ICYMI: “McCaul: Biden 100% Owns Afghanistan — Has ‘Blood on His Hands”

Read the full article by Pam Key with Breitbart here.

“Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal shows a disengaged, befuddled president”

Read the full article from the New York Post here.

“No, Biden Can’t Blame Trump For The Afghanistan Withdrawal Disaster”

Read the full article by Margot Cleveland with the Federalist here.

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The Soothsayer

If Biden owns the Afghanistan Evacuation and all the failures that go with it,
Would not Trump own the COVID Pandemic and all the failures that go with it?

Mrs. Sunshine

biden* is only a figurehead. He makes exactly zero decisions.

The decisions are made by Klaus Schwab, Soros and Xi representing the corporate oligarchy. The errand boys in the U.S. that control the biden* puppet are Obama, Clinton and Ron Klain.

You have to know who are the real enemies before you can fight the enemy.

Imma Doomas

You should be renamed “Mrs. Moonshine” ’cause you must be drunk as a monkey to write the insanities you do!


Why is trump so obsessed with President Biden and Afghanistan? Why protest so much? He always has to blame someone else for his mistakes.

Trump Won

Why are you so obsessed with Trump that you’re here?


TRUMP is trying to appear relevant & grab some news space… he’s “campaigning” and as his main man Rugy said “we’re allowed to lie” – also, note he’s cut way back on “election fraud” claims (probably because of looming legsl actions) so Biden bashing srems to fill that void for TRUMP…


Yep! We know all that. Now what? Impeach Biden? That won’t happen. He steps down? Then we have Kamala; then Nancy (if she lives that long); Chuckie? I’m not seeing a light at the end of that tunnel. What’s the plan?


The plan is to decertify the false election results and put the duly elected President, Donald J. Trump back in the WH. Then his team fixes the latest demoncrap mess, just like they did the first time around.

The only difference is, this time around the traitors of America have self-identified themselves! Gitmo, here they come!

The Soothsayer

The problem is there’s nothing in the Constitution that allows for re-instating a former president that lost an election.

Imma Doomas

There will be 71/2 more years of Biden, followed by 8 years of Harris & maybe two terms for Mayor Pete! Trump destroyed any chance the GOP has of winning an election for a few decades, basically when he & the ferret on his head die.


I AM SICK of hearing The Republicans groaning and moaning about this!!! WHERE ARE THE PAPERS THAT SHOULD BE DRAFTED FOR THE IMPEACHMENT OF THIS POTUS? All you hear is a bunch of Biden Admin doing this and doing that but NO ONE holds them accountable!!! WHERE IS THE MSM? WHERE ARE THE JOURNALISTS ASKING “HOW MANY OF THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE BEEN EXTRACTED ARE US CITIZENS?” CRICKETS!!!! NO ONE ASKING!!! WHY? This is disgusting!

Trump Won

Irony is when Trump’s first impeachment is considered “Trump-Ukraine Scandal,” yet Biden blackmailed Ukraine from receiving 1 Billion in aid until they fired someone investigating his corrupt, parmesan cheese smoking son Hunter Biden, who loses enough laptops to incriminate himself without any need for investigation.


EVERYONE that voted this man in is responsible! All that were involved in or contributed to ousting Trump is responsible…May God have mercy on us all! This is a DISASTER of EPIC proportions that we, the USA, will be ashamed of for the duration of our Nation!! What a Disgrace! What a disgusting mess!!! To KNOW the guns and ammo that WE, THE USA, OUR GOVERNMENT, SUPPLIED these DOGS will be used to slaughter people is abhorrent!!!!!

Imma Doomas

Well then, time to pick-up your weapons & storm the castle huh? All talk but no action? You got no skin in the game whining like a little bitch!


You should change your name to “Imma Dumbas” 😂😂😂😂😂😂


It’s true, the approximately 1.3 million people actually voted for Biden have a lot of explaining to do!

Kate Kate

Well Congressman McCaul, what are you and the republicans going to DO about him? We were made to endure not one but two sham, bogus impeachments and four years of day after day relentless malicious LIES on Pres. Trump and his family. Now, what Biden has done is actually treasonous. Impeachment is not fitting Biden because he was NOT legitimately elected and EVERYBODY knows it. Yet, after Pres. Trump was acquitted a second time, you STILL allowed this clearly inept, mentally unwell, lying thief walk into the people’s house. You know full well when they stopped ‘counting’ the votes that they were stuffing the boxes with all those phony ‘mail in ballots’ that were pristine and unfolded and 100% for that shister Biden. Blood on his hands? Yes. But again I ask, what will you and the Republicans DO about it?


Excellent! Join the choir calling out the lifeless GOP clowns who are ALL TALK!

Get your impeachment papers filed, and get your local legislatures investing their election results!! Decertification will certainly follow any factual investigation!

Michael Jenson

There’s a old Popeye cartoon, I believe everyone has seen it unless they slept through it. Well one person may have it pertains to them and it goes like this Popeye’s Parrot singing “Leave well enough alone , Leave well enough alone ” TooT Toot….if he didn’t get sleepy he could have held on to President Trump’s coat-tails and been know as a good Democrap President………….


This site much better then tweaking on Twitter 😉

Trump Won

Not for the Taliban.

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