ICYMI: “Afghanistan Reveals All the President’s Weaknesses”

Read the full article by William McGurn with the Wall Street Journal here.

ICYMI: “This debacle has exposed Joe Biden as a failed president”

Read the full article by Ben Domenech with the New York Post here.

ICYMI: “Marine Battalion Commander Fired After Blasting ‘Inept’ Military Leadership Over Afghanistan Withdrawal”

Read the full article by Alana Goodman with The Washington Free Beacon here.

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Cj Gazerro

2020 election was the largest landslide election if you count the real votes. Any moron that thinks Joe Biden got more of the black vote then Obama is smoking something very very potent. Think about how crazy it sounds just saying it Joe Biden got much more of the black vote then Obama. That’s all we have to except that Joe Biden was the most popular president in USA history the guy that can’t fill eight circles. PS President Trump I got the contract for the imperfect circles it’s called hula hoops circles Inc.

Cj Gazerro

The consequences of this corrupt election could be a century if this regime is not stopped with making financial commitments that we cannot afford. We will have to change military welfare and many other programs to help pay for it. As we also know the highest income to the government was when President Trump had the lowest taxes 17, 18, 19. Raising taxes will cause less income to the United States treasury. The only way the Democrat party makes sense is if you except what would you do to try to destroy and bankrupt and ruin the United States of America. In that continents the Democrat party looks very successful. We must have a President Trump for four years followed by our beautiful Dakota governor or are beautiful Florida governor. If we could get that 12 years of America first we could correct this country with that we need 62 senators and 72 more in the house than the Democrats. We need to overpower them at every level so we can change this country to a conservative follow the law country without any interruption. What’s so wrong we’re following the constitution that’s what conservatism is follow the laws follow the laws on the books


FAKE President Biden has been a Complete, Corrupt, TOTAL Failure his whole life.
His corrupt regime is No different!

Last edited 2 years ago by Stuart
Tim Tates

We should have listened to war hero Senator Joe McCarthy before the left-wing radicals in the news media destroyed him! When the Soviet Union collapsed they allowed people to look at their archives and they found out that McCarthy was right about our government having treasonous communists in different positions! That is nothing compared to what the VOTER FRAUD Democrats have put in place since then. The last election was a VOTER FRAUD Democrat COUP, and if we don’t correct the 2020 election then we might as well accept that the corrupt Marxist Democrats will stay in power!

Phuk Que

Joe McCarthy did NOT serve in the military. He was a judge in Appleton, Wisconsin & got excluded from serving. You can have an your own opinion Timmy, but not your own facts.


Mr. Que,
Sen McCarthy was in the US Marines during WWII, until 1945 when he returned to private practice. Mr. Tate was 100% correct. You, Mr. Phukey, are entitled to your own opinion, however, if it doesn’t tax your somewhat challenged brain too terribly much, you might take all of 6 seconds to research the fact that Sen McCarthy was in fact a member of the United States Marine Corps.

Meegan Fixler

Yes, he was, you dumb ass!

Major Taylor

The military needs to sieze the government and step up. Since Biden took office everything has went downhill. Biden and the puppet masters are trying hard to hold onto their stolen power.


Mr. (Real) President
Looks like you know who to appoint to the Head of the Joint Chiefs when you return. Lt. Colonel Scheller….get rid of General Mrs. Milley.


He’s never returning.


President Trump will WIN 2024 in the largest landslide in American history!

Meegan Fixler

I understand you sentiment, but he already won in the largest landslide in American history…the communist dems stole the 2020 election!!!


Mr. Prize,
The word never is absolute and in reality, it is virtually impossible to justify the use of this word. Take for example the following absolutes–Biden will never be President; Obama would never abandon his own Ambassador in Benghazi; Clinton would never lie about Monica Lewinsky; Hillary would never sell out our country to the Ukrainians; The US Supreme Court would never turn it’s back on the US Constitution…..you see these ideas that we think could “never” happen….. continue to happen…..and in the aforementioned examples, they have done so all to the detriment of this country………….I think what you actually meant to say was that the left and the global elites and the Covid Nazi’s and the mascara wearing members of the Joint Chiefs will NEVER keep President Trump from returning to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue………..MAGA…..




The opinion articles are more than two weeks old… what’s with that ?


The fact that this Marine was relieved of duty for speaking his truth -and the truth many of us see – is a total disgrace. This man gave 17 years of service to his country and this is how he gets treated for calling out the b.s.? It’s so wrong!!!

Angela Partin

Burden Biden handed terrorists weapons, intel, and money! Who’s pulling the strings?

Melody McManus

What I’d like to know is how much money did he get for our weapons and equipment?


The “Big Guy” always gets 10%. Remember that, C’mon man!

Cheryl Lueddeke

God Bless You President Trump. We need you where you belong IN THE OVAL OFFICE NOW. WE CANT AFFORD ANYMORE OF THIS ILLEGITIMATE DEMENTED TREASONOUS CRIMINAL REGIME 😫 Please whatever has to be done we have to do it. NOW.



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