ICYMI – April 18

“Democrats are campaigning on Jan. 6 hypocrisy”

“Congratulations to Miranda Devine of the New York Post!” – Donald J. Trump

“Rep. Ted Budd: ‘More Work to Do’ on Election Integrity in North Carolina”

“Trump interview: Biden’s failed and America wants ‘to go back to the past’”

“A Eulogy to the Rule of Law: The Political Prosecution of President Trump”

“Poll: Trump Leads Biden by 5 Points in Potential 2024 Rematch”

“Inflation hits another 40-year high as recession fears loom”

“Biden’s insulting response to our inflation crisis”

“‘America First’ Policy Group Calls on Wisconsin Legislature to Follow Special Counsel’s Election Integrity Reforms”

“Wisconsin results were fraudulent!” – Donald J. Trump

“Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp confronted on election integrity at Fulton County GOP event”

“Kemp was terrible on election integrity—could not have been worse. Vote for Perdue!”- Donald J. Trump

“Poll: Paxton Establishes Wide Lead in AG Runoff”

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Inflation is ALL Criminal Joe’s Fault and SO is the war in Ukraine!
FJB! and the Commie-Liberals!


President Trump has a 5 point lead over O’Biden?!? Seriously??? On what planet was that poll taken?!? President Trump would kick his butt in a landslide….just like he did in 2020!!

Johnny Appleseed

Believe in the system.

Just watched a video of some asshat saying we need systems in place to stop crime.

Sure, I believe if you do the crime do the time…


Trump got the ass whipping end of the stick because of system abuse.

There is no care if the RIGHT person gets punished for a crime as long as SOMEONE gets punished.

And if it’s politically expedient to send the wrong guy up river… well ain’t no amount of exculpatory evidence going to save your ass…

There is no regard for the constitution. The only way you get to have constitutional rights is if you stand up for them…. But they tie your hands and duct tape your mouth shut….

If Trump didn’t let me type this right now… though somethings I write sound like I am going against even him….

This probably would be buried so deep in an algorithmic trap it would never see the light of day.

Even the social media is systemic.

There are systemic problems in our society.

They are racist and every other -ism known….


So I look at you, someone that is different from me, and hate you… instead of looking at the assholes causing the problems.

Stop and think about it… when was the last time you knew someone that was wrongfully charged with something and didn’t have to pay something to get out of it even though it was known they didn’t do what they were accused of???

Let that sink in.

Are we as a society okay with that???

How much money has Trump had to pay just to defend himself???

And the courts gave him some piddling ass piece of change to “remedy” when the cost was fucking three times that to fight what he was accused of….

Now… make that a regular goes to work and pays their bills idiot like me….

(Because people like me THAT CHOSE to do the shit jobs to keep this society going are considered idiot for caring about others…)

Put us in his position….

We are fucked.

Do not pass go.

Go directly to jail.

Your bills are screwed and after you get out… you have lost everything and everyone in your life.

Yes these people are assholes.

Last edited 11 months ago by Johnny Appleseed
My Man Trump

No one cares any more about radicals fake narrative about J6. Everyone knows it’s pure BS.

Paxton is great! Kemp is a piece of rino shit. And we all knew it was going to have to be a military option. Politicians are too afraid to do the right thing. Our whole system, which led us here to begin with, needs a major overhaul.


Well Said!

Johnny Appleseed

How you should have known the plandemic was a plandemic:

HCQ cures it.

Congress uses HCQ to protect themselves.

Canada Dry Tonic Water is banned on domestic flights.

HCQ is derived from Quinine.

Canada Dry Tonic Water has quinine in it.

Domestic flights are all tight quarters.

You are breathing the same air as one another.

The “virus” (bioweapon) is unknown how it is transmitted…

Suddenly it is proven the masks collect the “virus” (bioweapon) and other harmful contagions giving them a damp warm place to incubate.

Everyone has to weak masks.

Let that sink in.


Right on, cousin!


Can I get the name and address of your dealer? Because I wanna get some of whatever it is you are smokin’!

Johnny Appleseed

So I am guessing your school told you what to think not how to think…

And you believe it requires smoking something to be able to think…

Yeah… that explains a lot.

Your shoe is untied….

Did you look???

Last edited 11 months ago by Johnny Appleseed

His name is Hunter Biden!
He has the BEST CRACK Cocaine in Town!

Save Our United States

AG Ken Paxton is a leader. He does his job and serves his constituents well. Republican candidates take note: This is how you win.

Gov. Brian Kemp is a loser. He thinks red and blue are the same color. He serves his own interests and not those of his constituents. Republican candidates take note: This is how you lose.

Last edited 11 months ago by Save Our United States

April 18, 1775 Paul Rever’s Ride

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