ICYMI: Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy Explains Why He Endorsed President Donald J. Trump

Bedminster, NJ — In a Fox Business interview, Alaska governor Mike Dunleavy highlighted his endorsement of President Donald J. Trump because President Trump delivered results for the people of Alaska.

“In my opinion and in the opinion of many others here in Alaska, he was the best president for this state in its short history,” Governor Dunleavy said. “And what I mean by that is he opened ANWR, he was going to restore the Tongass National Forest—the largest national forest in the country—to a working forest, a multi-use forest. He signed a presidential permit for a railroad to come across Canada’s border with Alaska.””

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You’re the best President the COUNTRY has ever had. And I mean ever! I dont know if anyone else would have willingly stood against these Marxist courts. We all know you could have selfishly backed down and all these cases would go away…but then who would ever stand up to them? If not you? Who? If not now? When? And we ALL know you are doing this for us. This is not about the next 4 years post election, this is about the next 200 years, for us and for the world!! Thank you President Trump! And God Bless you! and God bless Our Constitutional Republic!



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