ICYMI – “America’s greatest national security threat is Joe Biden: Former DNI Ratcliffe”

“John Ratcliffe, highly respected former Director of National Intelligence, on the Mark Levin Show—a must see!”

Watch the full video here.”

By Donald J. Trump

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Judy Ann Vraalstad

Spot on Ratcliff and Mark. I think the Biden Adm. and co, they are doing this on purpose. They hate America. Mr O is the leader, in my opinion, plus Val J.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Mark Levin “The great one” and Fromer DNI Radcliffe NAILED IT right here!

My Man Trump

I saw that saw show. I was cheering from my armchair. He’s a great guy and a powerful addition to the Trump team.

Mary Geiger

The only thing ol’ joe hasn’t done yet is run up the white flag of surrender to the Taliban to fly over the White House as he wages war with We the People.


The elite use their paid for media to program the masses… Satan can only tempt the weak minded and it shows when many are duped in following the wrongs in the world. Joe is not a leader and is a discrace to the free world. Unfortunately we will all suffer just so god can prove a point to all, even though it’s the few feebleminded that are following satans path, god will treat us equally so we all learn a valuable leason. We as the human race lost our way due to the elites power and propoganda. Look to god and you will be set FREE!

The unfortunate part is things will get worse before they get better due to many people have lost their way….god is showing us the path but it is up to us as a whole to follow the light and move away from darkness.

Daniel L. Friedel

Spot On J


Agreed, but with a capital “G”



Ora Gasm

Says the man who had a convicted traitor, Mike Flynn as his DNI


You know absolutrly nothing about Mike Flynn except for what your bs media told you. Joe Biden is the greatest threat to a free society in US history. His entire presidency will be devasting and you know why? You elected a senile, dementia ridden, old man who does not possess the mental or physical capabilities to handle the presidency. But, oh wait! That’s right! Bidrn was not elected but rather installed! Hope the grandkids like the new world…probably not!


Flynn is a convicted criminal who had to be pardoned. You voted for a cheating, lying, racist, bully, narcissistic, loser clown. He has no empathy. An egotist who cares only for himself.

Daniel L. Friedel

Go be a socialist nit wit someplace else.


You are no prize by any means.


Do you think Brenda can spell hyperbole ?


Get out of here racist Troll!!!

Deanna Collins

your name explains alot


Your post is almost as stupid and insulting as your ID. Get a life.


John Ratcliffe, the former calm mannered, Texas congressional representative does not usually deal in hyperboles. If he, as President Trump’s former Director of National Intelligence is worried at where the Biden Presidency is taking the US and Free World, maybe everyone should be also.
I’m in the process of boycotting Fox because of their treatment of President Trump and cover up of a highly questionable election result. Infected by RHINOS?
But I miss Mark Levin very much.

My Man Trump

You are so right. Fox has gotten really bad ever since rhino Ryan was appointed to the board. What they did to Lou Dobbs was an absolute disgrace.


Biden and his regime are “The New World Order” Puppets. Their goal is to Totally DESTROY America. If the 2020 election is not decertified soon, we won’t recognize the this country in 3 more years.


10 minute DNI John has zero cred…

My Man Trump

You’re the zero, Crud.

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