooh…Joe. cryptkeeper…puppet president..


GA is Trump territory. Only reason there are Jackasses in office are the fake votes. “Justice delayed is justice denied”

Save Our United States

I can assure you that many more than an “estimated 20,000” attended the Perry, GA rally.


if they were paid

Save Our United States

I am going to take a giant leap here and suggest that people attended not for pay but because they seek leadership.


George Soros couldn’t even get 200 paid leftist to show-up at a Biden rally…


Looking forward to October 9th 2021 rally in Des Moines Iowa!! I believe you will have an RSBN live link here available, or on their Rumble live link here


No screwtube for me anymore.

Nice article by Sharyl Attkisson, great interview with Jovan Hutton Pulitzer here


We need YOUR help

Assist us in spreading the word of the 45th president!